Depression is a serious mental state that affects people mentally, physically and spiritually. Depression is definitely not something that should be left unattended, that is to wait for better days. On the contrary! This is a mental condition you have to recover consciously on your own, work hard on getting better and move forward in life with a straight back.


Depression is a very big problem for many people. In my private seances, I have seen a lot of depression, people suffer from it. There are people who acknowledge their depression and there are those who can’t understand why their soul is not working with their body.


Depression needs to be treated, never leave it without attention. I tell all my clients with depression that it needs to be fought with and take it your goal to deal with it daily.


Depression is a mental state where people lose their motivation, they have changes in appetite (it increases or it will be lost) you may feel like you want to isolate yourself (the need to only be at home or away from other people), there is no interest, sleep disorders, guilt any more. Depression is characteristically self-destructive thinking and behaviour. A person in depression can be struck by suicidal thoughts or self-pity and remembering negative moments. A depressed person is easily aggravated and nervous about things that in reality won’t cause irritation.


With this article, I wish to put out my ideas and thoughts about depression and ways on how to come out of it. Follow these 11 steps and after some time you can feel how you’re well-being and life quality will drastically change. In my healing work, I have helped many people to recover from depression and that’s why I know depression very well. Don’t feel that you’re alone in this, you’re definitely not. Follow these 11 steps consistently, don’t stop and one day you’ll find a way out of depression.




To recover from depression, set yourself a goal to practice gratitude every day. It’s something that supports Karma that spiritually helps to heal you and make your spiritual body stronger. Be grateful for what you have and don’t pay attention to what you don’t have today. Practising gratitude daily helps you to recover from depression. Find out what’s good in your life, remember which dreams and wishes have become true, notice good people around you.


2. SUN


Sun plays a great role in depression or stopping it. Sunlight in our body helps to create vitamin D that helps us to be more positive and blocks depression. When you can stay in the sun for 20 minutes every day, then do it. When you’re light-skinned, then 20 minutes of direct sunlight is enough. When you have darker skin, then you need to be in the sun for longer. On days you can’t spend time outside eat a lot of oranges and grapefruit until you’ve recovered from depression. Vitamin C in oranges and grapefruit helps to keep you positive and fill the days you’re not being able to go to the sun. In addition, these are two fruits that spiritually lift your mood and improve your mental body.




Essential oils are great for depression, 100% natural and antidepressants directly from nature. I’ll give you a short overview about the oils that could help you on this journey. Use essential oils daily, definitely, don’t stop, but change them up according to which effect you need the most from them.


Orange essential oil - improves mood, gives energy and lifts the spirit. The orange essential oil has to be used when suffering from depression when one wants to improve mood rapidly.


Basil essential oil - relieves depression symptoms. Basil essential oil with Cedarwood and Thyme on this list are the main antidepressants.


Bergamot essential oil - balances your emotions and relieves moodiness.


Eucalyptus essential oil - on the spiritual level cleanses negative energy from the Aura field that could be one of the causes of depression.


Ginger essential oil - on the spiritual level helps to get rid of self-destructive behaviour, blocks negative thoughts and pessimism rooting in you.


Lavender essential oil - relieves irritation, helps to calm and improve the mood. In addition, helps to fight with sleep disorders depression has brought along.


Mandarin essential oil - lifts the spirit, makes it better and teaches you to enjoy the positive moments in life again and notice the positivity.


Pine essential oil - helps the brain to function better, relieving stress-energy, helping to focus on what’s important and lift the spirit. Pine essential oil increases physical energy, helping to keep yourself physically active during the depression


Patchouli essential oil - improves the spiritual body, healing the weaknesses in it, helping to make recovery faster.


Peppermint essential oil - gives energy, helps to get rid of laziness depression has caused, increases will-power and motivates to work on yourself.


Carrot essential oil - helps to cleanse the bad and unfavourable energy at home that could be one of the causes of depression. When the home is the place where most of the low points and mental collapses take place, then burning Carrot essential oil at home is needed.


Rosemary essential oil - helps to leave depression behind depression, improves the mood and is one of the most needed antidepressants besides Basil.


Sage essential oil - takes your mind off, helping you to relax, enjoy the moment, feel-good emotions at the moment you exist at. The relaxed feeling Sage brings along is a good ace to fight with depression.


Sandalwood essential oil - quickens the thinking process, helps to analyse and make your own conclusions why you have depression, helping you to understand what you should do to help yourself.


Cedarwood essential oil - works like a natural antidepressant, helping to silence the negative mood swings depression causes.


Lemon essential oil - improves the mood, lifts the spirit and gives energy.


Lemongrass essential oil - helps to calm down, calm the nerves and is good at moments you can’t control your emotions.


Tea tree essential oil - helps to cleanse your home air at home from toxins that could make your mood negatively. For example, helps with the mould in the air that could secretly emotionally weaken you.


Thyme essential oil - heals the Heart Chakra that will be really harmed during the depression. Thyme helps the Heart Chakra to recover and therefore offers you emotional peace of mind. Helps to lose sad and dark thoughts


Ylang Ylang essential oil - symbolises love, well-being and pleasure. During the depression a person can’t enjoy life, Ylang Ylang helps to remember how to do it and therefore offers great support.




