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BLACK TOURMALINE has a very long past and has been used as a protective crystal for thousands of years. Black Tourmaline has been used for a long time for scaring away demons and very bad souls. Black Tourmaline is one of the strongest crystals for protection and protection from curses and jinx in the whole world. 

The main sources of Black Tourmaline are  BrazilChinaIndiaNamibia and Pakistan. Black Tourmaline is one of the Tourmaline types, Tourmalines can be found in different colours. Each colour has its own energetic effects and energies that influence the mental body. Black Tourmaline later received an additional title, which is Schörl, because a while ago in Germany Zschorlaust a large source of Black Tourmaline was discovered. And because of this Black Tourmaline was called Schörl. To this day both these names are used, Black Tourmaline and  Schörl.

Black Tourmaline was used in ancient India in different rituals and spiritual ceremonies. For example, different visions were called through it, which helped the people involved in rituals understand what they were doing wrong in their lives, where they were doing harm and who they were mean with. Such rituals have contributed to spiritual development, to become a better person. But this was one of the many opportunities for using Black Tourmaline. For example, Black Tourmaline was used to understand who wants to do you bad. To this day this crystal is used for that purpose.

Black Tourmaline is the perfect crystal for you when you’re looking for something from the world of crystal to protect you both mentally and physically. Black Tourmaline helps to create a powerful shield against the worst, and this crystal also protects you from the most unpleasant challenges not meant to teach you. This is a crystal with the ability to protect you in very dangerous situations. By carrying Black Tourmaline with you, it helps to protect you from people who may harm or harass you, behave wrongly with you and it even protects you from life-threatening situations. This crystal creates a protective blockage around it from all the bad that’s near it. Black Tourmaline has a natural protective shield, and if you start to wear this crystal, there will be created such a protective shield around you. When you’re in a crowded place or in places where you know a lot of different people are together then surely carry it with you. 

Black Tourmaline was also used elsewhere in the world to keep Earth demons, who bring misfortune to peoples lives, out of the way. This way Black Tourmaline lets you know that you need some extra. 


If Black Tourmaline is worn as a ring, it will have a special effect on each of the different fingers. As palmistry is my passion, I will explain a little how Amazonite, in particular, helps you.


Left - Removes self-confidence problems and injects belief in your own talent, helping you to walk towards your dreams with your back straight.

Right- Protects you from ordeals others have sent to you. Particularly useful for those whose profession is rare or who are entrepreneurs, helping to stop the mischief your competitors send your way.


Left - Stops you criticising yourself, helping you to live freely and without the limits you have set on yourself. 

Right - Increases confidence and won’t let other people criticise face to face. Protects!


Left - Removes chiding. When you wear Black Tourmaline on your finger for a longer period than over the years it can even remove curses.

Right- Protects from chiding and curses. Definitely wear it when you’re out of your home.


Left - Removes obstacles Karma has set up for yourself that bring along constant misfortune and failures.

Right- Protects the position you have achieved in the society, helping it only to grow. Witches, magicians, fighters and rulers wore Black Tourmaline in their Apollo finger to prevent people from weakening them.


Left - helps to let go of negative thoughts, increasing the so-called "positive ego".

Right - Protects form people who are deliberately hurting you and who are doing everything for you to fail. Mercury combined with Black Tourmaline helps to direct karma back at them, creating a mirror out of you that reflects these same thoughts back to the source of evil.

When you constantly wear Black Tourmaline with you, whether as a ring or some other type of jewellery, then, in a longer period, it helps to remove even the darkest energy from you that prevents your happiness and well-being.

ROCK CRYSTAL is one of the most common and well-known crystals on our Earth. Rock Crystal is a crystal the Earth has created the most and has done so for a reason. This crystal is an excellent healer, cleaner, activator, filterer and transmitter of energies. Rock Crystal is found all over the world in many different countries, for example the USA, Brazil, Madagascar etc. It is composed of silica and it belongs to the silica mineral group. Rock Crystal is from transparent to opaque, completely lacking in transparency by texture. Cracks in a Rock Crystal are completely typical and completely clear crystal is rare. It’s price also depends on its look and authenticity. It is quite simple to make fake Rock Crystal and therefore there are a lot of fake crystals on the market. Only natural gemstones have the energy qualities I write about. La Tene crystals are natural.

Rock Crystal has a high energy value which makes it into an instant healer. You can start feeling it’s effect quite quickly when you start using Rock Crystal or bring it into your life. Rock Crystal radiates its energy, giving healing and good energy to where it’s needed the most.

A person can never have too much Rock Crystal’s, the more you have them in your life, the better life you are living. Like all other crystals work fair and softly, silently invisibly, but bring you great results, Rock Crystal is the one who changes your life to a great extent. From time to time I recommend extending your collection of Rock Crystals so that everything in your life could move faster easier. Rock Crystal is the liberator of obstacles and the mover of energies, life.

