By combining crystals, they give you a specific power that is transferred to your Aura. Create a crystal set full of magic!

Relationship ritual is magic that you can use to create a shield above your own and your partner's love. A shield that helps keep feelings between you, protect them and save you from various problems.

This ritual helps keep the relationship together, protects it from the effects of external factors, and heals problems within the relationship more quickly. If you feel that there are a lot of problems, quarrels, fights, unexplained problems and misunderstandings between you and your partner, then this ritual is meant for you. If all is well, but you just want to make your relationship stronger, then this ritual is also very suitable. This helps prevent problems and solve them when they are already present.

Relationship ritual is also suitable for a couple who someone else wants to break up. For example, if a former love interferes with the happiness of the relationship or another person is against the relationship. You can also do this ritual during very difficult times. This helps protect a relationship when it is destined to last, and helps protect against adversity that can unnecessarily separate two souls meant for each other.

I recommend doing this ritual when there is a lot of tension in the relationship and it is difficult to deal with each other, but there is a desire to stay together and restore the relationship.


Crystals that protect the relationship from various problems and hold it together! ”

punane tiigrisilm malahhiit nefriit jaad

Malachite is known for its protective properties. Malachite is a well-known crystal of prosperity, but it also works very well for the heart. In this relationship ritual, it helps give two souls who love each other the strength to get out of all kinds of problems, and at the same time creates energy around them that helps to appreciate and value each other's love. Malachite holds beloved souls together.

Red Tiger´s Eye is one type of Tiger’s Eye with its own qualities and personal power. One of the special forces of Red Tiger’s Eye is that it can release the misfortune above love and protect the two lovers. This crystal protects against offenders and problems. Red Tiger’s Eye helps to resolve disagreements about the relationship as a matter of urgency and to increase the feelings that exist against each other. This crystal plays a very important role in this magic, as it helps to protect against the effects of existing problems and the emergence of future problems. Red Tiger’s Eye creates a protective shield for the relationship.

Nephrite Jade is a very powerful crystal of love that has the ability to restore, correct, protect, resolve differences, heal problems, communicate with loved ones, and enhance love. Nephrite Jade is important in this magic because it has a very universal healing property that is very useful in the relationship. It is this crystal that helps to heal and protect the relationship in every aspect. If a problem occurs, Nephrite Jade will help you find a solution.

The power of these three crystals brings together energy that helps to protect and maintain your relationship.

Create a crystal set with these crystals into a black, green or red bag.

What do you need to know when you start creating this crystal set?

First of all, you need to find crystals of pure energy, i.e. crystals that have not been used for any other purpose before, and also a suitable bag for these crystals. A ritual with previously used crystals is not done, because then it will not work. In addition, they must be tumbled so that they can hold your message. Rough crystals cannot hold your energy, they work at a different level. 

In addition to crystal and bag, you’ll also need a picture of you and your partner and dried rose petals. The photo must be less than half a year old and you must be in the photo with your partner. So if you want to do this ritual and you don't have a photo, you definitely have to do it first.

The best time for performing the ritual is the Full Moon or the following Waning Gibbous. The Waning Gibbous is between the Full Moon and the Last Quarter of the Moon. You can see what the Moon Phase is at the moment in the lunar phase calendar HERE.

When you start doing the ritual, find a suitable place to do it at home. If possible, I recommend doing this ritual in a southwest room of your home. According to Feng Shui, there is a channel for relations in the southwest, and therefore it is most useful to do the ritual there. Also, keep in mind that this magic has to stand there for three days. If you can't do this in the southwest, find a place in your and your partner's shared bedroom.

How to perform the ritual

Once you have found a suitable place to perform the ritual, start with magic. First, take a photo of you and your companion and place it on a table or cupboard where you do magic.

Now take these three magic crystals and place them on the photo so that they are between you and your partner or on both. Once you have found a place for the crystals, start repeating the spell. Repeat it until the end of the ritual.

The spell is: "Let the relationship be protected and sustained!" (Repeat it out loud or in your thoughts.)

Now sprinkle the dried rose petals on the photo and crystals so that you take twelve pinches of rose petals from the package, bowl, or box, depending on how you store them. As you sprinkle rose petals, repeat the spell in your mind.

When you have sprinkled the rose petals twelve times, stop saying the ritual. Now you have launched the magic and have to leave it in place for three nights.

After the third night, take a bag, put crystals and rose petals there. Take a photo and put it at home where you can keep it for a long time. Put the ritual bag on the photo and leave it to work at home.

It can stay in place for exactly as long as you want this ritual to work. You can move it from one place to another over time, but do not take it off or move it away from the photo.

You can also keep the ritual close to other love crystals if you have created an altar of love or a marriage box, for example.

If you want to undo the ritual, be sure to do it during the Full Moon. Crystals and dried rose petals should be taken to a forest that is not near your home. Hide them in the forest and leave them there forever. The photo must be burned on the same day. This way you can undo the magic or, once it has done its job, release it without any problems.

In magic, your thoughts, desires, the power of crystals, the power of the plant and the power of the Lunar phase unite, and with all this you bring the ritual to protect the relationship to life.

You don't have to cleanse or charge magic.

If you already have the La Tene crystal set "RELATIONSHIP PROTECTOR" then this ritual will amplify the power of the crystal set.