Basically, we can say that when Mercury is in retrograde then the energies surrounding us are tense and a lot of confusion is expected during that time. Mercury is in retrograde quite a few times a year and therefore it's good to know when. Acknowledging it could explain quite a lot about what happens in your life during that time. When you know when Mercury is in retrograde then you can have a positive attitude towards it. Read the full-length article about Mercury in retrograde from HERE. Be sure to read the article to understand this article better. In this article, I talk about Mercury retrograde in Pisces. This is the zodiac signs effect on the retrograde.


Mercury is always in retrograde on certain dates and when the intense period is fully in the period when a certain zodiac sign rules, then this is the effect the Mercury in retrograde will have.


When Mercury is in retrograde when the Pisces rule over us, then the sign gives the retrograde a certain direction, adding Pisces energies to the retrograde energies.


Mercury retrograde in Pisces in 2020:


February 19 - March 9 intense
March 10 - 20 less intense


Mercury retrograde in Pisces makes people more dreamy than usual that in turn creates a lot of disarrays and stops the Root Chakra to properly keep people on Earth. The fact that Root Chakra loses its anchor that keeps you, in reality, could be dangerous to those who feel like this is an ordeal for them even when the Mercury is not in retrograde. If so, then its good to wear Hematite or Black Tourmaline crystal that helps to stay grounded. Mercury retrograde in Pisces could create situations where dreams will become utopian and won’t match with your path of fate at all. You can catch yourself dreaming big, which is good for lifting your mood but could lead you astray during this time.


People will become more flexible in this time which in turn helps to manage the Mercury in retrograde main factors (tensions, anxiety, communication problems, unexpected changes in plans, etc). This is good news!


Searching for love!


Many are looking for romantic attention and closeness in that period. Heightened danger for a casual relationship and for a one night stand. When you feel a special passion for someone new, then you should analyse and think whether you want to give him the chance to get to your heart. Everyone can feel emotional pain very intensely in that time, therefore these kinds of casual relationships could harm you more than when Mercury is not in retrograde. Therefore, take care of yourself!


Heightened interest in the esoteric and magical world


The world of crystals, alternative therapies and life in the other side will start to interest many. During that time your soul will be really open for accepting spiritual energies. You may feel like you want to burn incenses, heal yourself with essential oils and find out something fascinating about yourself through dreams. If so, then I recommend wearing protection crystals at the same time you’re working with intuitive crystals. I have brought out all the protection crystals in the Mercury in the retrograde article HERE. There are certain crystals you have to wear in this time so false visions could not appear and anxious energies would be as low in you as possible.


Talking points between you and someone else could reach quite magical dimensions. You can discover yourself talking about something you usually don’t even think about. Mercury plays tricks in our minds with Pisces, opening the magical world and the ability to pay attention to it.


Mercury retrograde in Pisces brings along dreams that are intense and sometimes scary.


When Mercury is in retrograde and it’s affected by Pisces zodiac sign, then seeing dreams will be more active in this time. Dreams will be especially active for people who are generally used to seeing dreams. But, these dreams could be a little scary, cause stress and they could have a negative undertone. A lot of people see nightmares at that time.


Stress causing dreams are not there to scare you. Generally, it’s Mercury with Pisces which brings us a warning or information linked to negative things. During this time you should definitely pay more attention to the meaning of these dreams, analyse them more and explain them for yourself. Remember, not a single scary dream comes to you without a reason. This could have very good clues about what awaits you, what you should pay more attention to or which negative thing will begin to leave your life.


When Mercury retrograde coincides with Pisces then you should cleanse your dream crystals so they could help you understand your dreams better. I recommend keeping Lemurian Jade and Hypersthene among your dream crystal set. These two will help you to understand your scary dreams better. Cleanse the crystals you have with, for example, eucalyptus essential oil, setting it to work by your crystals on an oil lamp. Although Eucalyptus is the cleanser and activator of protection crystals, it goes very well with dream crystals during this time.


Creative period


One of the best sides of Mercury in retrograde in Pisces is that it releases the creative mind. This is the perfect time for the Sacral Chakra, to heal it and use it. You can catch yourself from drawing, doodling, writing poetry, committing to photography or you’re interested in what other’s have created. You can focus on creation, see the hidden message in the author's work and it could inspire you. What the period releases are very positive, and let's say it like this, that it’s highly welcomed during this anxiousness that goes along with Mercury retrograde. The perfect time to allow your creative side to make something. When you feel like you want to sing, then sing. When you feel like you want to go to nature to photograph trees, then do it. These kinds of activities enrich your soul and during this period you can fully enjoy these kinds of activities.


To summarize, we can say that when Mercury is in retrograde and it’s affected by Pisces then there is also a lot of good. But we should not forget the power of Mercury in retrograde and how it affects us. Despite Pisces adding a lot of mysticism and magic to the period, it won’t remove the intensity and problems Mercury brings along. Be careful and be sure to follow my guidelines on what to do during the Mercury in retrograde so the time could be good for you.


Mercury in retrograde with Pisces opens the magical and mystical under our own eyes. We all feel like we are a little less grounded during that time!


Read the full-length article about Mercury in retrograde from HERE and find out when to expect it.