Rock Crystal is the mother of almost all other crystals the Earth has created and creates many other crystals from this crystal. Rock Crystal is like a canvas Earth has used for creating other marvellous gemstones.

Rock Crystal is closely related to the Crown Chakra and it has the ability to open the human soul to the spiritual world. By opening the eyes, Rock Crystal helps the person to develop in that stage he currently is. Rock Crystal is always a good crystal company on any road you’re in.

You can read more about Rock Crystal HERE.


For a quick healing effect, wear this crystal as a piece of jewellery or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

Black Tourmaline is a crystal from which water elixir is not made because it contains metals.

Use Black Tourmaline when you have one of the following problems:

- Black Tourmaline strengthens the immune system. Because it’s a Root Chakra crystal then it automatically heals the immune system. Wearing Black Tourmaline makes you stronger, more resilient, helps you to heal faster and reduce complications. 
- Relieves stress, nervousness, panic, panic attacks, depression, not feeling good, mental diseases and the fear of death.

- Helps to remove toxic substances from the body and is useful after a long course of treatment.

- Wear Black Tourmaline around your neck if you want to get rid of some addictive illness. Black Tourmaline is fighting demonic illnesses like addictions. Addictions are not controlled by the person himself, because when a person is addicted, he perceives that "something" forces him to consume it. So, I call it a demonic illness in which a person can not control himself; consequently, "someone else" is in his Aura who takes him on a bad path and he is so weak that he can not fight it. Dependency illnesses can only occur if the Aura breaks down, in which case we will no longer have control over our lives.

- Wear Black Tourmaline with  Amethyst or Iolite if you want to fight alcohol addiction. Wear Black Tourmaline with Hypersthene when you wish to fight with drug addiction or other highs and get rid of this addiction. Money addiction, that is with gambling, wear Black Tourmaline with Citrine, to heal a food addiction, overeating, anorexia, bulimia with White Howlite.


Black Tourmaline is a very good balancer for the Root Chakra. Keeping the Root Chakra balanced is an important part of the mental health of every person. Out of balance Root, Chakra takes away the ability to control his own life, mental and physical energy levels will drop, the wish to manage life goes away and to heal your mistakes or vices. Black Tourmaline gives you everything to avoid low points in your life or get back up again when you’re in them. Black Tourmaline helps you to fight for yourself and stand up for yourself.

Black Tourmaline is a Root Chakra healing crystal, which helps to re-open the energy channel that stopped. This is a crystal that helps to rejuvenate the severely damaged Root Chakra. When the Root Chakra is out of order, severe diseases occur in the human body, such as tumours, cancer and more serious conditions in the digestive system.


Black Tourmaline is the strongest protection crystal for people born under the ♎ LIBRA or♓ PISCES zodiac sign.  I recommend keeping Black Tourmaline near these two zodiac signs, whether in your home or in the birth crystal chest. You can read more about birth crystal set from HERE, it’s a chest where you can keep the crystals that indirectly help you in your whole life.

 LIBRA is the most affected by the Black Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline helps Libra to take decisions and accelerate their receiving. To alleviate the whole weighing process. Black Tourmaline is also one of the strongest protection crystals for this zodiac sign, quickening their decision making. Libra may seem indecisive but when they get to the conclusion they are firm and will finish what they started. Black Tourmaline helps them on this path. As a protection crystal, it keeps them away from misfortune, problems and bad people by strengthening their Aura protection shield and making them more resilient to stressful situations.

Black Tourmaline helps PISCES to prevent stress, exaggerated emotionality, depression and emotional decline. Pisces that carry this crystal for whatever purpose, the Black Tourmaline keeps them away from stress. This one of the crystals every Pisces should have. To not fall into a harmful life period.

Black Tourmaline is also a protection crystal for TAURUS that helps to make them more intuitive, helping them to see things more clearly, understand the backstory of things and analyze different situations quickly.


Black Tourmaline is a luck crystal for everyone born on the 16th day in any month. Black Tourmaline helps to understand which dream, wish or ambition is the one you should put your effort and energy on, that is, what would benefit you. Black Tourmaline helps to ground and correct energies. A crystal that helps to focus on what’s important and helps to be in the moment. Black Tourmaline helps the person born on the 16th to ding the right activity, profession or way for self-fulfilment that would help to make life happier. Black Tourmaline brings happiness, joy and protection!

Black Tourmaline crystal I recommend charging on an Agate or Hematite geode and clean it from time to time with Sage or Palo Santo ritual plant or Sage essential oil.

You can read more about cleaning and charging crystals from HERE.

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