How you ever heard a warning that Mercury is in retrograde? When you don’t know exactly what it means and how it can affect us all, then I will help you to understand it. It’s essential to know when Mercury is in retrograde because this is the time when energies around us will become a little crazy and unbalanced. Therefore, keep an eye on our cosmic energies and the time we’re existing in. Several times a month I write an overview about what the coming weeks will bring us and I often warn you about anxious times caused by Mercury in retrograde.


But still – what it all means and how it affects us all? When Mercury is in retrograde then technology, communication (also means and channels of communication), our logical thinking, logically functioning activities and information exchange will be affected. This is the time where everything will be turned upside down and you can’t stop the energy flow that comes to Earth. This is a time that could even seem nerve-wracking, anxious and you can feel how the pace will become faster. During that period people are not that good in calculating time, they can’t follow a schedule or finish their things for the deadline. Seems scary, isn’t? But you should not be scared, rather, it’s useful to have awareness and understanding why this kind of chaos could happen at the time. This will help you cope well during this period.


When Mercury is in retrograde then, when you look from Earth it appears as Mercury changes its direction. But, this is all an illusion. All planets in our Solar system orbit around the Sun. The speed of planets is different and the closer the planet is to the Sun the faster it moves. Mercury is closer to the Sun than Earth, therefore it moves faster than us and this movement can be seen from our planet. When Mercury does a full circle around the Sun and begins with a new one, then this is what we call a Mercury retrograde. It visually looks like Mercury changes its course and this is the moment when the energies that come from the Mercury retrograde will become more intense and we will be a part of the energy reaching Earth at this time. Mercury is in retrograde for about two months and from the two months, one month is very intense, a few weeks before and after are less intense.


I have brought out the dates when Mercury goes to retrograde and also the period when the energies are especially intense. The more intense the period, the more anxiety Mercury causes us. Blue colour indicates when energies are becoming intenser by the day, red symbolises an especially dangerous period and brown shows the period where energies will begin to tone down by the day.




February 1 - 17 increasing intensity
February 18 - March 9 intense
March 10 - 29 less intense

June 1 - 18 increasing intensity
June 19 - July 11 intense
July 12 - 26 less intense

October 4 - 15 increasing intensity
October 16 - November 2 intense
November 3 - 20 less intense


When Mercury is in retrograde, then you can feel how your phone, laptop or other devices are not functioning the way they should. The phone can go crazy and start calling to someone on its own, calls will go off, it shuts down and many other things. The TV could turn on on its own at the time, robot appliances activate, alarms can go off and appliances can break down. When Mercury is in retrograde, then this is the time when accidents happen the most with technology.


Communication will be disturbed and this in the relations between people. Lack of understanding, conflicts could arise from nothing and very unpleasant and indecent fights will quite easily come up. People can’t understand each other at that time, this could cause conflicts and so much overdramatizing. This is the time where we have to be more specific about our thoughts, to sense whether people could misunderstand you and to check how we express ourselves.


There could also be communication problems in correspondence, many letters could go to junk mail or not get there at all, the same could happen in social media. Anomalies could also happen with technology, for example, lights could switch on suddenly.


Mercury retrograde also interferes with the events, activities and project you have planned out for yourself. When you’re going to do something then wait for everything to run smoothly. Rather, you should know that something interferes with your plan, changes it or the direction you chose could even be cancelled. Mercury retrograde brings along unexpected interventions and modifications to plans.

But, not all is as bad during Mercury retrograde as it seems, and this won’t mean that only these six months will cause anxiety in the year. When you’re sensitive, you can’t ground yourself and take it easy, then your year will really be separated in half. But this is not the way things have to be and not all is bad when Mercury is in retrograde. For example, Mercury retrograde activates a very intense thinking process. When, during that time, you could use your great analytical skills, then this is the time when you may do a brilliant discovery.




* Mercury in retrograde presumes that we should all think clearly and analyse ourselves more. Any kind of impulse thinking, acting and behaviour can bring along unfortunate results.


