Have you looked at the clock at exactly 22:11, and it has somehow fascinated you, taken your attention or just stopped you in your thoughts? If you by accident see the time and the clock says exactly 22:11 and your thoughts are caught, then this message was sent to you by an Angel existing beside you. Noticing this number on a clock is mystical, and if this comes with an emotion that indicates that this is not just a time, then this emotion was given to you by that very same Angel who was beside your at that time,  and, of course, he also gave you this emotion.


I have previously talked a lot about how Angels try to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angel world is, the more Angel crystals there are in your life, the more Angels will start to connect with you. Angels send combinations of numbers to you, so that you would read a message from that secret language, that you need to know exactly that moment. Again and again, I remind that you need to translate Angel messages right away so that they won´t get lost in translation. To try to understand them later is very complicated.


I will help you understand what the time 22:11 its meaning only applies to such a combination, it does not extend to 21:00 or, for example, 00.12. The meaning of 22:11 also applies simply to 2211 when it appears in your life in another context. But if you have seen 11:22, you will find its meaning from HERE. Or, if you have seen the Angel message 12:12, read about this meaning from HERE.


If 2 and 1 both appear double, the power of their numbers is also multiplied. 1 symbolizes the need for action, taking the first step, starting something, becoming self-confident, creating an act of motivation, capturing motivation and inspiration. 2 symbolizes harmony, its necessity, family, intimacy, feelings, cooperation, compromises and goodness.


Open your eyes, there is a good and affordable opportunity in your life at this moment. Grab it!


Number 22:11 you will see on the clock or the combination of 2211 in another form when there is a good and favourable opportunity in your life. Analyze and find this opportunity. The universe has sent you an opportunity which would be a sin to give up.


Seeing this number, you might have had a fear of this unexpected opportunity, maybe you lack the courage to jump with the opportunity sent by the universe. Therefore, the Angel world can send you that number to wake you up, push you into action and encourage you.


If you are unable to find something that the Angels are talking about, this sign may be that this opportunity will soon come into your life. If you see the Angel message 22:11, be extra vigilant or start acting immediately. The universe is on your side.


In addition, if you see the Angel message 22:11, send your thoughts and prayers to the Angels. By noticing this number, at the same moment, your guardian angel is in your Aura. But that means he hears your thoughts and perceives them. In addition to acting and seizing the opportunity sent by the universe, take advantage of this moment to contact your guardian angel.


If you miss the message that symbolizes 22:11, it is not known when such a gift will be sent to you again. Immediately after seeing it, wear an Angel crystal to find this gift. For example, wear Opalite or Prehnite.


If you want a better contact with your guardian angel, read my article "6 DIFFERENT WAYS HOW TO CONTACT THE GUARDIAN ANGEL", which will be of great benefit to you.


Consciously create yourself a better, more intense and more clear connection with the Angel world for yourself. For that, create yourself a special altar where you keep crystal to connect with Angels. It would be very good to have an Angel shaped crystals there, like Opalite and Prehnite with Celectite geode, Desert Rose and many other Angel crystals 


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