A depressed person loses both physical and mental energy. Despite that, you have to pull yourself together and make yourself move. Any kind of movement does good, try every day when you have the day off or you’re staying at home, to leave the house, at the end of the workday try to go somewhere else other than your home. Walking outside or in nature helps to save you from depression. Make yourself a schedule and find a reason to leave the house even when you don’t really have a need for it. Even a 20-minute brisk walk in the morning is enough.




Look critically at your menu, what’s inside the fridge and your food preferences. From there try to find what weakens your immune system and harms your body. Everything animal-based spiritually feeds depression because it has death energy in it. Everything living and fresh symbolises life energy. The more you eat fresh and less processed food the faster you can get out of depression. When you have depression then your tastes should not be as important as you wish to get better. A human being is made of water, this means we can adapt to everything and everyone like water can do. You can adapt to new tastes just like that.




Valerian has a calming effect. Its tincture can be used to recover from depression. Definitely tincture, not other products (pills, etc) because this is the most body-friendly and it has no animal products in it.


Use Valerian tincture when you feel like you can’t handle yourself. In times your mood becomes very sad, you’re nervous and you’re having difficulties calming down. Put up to 20 drops of Valerian tincture to a glass full of water and drink it. Do it once a week when you feel like you need to ground yourself.




Besides Valerian and essential oils start using common St. John's wort. Make yourself a tea or find it in a pill form (make sure the pills are plant-based). Use it daily. It’s a very strong plant with a calming effect. Hypericum and Valerian are natural antidepressants.




Every night an hour or two before bedtime make yourself fresh lemon balm tea. It’s a very good soother, stress reliever brings good sleep and is one important plant that helps to save you from depression. Buy several packs of lemon balm tea so you could always have it on hand. To leave depression behind you, follow these steps correctly, don’t give depression the chance to stay behind.




Find one of the following crystals to support you on this journey. There are certain crystals that help to fight with depression. Find a piece of jewellery made from one of these crystals for you when you’ve become better. Start wearing this so it could help you to get rid of depression. It’s important for the crystal or the piece of jewellery to be new because this way can pass on your specific wish and think.


Amethyst, Apache Tear, Botswana Agate, Jet, Chiastolite, Yellow Jasper, Condor Agate, Chrysoprase, Black Tourmaline, Orange Calcite, Labradorite, Lazurite, Larimar, Mookaite, Onyx, Opalite, Sunstone, Selenite, Lemon Quartz, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Quartz, Shungite


My recommendation is that with a very deep depression choose darker crystals and lighter and colourful crystals are for people who can already somewhat control themselves. You can make a crystal set with all of these crystals and keep them under your bed for as long as depression is beaten. All of these crystals can fight with depression and the more different ones there are in your life, the faster you can leave depression behind you.




Turmeric is an oriental plant which is a natural antidepressant. Find yourself some high-quality turmeric powder and use it for your daily cooking or add it to your food while eating. Add turmeric to potato, rice, lentil or pasta water. Add it to soup or salads.


The second option is to use food supplements. La Tene sells 100% natural curcumin food supplement Cytoplan Dentavital Phyto-Inflam, you can find it HERE.


Turmeric helps to improve your mood and make your soul and body function properly.




Ashwagandha is one of the most important plants in Ayurveda medicine, that could help many of us. Firstly it has been used to relieve stress 


Cortisol does a lot of harm when the body produces too much of it.  What is cortisol? It’s a stress hormone produced by our adrenal glands in a stressful situation and when your blood sugar drops dangerously low. Many experience chronically high cortisol levels which causes nervousness, stress, insomnia and plays a great part in the development of anxiety disorder. 


How Ashwagandha can help? It’s a plant that lowers cortisol levels and does it quickly if you use Ashwagandha regularly. It helps to get rid of panic attacks, anxiety, moodiness, stress, pessimism, melancholy, insomnia, sadness and even laziness caused by heightened stress levels. 


In my work, I have recommended this plant a lot and gotten really good feedback. There are those who can be happier, those who have gotten their lives back on track, come out of depression or made a lot of great changes into their life thanks to ASHWAGANDHA. To get rid of stress and mental problems I recommend using Ashwagandha daily for at least 6 months. In case of deep depression, then for at least a year to cure depression. This plant can be used for whole life as it does not cause allergies.


La Tene boutiques sell 100% pure Ashwagandha powder, you can find it HERE


Bacopa Monnieri is highly appreciated in Ayurveda medicine for its healing abilities. Its main magic is in its ability to calm and balance the mind and body. When you’re always anxious, can’t relax, feel uncomfortable in your body and soul, then use Bacopa Monnieri. It’s a natural sedative which does wonders for relieving stress. This plant helps you to come out of stressful situations quickly - you can manage the situation with Bacopa Monnieri.


Chronic stress could lead to a very short fuse. A problem appears and you can be done in minutes. Bacopa Monnieri helps to lengthen the period you can manage the situation and when you use it for a longer period it can finally give you a very strong mental capacity. Ayurveda plants should be used long term if you need to get rid of inner problems.


It’s a natural antidepressant that could be used regularly with strong stress and mental problems. But if you need to ground yourself from time to time (even after a long hard day at work) use it periodically. Short term usage may not help with nervousness.


You can find 100% pure Bacopa Monnieri HERE


I’m sending you a lot of support and strength so you could get well. Find your joy and happiness again in this life!


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