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SODALITE wheel of sun 30 mm

SODALITE wheel of sun 30 mm JEWELLERIES
SODALITE wheel of sun 30 mm
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SODALITE is a very beautiful looking crystal with a characteristic colour that varies from blue to dark blue. Different white patterns run through that blue. That white in the crystal is White Calcite. You can also find reddish-brown patches or spots. Sodalite blue colour generally is quite deep and in places, it has a brighter colour. Sodalite is one of the main crystals a crystal lover should bring into his life. In addition, it’s one of the best crystals to start with strengthening your intuition, as it has the ability to make a distinction between the right gut feeling and fear. Sodalite helps to prepare yourself for the power of other crystals. Especially when these crystals are for strengthening intuition, connecting with Angels and bring dreams. Sodalite is a crystal that helps to open hidden spiritual talents in you, like clairaudience, clairsentient, clairvoyance or telepathic abilities and this when these are, of course, earned with previous lives.

Sodalite is made of magnesium and calcium. This is the physical component of Sodalite. But, in addition to this, Sodalite has an extremely powerful power in it that will help every one of us on different levels. Sodalite is mainly found in Brazil, but it’s also mined in India, France, Namibia, Romania, Russia and also in Greenland.

WHEELS OF SUN symbolizes infinity, this form has no beginning nor end. This has a hole in the middle, that symbolizes ancient knowledge and helps the wheel of Sun crystal to filter energies. Every crystal has its own healing qualities and they all affect differently. The shape of the wheel of the Sun helps to heal quickly, helping negative energy to exist through the whole in the middle of it, and, in turn, the crystal helps to replace it with positive energy. Wheels of Sun get its extra power from sunlight and that´s where the name also comes.


- First of all, Sodalite releases the stress from the Aether body and helps to release the stress with any kind of energy and source. In addition, it opens your Aether body to healing and then it will start to work towards strengthening your intuition.

- Sodalite heals stress, depression, overthinking, feelings of unease, anxiety, sadness, constant negativity and it helps to stop giving up on life.

- Sodalite is the work success crystal for psychologists and psychiatrists. It helps to be good in the field, to learn it and to understand the depth of a human soul better, helping to stay positive and to learn how to help people.

WEARING SODALITE ON ARM (can be worn on both arms):

Sodalite is a crystal I recommend to everyone who is starting to get to know the world of crystals and for people who are wishing to begin with starting to strengthen their intuition. Sodalite releases blockages for other crystal to even come to your Aura - especially the crystals of intuition. 

- It helps to understand the spiritual truth, what it is, what the world is like, what is around us but what’s invisible. Sodalite helps to understand the existence of Angels, the travelling of Angels and previous lives. Sodalite is related to everything that is related to intuition, energies, Aura and spirituality. Wearing this as a crystal talisman will help to open your soul to learning and sensing your own spiritual body. Sodalite opens the intuition to advancing and getting stronger. 

- By wearing this crystal as a talisman will help to bring inner peace, helping to relieve anxiety and being under tension. Sodalite brings relief to any kind of negative emotions in you. Sodalite is one of the main crystals and these crystals generally have a lot of universal powers. Sodalite could definitely be one of the first crystals.

- Sodalite is a crystal for athletes, it helps to maintain stamina and commit to training without giving up.

- Sodalite helps to bring forward the creative talent that is stuck in you. When you feel like you are creative, artistic, but simply can’t express it then Sodalite helps to bring it forward in you and is particularly helpful for people who wish to evolve their creativity at a later age. Sodalite helps to bring hidden talents forward. 

- Crystal that helps to increase your logical thinking. Therefore it’s very useful for small children, school kids and also for students who have the need to be constantly learning. Sodalite will help to be successful in science.

- Sodalite is for you when you feel like you want to improve your mental capacity when you wish to memorize more knowledge, discover more and evolve. Sodalite helps to make you think logically, but not in a way it would remove intuitive thinking. Sodalite helps you to sense what is right and to analyse different things you come into contact with. In addition, Sodalite will give you the ability to read mystical signs better. For example, what you experience in a dream Sodalite will help to interpret, it helps you to better understand the numbers sent by angels, in addition to helping to do your work better. It promotes your logical thinking in every aspect, be it in the mystical or worldly side of your life.

- Sodalite helps to see the positive side of the world, that is, to see if the glass is half full or half empty. This crystal helps to see that there is solutions for every situation and everything can be changed. 

- It is a crystal that helps you focus on those topics that are important to you. For example, Sodalite helps to reduce overthinking and excessive worrying and gives you the power to direct the way you think. Sodalite improves concentration and strengthens memory. Wear or keep Sodalite close to you so that it increases your own control over the mind.

- Helps to open the ability of clairaudience, when you have had it since birth and given by faith. Clairvoyance is not an intuition, but awareness on a higher level and the ability to read energies that are not related to the person himself. These talents are predetermined, you can’t create them, but when they are there, then through crystals they can open up.

- Sodalite is a crystal of work success for psychologist and psychiatrists. It helps to be good in the field, to learn it and to understand the depth of a human soul better, helping to stay positive and to learn how to help people.

- Sodalite teaches the soul that you should never live so that none should suffer because of you. When Sodalite is in your life, you use and wear it, then it will make you into a better person. Sodalite helps you to notice yourself when you are hurting something or someone. When you notice this, then Sodalite will help you to stop a behaviour like this. Very useful crystal in the spiritual sense as it helps you to live a better life. 