It would be good to wear certain protection crystal during that time (you can wear them with other crystals) that help to block the chaos, anxiety, nervousness and problem causing energies Mercury in retrograde bring along. These crystals are Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Hypersthene, Astrophyllite, Nuummite, Lemurian Jade, Moldavite, Anthophyllite and Galaxite. Wear at least one of these crystals during the whole time Mercury is in retrograde because these crystals can balance you and keep from negative energies getting over your head. For people who are especially sensitive, I recommend Astrophyllite, Moldavite, Lemurian Jade and Anthophyllite.​


* Be very flexible, avoid being stubborn and accept the idea that not everything could go the way you want. When during that period there should be any setbacks, then rethink your plan and find a solution on how you can get the wished result in another way. Simply, be very flexible. This is something everyone born under the Capricorn, Aries and Taurus zodiac sign should listen to or people born during the Ox or Monkey astrological year. Also, protection crystals, that will help to find better and favourable solutions for you when you have setbacks, could help with this. Of course, the best crystal for flexibility is Moldavite.


Calm yourself when you feel like everything starts to crash together in you. Mercury in retrograde could create situations where you need to ground yourself and allow yourself to calm down. 


When you do something very important in your computer or phone and you don’t want it to fail then save your work several times and check on your battery. When you need it, keep an extra battery in hand and know where the chargers are. All of this to avoid problems. Keep Shungite crystals permanently whether as a rough or tumbled crystal near your home appliances that it could help to ground energies cause problems and failures in your appliances.


When Mercury is in retrograde burn Camomile incense. This is an incense that helps to stabilize and balance you and calm your soul. Burning Camomile incense helps when you feel like everything around you and in you is anxious. Let this calming incense to heal you and then you can keep going on with motivation.


Mercury in retrograde can bring along memories from the past that could be unpleasant, uncomfortable or even sad. They are brought about so you could solve them. When something starts to interfere with your positive frequency, then grab it and solve the problem in you. Even more, these thoughts and memories will come forward during the Last Quarter of the Moon or Old Moon.


During this time it would be good to find quick solutions to different problems. You react faster than usual and during the Mercury retrograde, you want to solve your problems no matter what. This is a really good time for this because this is the time you don’t want to run from your problems.




* Over thinking, over exaggerating and making everything more dramatic comes very easily when Mercury is in retrograde. This is what most people do - they over exaggerate everything. When you feel like you could be like this, then simply step down from this wheel.


Many will try to hide from the whole world during this period. They intuitively sense how everyone around them is nervous and tempo is too fast to go along with this healthily. Hiding is not always the solution, rather, you have to raise awareness that no one can hide from this. You should find the strength and the ability to work with this energy when you’re sensitive to Mercury in retrograde.


When you plan a get-together, important things, parties, travelling or something that needs previous organizing, then don’t trust your good luck and fate for making it all happen. Create backup plans, be more cautious than usual and when it happens that things won’t go according to your plan, then don’t be disappointed. Correct your ideas and be flexible when you make changes.


You should definitely not push yourself during the Mercury retrograde. Any kind of rushing could bring along accidents and favour technical failures.


Keep away from unrealistic visions and expectations for someone or something. When you’re waiting for an event, something you truly expect then you may be disappointed when you have had great hopes for the event. Just like that, people could disappoint you, people you expect something big from during this time.


Avoid negative thinking. When you catch yourself from pessimistic and bad thoughts then stop at that moment. Find out the reasons for these thoughts and solve them in you. The deeper you allow these negative thoughts to go in you the worse will Mercury in retrograde be for you this time. The more positive you are, the less the period will affect you.


Mercury in retrograde affects your moods and emotions just like it does to other people. When Mercury is in retrograde, then you can be more tense, stressed and emotional than usual. In this case, people who are generally very tense or emotional, their energies will be increased. For example, over emotionality could grow out of it. People who have had a very difficult period, their hardships will be even a harder burden than before.


