Music and lyrics are like medicine for your soul. Music is the one element in life I never wish to leave behind and I believe that most people would agree with me and have the same opinion. Why it’s like that? Music hides a secret language every person can independently read and get what they need from it. Music is a universal language many in their subconsciousness understand, understanding the deeper message in it. I call music energy with a voice and that’s something unworldly and worldly at the same time and that exist both in the physical and spiritual world at the same time, as we do.


Why is music important? Music helps to heal people on many different levels. For example, listening to music helps to relieve your stress levels, balance your mind, helps to breathe more deeply and relax and improve your health in general. When you have found your “music” or “songs” that speak to you, then that’s exactly what they will do to you.


People are very choosy when it comes to music and are so for a reason. Who is more, who less, but not everyone will like all the music in the world. People who are more self-conscious and have a higher intuition level are especially selective, but at the same time, they can let music heal them in a deeper level than those whose self-consciousness and intuition are still growing.


Music preference comes from your own energy field vibrations. What you’re made with and what you need for healing is the music you lean towards to. Your musical preference and taste quite well and accurately define in which life phase and period you are today. A taste in music may change over time, it changes when you have changed spiritually. Why? I call music energy with a voice. This is the energy that is very similar to the energy our own souls are made of.


Who creates music? People do. How they can create it or how people made it to that far? Firstly came creating music, then humming and then specific words came along. Once in the past, people started to create music to express what they were feeling in their soul. A soul is not made of lyrics and their meaning. A soul is made of energy and energy is similar to the sound of music. People themselves created putting sounds to words to communicate better. Therefore, music is the definition of the voice of energies in our souls and words for even more accurate energy capturing.


Haven’t you ever thought about why music is so important for you? Why it makes you so happy, that it makes your day ten times more beautiful than it was right before listening to your favourite piece of music? Or haven’t you ever thought about how in certain periods you can’t listen to certain songs as they make you sad? I believe a lot of you have thought about this. So am I, I have been thinking about this for years. One day I concluded the answer to this question and now I wish to share it with you. I know that you’re looking for this answer. Let me enlighten you.


Every article I have written comes with a back story or inspiration for why I do it. The push to write down the specific thoughts for this article came from when one night driving home from Tallinn, I listened to my favourite pieces of music for several hours. After I made it to home I promised myself to share my knowledge about this wonderful world as the world of music is.


Music has truly healing power, it caresses the soul and with the right song it speaks to your soul more deeply than most of the people in your path will ever do. Why? Because the sound and message from the music will directly reach your Chakra system. To the system where your emotions and true soul are located. Not every person has such strong self-expressing abilities to reach to other people’s soul. Or they don’t have the ability to express themselves with their body language and express themselves just the way they are. But, of course, there are those who can do this and they should be considered inspirational. The meaning of sounds is something we all know subconsciously, they don’t have their own mask or face like human language often has. Music and sounds have existed far longer than people’s ability to speak and therefore this world is a lot clearer for us.


The sound and message of the music is something you capture with your Third Eye Chakra situated in your forehead. Third Eye is the Chakra that filtrates whether we want to go along with what we are dealing with at the moment. Do we want to focus on the information or not. This is a filter between your ears. That’s why every person’s reaction to music is super fast. When you’re listening to a song from the radio or in some other environment then you’ll acknowledge whether you like this right away or not, do you want to keep listening or not, is it bothering you or not, is it making you happy or not. A reaction comes right away. Pay attention to this sometimes. We capture sounds with the Third Eye Chakra which purpose is to label the information to the right Chakra or block it from entering the Chakra system. Logical, right? You shouldn’t have come up with this on your own, this is my spirits work to define all that’s worldly and unworldly and to join them together.


When your subconsciousness lets the musical piece to your Chakra system through the Third Eye Chakra, then it goes to all your energy fields. Music, in general, is not directed in one direction, that is to one specific Chakra. Therefore it’s a universal medicine for your soul. You allow your favourite song to speak to you, the Third Eye accepts the sounds of this song and directs it to the body of your soul, to your Aura field. It heals, improves you, makes your energies work and helps you to understand yourself better. After listening to the story you feel like you have gone through a clean-up, motivation gets higher, you’re more rested, the body is relaxed and you’re feeling better. When the song you’re listening is necessary for your soul, that is, it has an energy and a message you need a lot at this moment, then you’ll feel it physically. When the whole Chakra system is touched by the song, then it makes your body move or even makes it dance. Have you felt how you start to move your hands, legs or body unconsciously? It happens when the last, that is the furthermost Chakra from the Third Eye gets together with that energy wave you allowed to your soul. This is the Root Chakra, the most bottom one, that is the first Chakra. When it's like this, then you already move for the music.


Our soul is made of energy vibrations that are very similar to the sounds of music. When I read the human soul then I hear them as sounds. Sounds have their own meaning, this can be put into words and that’s how I work. People who have met me and who I have helped know that I have to take the time to listen to what’s happening in you. I listen to you like music and then I translate into a language, into words. This is how it goes. We are made of sounds with vibrations and we vibrate what we are made of. People who write good music and songs know how to present what’s inside our soul with audible sounds and words to us. Genial isn’t it!


When you’ve listened to the song that is completely “yours” at that moment, then after that you’re filled with energy and wish to move forward in life. When Chakras will be healed and especially all of them together, then it increases vitality and the will to live.


But when you listen to a musical piece that you don’t like then it could even disturb you. It could bother you in such a way that you wish to shut it down. In that case, your Third eye Chakra wants to block the energy wave that has no healing power over you. This is a self-defence reflex. Have you ever felt that? Surely you have.


Music is important, it’s a sound system with a universal language we all understand. We don’t have to learn the meaning of this language we simply understand it. After all, we are one, we are human. We have different faces, fates and minds, but we also have a lot of common. That’s why music unites people. That’s why you can understand what the author of your favourite songs meant with them. When people create music, then they set in order the sounds that exist in their soul at that moment and period the song was made. When you enjoy the creation by someone else, then you’ll recognize yourself in that in that exact moment you’re at. People have a lot of similar experiences, ordeals and feelings. That’s why we recognize ourselves from the music someone else created. Our lives have similarities.


I recommend you to listen to music, listen towards what your soul moves to. Allow yourself to listen to this universal soul healer and heal yourself with that. Find yourself some time every day to listen to music you love. This is a truly intense and efficient therapy for self-healing. This is as necessary as eating properly, thinking positive, good sleep and many other necessary parts of life. Don’t forbid yourself from this, motivate yourself to do more of it. When you wish to be healthy both physically and mentally, then you are the only one who can do this. Take responsibility for your own life and live it fully.


Music speaks of things that can’t be put into words yet. It defines, explains and helps us at the level where we need more strength for ourselves for balance and peace!