- Sodalite helps you to get into contact with your main Angel, that is your Guardian Angel, helping to open the needed energy channels in your Aura that would let the Angel send you messages. Sodalite creates a favourable road so that he could help you. 

- Sodalite is a crystal for writers, it brings inspiration, flight of thought and good ideas. A crystal that protects from thieves of ideas and blocks the misfortune that can be with a writer. Sodalite crystal releases blockages when there is a writerblock. Very useful crystal for everyday wear as well as for keeping on the desktop. Also suitable for children who want to learn to write.


Hang the Sodalite wheel of the sun to a car when you wish to have Angels with you while driving. Sodalite opens the Angel protection to a car to prevent accidents. Sodalite could be with another protective sun of wheel-like JetTiger’s EyeBlack Tourmaline or Pyrite wheel of sun.


Hang Sodalite wheel of the sun on a dream catcher when you wish to get prophetic visions, strengthen intuition and be in a stronger connection with Angels.

Wearing a Sodalite wheel of the sun helps to heal the Third EyeSodalite is mainly related to the sixth Chakra, which is the Third Eye Chakra. Sodalite helps to open the strong blocks on the intuition that won’t allow it to develop. Sodalite is the crystal that everyone should begin from when you feel like you can’t trust your own gut feeling or you can’t understand what they are trying to tell you.


For a quick healing effect, wear a crystal as a piece of jewellery, make a water elixir of tumbled crystal or massage with a massage crystal made of this crystal. In addition, you can place the crystal on the Eastern quarter of your home, where the healing corner of the home is located - the East symbolizes health.

- Sodalite heals mood swings, stress, nervousness, sadness, melancholy and overall negativity.

- Sodalite would be a very good healing crystal for people who can’t focus on anything who have dizziness, who are feeling bad because of that, who have headaches and problems with memory. Sodalite helps to heal the health problems related to the head, memory and brain on the Aether body level.

- Sodalite is used for losing weight and to stop it increasing when you wear it with you or make water-elixir out of it. Sodalite helps to stop overeating and helps to gain control over your appetite. It’s also a balancer of hormones, that in turn helps to keep your weight under control.

Metabolism problems, diabetes, and the intake of vitamins. Specifically, Sodalite helps the body to absorb Calcium.

- Sodalite affects the arm muscles comfortably, and could help when hands are constantly in pain or, so-called, “nervous”.

- Helpful in healing lymphatic cancer or lymph problems.


Sodalite is most closely associated with the sixth Chakra, which is the Third Eye Chakra. Sodalite helps to open up strong blockages on the intuition that prevent it from developing. Sodalite is the crystal you can start with if you feel that you cannot trust your gut feeling or that you cannot understand what you are being told.

In addition, Sodalite stimulates the Third Eye, helping to bring it to healing. Sodalite distributes the energies necessary for the active and regular work of the Third Eye. The healed Third Eye gives you the ability to perceive and see visions of your future.


Among zodiac signs, Sodalite affects SAGITTARIUS the most. Sodalite is a crystal for Sagittarius that, foremost, helps to relieve their stress. Sodalite balances him and gives Sagittarius the ability to recognize the right and wrong friends. By nature Sagittarius are kind, but quite often they give out too much from themselves and can’t set the boundary with the wrong people. In addition, Sodalite is supportive of strengthening the ability to analyse. 

Sodalite also brings intuition to Sagittarius, helping him to understand what is right and what is wrong in his life. Sagittarius will become several times more intuitive and spiritual when a Sodalite crystal is in his life.  Strengthens Sagittarius' intuition by helping to let the right things go, including people. Helps to make wise decisions.


Sodalite is a beautiful blue crystal that is a lucky crystal for people born on the 29th  Sodalite supports the person born on the 29th, helping to always keep the gut feeling strong, and it brings inspiration forth, that leads you to the right path in life. Sodalite is completely necessary for everyone born on that day. Sodalite helps to keep their relationships in order and to strengthen their intuition, which helps to make better decisions in life. Sodalite crystal helps you to learn from life lessons. Sodalite could be a talisman from time to time in life or as jewellery in everyday life or definitely represented in your home or birth crystal set. You can read more about birth crystal sets from HERE.

Read more about the 29th birth date and its effects from HERE.

The luck crystal of souls born in 2019 is Sodalite throughout their lives. Sodalite is a crystal that helps to create peace and balance where it does not exist or where it is lacking. Sodalite will help those born in 2019 to fulfil on Earth their own goal given to them by their year of birth. It is worth keeping Sodalite in the box of birth crystals, at home and with it during life. Sodalite should be kept close, especially during periods when you need extra support or find yourself. Read more about the purpose of life for those souls whose birth year is 2019 and what they have to bring to this world. You can read about all this in my article "SOULS OF 2019 AND THEIR GOAL", which you can find HERE.

You can charge Sodalite on an Amethyst geode or beside it when you're not wearing it. Cleanse at least once a month with Lavender smoke or Lavender essential oil aroma

You can read more about cleansing and charging crystals HERE.

Size The diameter of the wheel of sun is 3 cm and the diameter of the hole is 0,8 cm. The product doesn't include any band or silver chain.
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