When Mercury in retrograde is intense, that is the periods marked red, then sleep could be disturbed. Many will find it hard to fall asleep, sleep deeply or they will wake up way before their desired wake up time. Sleep will be disturbed. Who generally have deep sleep and don’t have sleeping problems won’t definitely sense the disorders Mercury in a retrograde cause. People who usually stay up at nights, who have shallow sleep or who find it hard to fall asleep, then for them this period would be especially hard. I recommend them to keep crystal for good sleep and calming for the soul by their bed, so their sleep good be full and body and soul could rest at night.


Keep this crystal by your bed when you want to get rid of sleep disorders and wish to have even deeper and fuller rest:


* Ruby-Fuchsite - improves sleep quality, won’t let you wake up before you want to. Good for people who wake up at nights and whose sleep is very shallow.


* Amethyst - is good for falling asleep, helps to calm down and block thinking about excessive and not important things. Helps to focus on sleeping and not on analysing things.


* Moonstone - is good for falling asleep, makes the sleep deeper and helps to see dreams. In addition, it improves sleep quality and helps to rest with fewer sleeping hours.


* Blue Calcite - is calming and very good for people who panic when they can’t fall asleep.


In addition to these four crystals, it’s good to place calming and good for sleep crystals by your bed. Sleep crystals are good for everyone, they also help to prevent sleeping problems for healthy people. Among essential oils, best are Lavender, Sage, Bergamot and Lemongrass. I recommend burning Chamomile that’s generally very good incense to be burned during the Mercury retrograde.


There are so many sleep disorders during Mercury retrograde because this is the time when you subconsciously focus more on the problems than on the better things. You’ll just start to analyse again and again in your thoughts how you could have prevented the negative things of the day when there are silence and darkness around you. This could lead to insomnia because you haven’t gotten the answers to these questions during the day and you start to analyse these things when you’re surrounded by silence and darkness.


When Mercury in retrograde is intense then sleeping in could also happen. Therefore you could set a double alarm on your phone during this period and use other devices that could wake you up like a real alarm clock. This when you definitely have to wake up and you can’t allow being late.


When you wish to manage well during the intense period when Mercury is in retrograde and you can keep your health then follow these points:


Prepare your bedroom to have a good and peaceful sleep. Use crystals, essential oils and incenses to set the energy in the room in order.


* During the day, take time and listen to healing music that speaks to you, touches your soul the most at the time. I recommend reading my article where I talk about the importance of music HERE.


* Before you go to bed, take the time to calm down. Meditate with crystals and create yourself a nice homey atmosphere with candles.


* Definitely don’t watch any scary movies, thrillers or a documentary on a very hard subject before you go to bed. This will be the biggest mistake you can do when Mercury in retrograde is that intense. This way, insomnia and anxiety will be guaranteed.


* This is definitely the time when you have to lessen the caffeine, drink less coffee during that time. The more caffeine, the more nervous you’ll become and you’ll definitely have a proper anxiety attack the Mercury in retrograde anyhow will make stronger. Choose herbal tea without caffeine when you want to drink something hot.


* Eat easily digestible foods, because during that time the digestive system is slower. When you’re a vegan, then you don’t have to worry about it, when you’re a vegetarian then decrease the number of animal milk products and when you are an omnivore then you should think about vegetarianism during that time.


* Burn essential oils that help with grounding yourself. During the day it would be good to burn Eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus helps to release the disturbing energies that could come out as nervousness or phantom health problems.


To summarise I can say that this is not a period you should be afraid of. I want to raise your awareness about this time, to open your eyes and let you know what it means when Mercury is in retrograde. This is a really important thing to know and when you could memorize my thoughts, follow my advice and analyse what’s happening in your life at that time, then everything will be fine. When something happens then it happens because of anxious energies. When you’re a little more upset, then you’ll understand why you feel like this and how you could heal yourself, This is not about scaring but raising awareness. We, people, are on this planet so small and everything with such great power like planets and the rest in our universe, have naturally power over us. This is why we are in periods where a lot of people have situations like this in their life.


Be taken care of, protected and be aware and accept Mercury in retrograde like it’s a natural part of your life!