Veganism has become a very big and intriguing thing these days. A thing that only grows and grows interest and raises questions in many people. What is veganism, why I’m vegan and why is it good for your whole body and soul? I’m giving answers to these questions today.


A lot of people come through my path, people with different journeys, fates, minds, goals and looks on life. They are all different! I work with helping people and usually, we always move from one thing to another and, also, look into health. Often, Veganism comes up and people ask a lot about it from me. People often ask, how I see this, how I practise veganism and why it’s important for me. These questions come to me more and more, and the interest is enormous which, of course, makes me really happy. I share my view on veganism, to answer the questions you may have. Answers are really simple, actually, there is nothing difficult in it. On the contrary, this is really nice and healing to the soul!


Let’s start from the following question. What is veganism and who is a vegan?


Veganism is a way of living not a diet. Not eating animal products and using them is part of this lifestyle. Veganism presumes that a person won’t consume animal based foods like meat (including fish and chicken or eggs) and animal based dairy, like cow’s milk products. Veganism is a way of living which sees a person to exclude all that’s animal based from his diet and other consuming habits. In addition, products that have been produced by the exploitation of, and cruelty to an animal. Veganism is not a diet as it won’t not require that you wish to directly heal your body. The main purpose of veganism is not to harm animals nor support the violent directed towards animals in making animal products. A vegan is a person who eats plants and plant based foods and knowingly avoids animal products. Also, there is the idea that all life deserves respect, dignity, and compassion. Let all living be protected from violence! I personally can’t let anyone die for my full stomach or allow someone to suffer because of that.


I’m a vegan, I respect our Earth, environment, animals around us and, in particular, myself!


For the great part of my life, I was a vegetarian, which differs from veganism from the aspect that a vegetarian consumes animal based dairy products. Of course, vegetarianism has a lot of different levels, but to not make things too complicated, I was a vegetarian who grew her knowledge over the years through spiritual development. At one time, I faced the truth about what they really do to animals to get milk from them and this disgusting piece of knowledge broke my heart. After finding it out, I instantly cut all dairy out from my diet. I was a vegetarian until my eyes opened and I started to see life from that point more clearly. What’s good with the ability to see things, is, that you’re in a constant development. Evolution never stops. Clairvoyance literally opens your eyes everywhere, gradually more and more. It’s like seeing the light again after spending a long time in the darkness. First, you can’t open your eyes, but you know, that you have to, then you’ll try to open them and it hurts until you finally open your eyes and everything is so clear. With clairvoyance you’ll first get the feeling, then the search and discovery, and then the clarity. Going from a vegetarian to a vegan was the best things I have ever done in my life, something I don’t feel bad about and something I today can’t imagine my life to be without. How could one ever be spiritual when you’re not growing or changing your views on life. This is a very important process, to become smarter, more conscious and healthier.


Being a vegan is pure joy, it’s a very uplifting feeling. As a vegan you’ll sense and know that you’re consciously not hurting anything that surrounds you in the place fate has placed you to live. My fate has brought me here to Earth, I have a privilege to live here. I have to honour everything and everyone that’s around me, that gives me the chance to exists. As a vegan, I respect our Earth. Veganism does not support the mass animal production that comes with a colossal damage to the atmosphere of our planet and to the whole life here. I don’t buy animal products, I won’t have a part in this economic sector. Therefore I’m not supporting the growth of this sector for the future. I’m the pause, a chance to stop this violent and harmful sector. I make one significant step, another vegan does another, the third one does a third step and the more conscious people there are, the bigger the impact. I’m not bothered by thoughts like: "You can’t conquer the world or change it", on the contrary – I have always believed that I can leave behind something good and achieve something important. When you believe in yourself, you’ll see results. For me, it’s very important to live a meaningful life, and when I know that the step I did as a vegan is part of a bigger movement, then this is the ultimate knowledge for me that I gave something good from myself to Earth.


Since I was little, for as long as I remember, I have loved animals and nature. I was always sad and felt heartbreaking emotions when something bad happened with one of those things. The Thymic Chakra behind the Heart Chakra works in people who, like me, get hurt by things like this. The Thymic Chakra plays a big part in turning to veganism. Firstly, everything hurts you that’s done to nature and animals, and when the Thymic Chakra opens completely, you’ll become strong and conscious about the subject. One day everything falls into place, you know, that this is the right path to walk on.


I respect myself and veganism is very important for me. I respect my body, I won’t feed it with death energy or with products made with violence. When I spiritually want to be pure, joyful, optimistic, happy, healthy and vital, then there will be a big contradiction when I would feed my body with death energy. You need to nurture your body with the energy you want to give out. I want to be vital, why should I harm myself with death energy then? Besides, my life today is in a point where, that’s thanks to where I live, I can freely eat anything that’s not animal based. Plants are fully accessible where I live. Therefore, to survive, I don’t need animals.


