Full moon is the most magical time each month to send out your heart's desires. During the full moon, various rituals and magic are performed to help you get closer to your dreams. A lot of people who have done my magic have given feedback on how one or another wish has come true for them. If magic is done from the heart, with all devotion and at the right time and with the right items, it will most likely be fulfilled.


Full moon magic is magic through which you can amplify your own happiness, and with this, you attract yourself to the wishful thinking. The purpose of this magic is to make your wishful thinking more intensive and successful.


There are many people who have this channel open and whose many wishes come true. There are also those who have this channel closed. I recommend everyone to do magic, it will help you to become more capable.


However, intensifying wishful thinking means that you can create opportunities in your life by dreaming and wishing. If you have a great desire from the heart, then this magic will help your magic to work in the direction of your destiny to reach your heart's desire.


Full moon magic is always performed during the Full moon. You can find the calendar of monthly lunar phases HERE.


With this magic, you can send out as many wishes as you want. Since you need a separate crystal for each wish, for example, if you have four wishes, you will need to use 4 Rutilated Quartz crystals. Make sure you choose a big enough bag if you have a lot of wishes. This is so that the crystals can all fit in the bag.




1. Black coloured bag

2. One coin

3. Lemongrass incense or Coconut incense

4. Lemongrass essential oil

5. Tumbled Rutilated Quartz (as many as there are different wishes)

6. Incense tray

7. Matches


Send out the magic...


1. To send out the magic, place the incense on the incense holder to smoke. When you light an incense from a match, focus on what kind of heart desire you want to fulfil. If you are doing magic for many different heart desires and you want to make your thoughts strong and more intense in that direction, focus on all the wishes and at the same time look at the incense.


2. If your wishes are wished and the incense smokes, place your hands over the smoke, close your eyes and dream and focus again on your heart's desire or desires. But then move on to doing the magic.


3. Now take the black bag and the coin. Put the coin in the bag and when you do that, say the magic sentence: "Let my heart's desires be fulfilled, let there be an attraction!". The coin is the carrier of the abundance and happiness energy, and it allows all magic to work.


4. After the coin is placed in the bag with the magic phrase, take one of the Rutilated Quartz, hold the crystal in your palm, close your eyes and focus on one specific heart desire. When you have finished focusing on it, put it in a black bag. When you do this, recite the magic sentence: "Let my heart's desires be fulfilled, let there be an attraction!". If you have more wishes and Rutilated Quartz`s, do the same with the others. Focus on each wish individually and always use one separate Rutilated Quartz crystal. It is a crystal that fulfils dreams and wishes, which in this magic stores your wish, and during the whole magic process, you are attracted to this dream.


5. If you have put one or several Rutilated Quartz in a black bag, now take a bottle of Lemongrass essential oil. Unscrew the bottle and drip exactly as many drops into the bag as there are Rutilated Quartz crystals or your wishes. Then tie the black bag and place it next to the incense.


6. Let the magic bag stay there until the incense is completely burned. Then take the bag, close your eyes and say the sentence of the magic last time: "Let my heart's desires be fulfilled, let there be an attraction!”. Now the magic is ready, it's sent out, and it's going to work for you.


7. Magic works in such a way that it helps to fulfil these desires of the heart, creating attraction for you. Apart from doing magic, it is very useful if you dream and focus on these topics on some of the days. Visualize how your heart desires have been or will be fulfilled.


8. You can keep a magic bag anywhere in your home. This bag must not be opened until the heart desire or all the desires in it have been fulfilled. I suggest you keep a magic notebook where you can write down all the magic you have done, for what purpose and where it is at home. That way, you won't forget why you did the magic.


9. When the heart's desire or desires are all fulfilled, then only the bag needs to be opened, and burn the incense again so that you spread the contents of the bag next to the incense. The crystals must then be taken into the river and the coin donated. You can later use the black bag in another magic.


Get your heart's desires on the way, create a strong attraction with them and become a part of the fulfilment of your dreams!