Envy is a very low trait that unfortunately occurs in great many people. The envious person hurts himself by focusing on the wealth and possessions of others. However, if you yourself have a weak Aura field, you can also absorb the envious person's bad energy. It depends on your own energy - if you have strong energy, the envious person will give you his good energy, but if you have weak energy, you will get this energy in a horrible form, i.e. it can create obstacles for you. One way or another, the envy himself suffers a lot from it because he accumulates bad Karma, with it, which he later receives from life. But you can protect yourself from the energy of an envious person and rather give yourself his energy, which would turn into happiness in your Aura field, not misfortune.

When to do this ritual?

The first quarter of the moon symbolizes a new opportunity and the creation of something. Then it is exactly the right time to perform a ritual with which you can protect yourself from envy, and if someone envies you, it will change the energy of envy into happiness.


January 20
February 19
March 21
April 20
May 19
June 18
July 17
August 15
September 13
October 13
November 11
December 11

The ritual consists of two stages. The first step is to do Aura cleansing to get rid of the disturbing and negative energy that prevents the ritual from working. In the second stage, you create a strong Aura shield around you, which will happily help the envy that is directed towards you to change. In other words, if someone envies you, the Aura shield will prevent you from doing badly in life. This ritual helps to get Karma to work. The worst thing for an envious person is when his target does better and better. It's his bad Karma if that happens.

This is not black magic/ritual. I do not engage in such activities. Rather, I give you the opportunity to protect yourself so that no one else can do the opposite.

The first stage of the ritual "Aura cleaning":

1. Nutmeg or Thyme essential oil
2. Carrier oil (free of choice)
3. Karma incense
4. Namaste incense
5. Matches and 2 incense holders (possibility of burning both incenses at the same time)

In the first stage, you need to clean your Aura field so that you can create an Aura shield around you that can turn the envious person's repulsive look and bad thoughts into good luck.

To perform the ritual, place all the objects in front of you, sit comfortably. The clothing could be such that you can apply oils on your hands and feet.

Start with the ritual! Open all three oil bottles. Pour carrier oil into the palm of your hand (as much as possible). Then add (at least) 7 drops of essential oil to the carrier oil. Then apply the oil mixture to your feet and hands. Massage the mixture of oils into the skin and at the same time focus on starting to create strong Aura protection and release negative energy so that you can achieve the desired result.

Once the oils have been applied to the hands and feet, take the Karma incense and make it smoke. Hold it in your hand and make a few circles around your arms and legs with that incense smoke. Focus on creating a strong Aura protection for yourself. When the circles are done, place the Karma incense on the incense holder to smoke. Then repeat the same procedure with Namaste incense. When done, place the Namaste smoking incense on the incense holder.

Now you can move on to the next stage!

The second stage of the ritual "Creating aura protection and activating happiness energy":

1. Tumbled Cat’s Eye 1 pc
2. Black coloured bag

In the next step, take the Cat's Eye crystal to activate the energy of happiness in your Aura field as soon as someone looks at you with an enviable look or wishes you something bad.

A Cat's Eye is a crystal that can turn bad energy into happiness energy that is consciously directed at you. If someone envies you, wishes you evil, would be happy if you were doing badly, wants your job position or even your partner, it creates strong Aura protection so that the thoughts of the evil wisher are not fulfilled. It creates a strong blockade between you and him, turning secretive and harmful energy into happiness. It is an energy filter that has the ability and right to change the bad energy coming from outside.

Start the second stage of the ritual and take Cat's Eye into your hands. Close your eyes and focus on turning the enviable eyes of everyone and their bad energy from them into something beautiful and happy.

Focus on this as long as you feel that you have conveyed your thought and prayer. Then hold the Cat's Eye over the Karma incense and then over the Namaste incense.

When done, place the Cat's Eye in a black bag and immediately place it under your pillow. Then let the incense smoke all the way and you can put the ritual together.

The next seven nights ...

To complete the ritual, you need to sleep on this crystal for the next seven nights. It could be under your pillow, next to it or between the mattress. It must be for seven nights with you. After the seventh night, Cat's Eye should be taken to the forest or river. You can keep the bag and use it for other purposes.

When the Cat's Eye is taken away, the power of the ritual is entrenched, and your Aura field is stronger against the envious persons than it has been before.

This ritual can be repeated throughout life. Do this when you feel you need to do it.

Envy's biggest bad Karma can only be if his target does better than he wants!