I respect and love my body and spirit so much that I can’t make lifestyle choices I know will harm me. When you live, live big, powerfully and do it without hurting others. I don’t need an animal based diet to survive. When I would need it, then, as a psychic, I wouldn't tell you this story today. Besides, when it would be true what people for commercial reasons and for certain purposes tell that "you’ll get sick when you’re a vegan", then I should already exist in a different body and time.


How veganism affects your body and mind?


Good, everything is very good and even better than that. Firstly, veganism helps to increase your spiritual energy level. When you get rid of all animal based foods from your diet, then, firstly, you’ll start to sense incredible amounts of energy. This is called life energy and this energy won’t go away that easily. Life energy comes when you’re not feeding your body with death energy anymore, that comes with every animal based food. When your body and soul are free from death energy, then your body and soul can be vital. Not a single plant carries death energy with itself, on the contrary, all plants give you life energy.


Don’t be afraid of veganism making you sick and fragile. This is not the main reason why this could happen to you when you move towards veganism. All meat eaters and vegans can get sick and become weak. This all happens because of out of balance diet and very poor life style. As a vegan, you can be healthy or unhealthy. Not matter what your eating habits are, you firstly need to be conscious about what’s good for your body and what you need. There are propaganda myths about veganism, like lack of protein, problems with iron levels and, of course, it’s very popular to bring out B12. Honestly, protein can be found from plants, that’s where animals get their protein. Why should we use a mediator when we can get protein from the nature directly. Really good sources for protein are beans, chia seeds, hemp seeds, kinoa, avocado, spinach and rest of the green leaves, peas, buckwheat, different seeds, like pumpkin seeds, tofu, broccoli, nuts and I can keep counting them. There is also iron in many plants and it’s not hard to add them to your diet. Really good sources of iron are lentils, potato, red beans, almonds, spinach, soya beans, cashew nuts, dried Apricot and many others. In addition, no vegan should worry about vitamin B12. This vitamin can be found in many different sea weeds and mushrooms, like chanterelles. When you’re not eating these things, then you can use a vegan B12 supplement also made from plants.


Veganism is very important for the whole soul. Veganism helps Chakras to work, energies in them to move properly, change, heal and activate. Practising veganism with a nutritious plate makes a person more spiritual and helps to ensure different energy exchanges.


When I want to evolve in life spiritually and be healthy, then veganism has to exist in my life. This came to my life at the right time when I wanted to make a bigger step in my life.


So tasty, so tasty...


As a vegan, you’ll be a lot healthier both in the overall sense and physically. You’ll find different alternative ways to cook yourself tasty stuff compared to what most practice and to the possibilities they have. You’ll start to cook for yourself and already with that you’re diet will become better. When you’re a vegan then it won’t mean you’ll lose out on something. I personally I don’t feel I have missed out on anything. Other way around, I feel every day how my chances get bigger and my culinary art only gets broader.


Veganism has had a very good effect on me. Today, I make most of the alternative creamers I use, gravies and many foods I could buy from the store usually made from animal milk. Today, these alternative dishes have a very important place in my diet, they add value to every plant based food. Everything is possible when you want to make it possible.


Comfort will not take you forward in life. Acting, working, discovering and testing your own limits is what takes you forward. Many people often ask me, how I can find the time to cook? Vegan dishes are so time consuming? Of course, there are meals that take a long time to make, but most of them can be done very quickly when you know what you’re doing. For me, it’s a principle and the pleasure of cooking. I enjoy nurturing my body and the art plants give me the chance to practice. This is the creative work I also call creative healing. Beside, the people who do a lot, achieve a lot. I have never been a person who would make up excuses and hide himself behind them. When something is important for me, then I’ll find time for it and this time by no means will be wasted. Wasting your body for a momentary taste explosion from harmful meals – this is wasted time for me.


I recommend you to find yourself a place for veganism in your life


Over the years and more often I have come to the conclusion in my healing work, that animal meat and animal milk products have a big part in people getting sick. When someone with a tumour, depression, cancer, who has a cyst or problems with skin comes to me, the more I see visions about how that same animal based diet is what started it all. I completely trust my visions and when a vision won’t go away over the years, then this is a clear answer to these problems. When you wish to be healthy, move towards it, this way you’ll at least give yourself a chance to be healthy.


I’m not pushing anyone to be vegan and no one should find that illusion behind the lines. I’m talking with honesty, based on my own point of view. When you respect my opinion and want to be inspired by it and take this as a push forward for yourself, then I’ll be more than happy. Every person will reach one or another level when he is ready for it, when his eyes open, if they open. My purpose today on this Earth is to enlighten, heal and guide people to the healthy path.


Care for yourself, one of your biggest fortunes, honour this Earth we have given the privilege to live at!