Cumin seeds come from (Cuminum cyminum) the Cumin plant and are used for healing and as a spice in cooking. Cumins are nicely earthly and strong in flavour and with that taste they will add value to different dishes. Cumins are most used in India, Asia and South-America.


I personally am a very big cumin fan, I could easily add them to everything. Cumin adds a really good flavour to dishes when you mix them together with other plants. I’m sharing my knowledge about cumin and inspire you to use them more in your kitchen. When cumin is too strong for you or you’re not as big of a fan as I am, then give them still a chance to prove themselves. When you hadn’t had spicy foods in your childhood, then it’s no wonder why cumins may seem as too strong for you. I remind you that people are mostly made of water and water is what takes the shape of the environment it’s in. Change your shape and eating habits and you’re health will change too. Be inspired!


Cumin has a lot to give to us all, healing to our physical and spiritual body. It has many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in it. Everything people need to be healthy.


Cumins have a lot of Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, Potassium, B6 and many more useful and much-needed vitamins. 




Eating cumin helps to improve your digestion system. Cumin helps to break down food and accelerate the whole process. Knowing this, it’s good to add cumin to your cooking as it could help to improve your health and well-being.




We all have to get antioxidants from our everyday food. It’s necessary to fight against illnesses. Cumin has a lot of antioxidants which helps us to stay healthy.




When you’re worrying about how to get the iron to be healthy and feel good, then the best source is always plant-based. Cumin has iron in it and when you use it regularly as a spice in different foods, then it helps you to keep away from iron deficiency.

I also recommend women to use cumin during their monthly period. All of this so the body could easily recover and blood to be strong.




Cumin helps you when you have trouble with the so-called bad high cholesterol level. Cumin helps to reduce cholesterol in your body. People who eat animal-based diet are usually the ones with bad cholesterol. Plants don’t have the cholesterol we all should avoid.




It’s useful to use Cumin in different dishes as it purifies the food. This means that cumin helps food to stay fresh. When you accidentally eat something with harmful and disease-causing bacteria (for example that cause food poisoning) then cumin helps to fight with this bacteria. Sprinkle cumin to your dish to keep yourself away from harmful bacteria.




Cumin helps to break down fats and food that, in turn, helps to reduce weight. When you’re having trouble with your weight, then think about adding cumin into your menu in addition to removing harmful and fatty foods like animal milk products.




Over time I have understood that using cumin helps to heal the skin. Over time I have recommended cumin to people who have problems with their skin and had had allergic reactions. Of course, vitamin E which is super important for skin health has a great part of it.


I personally like very easy and tasty ways to use cumin!


For baked potatoes:


Pour extra virgin olive oil into a small cooking pan, add two teaspoons of cumin. Bake a few minutes until you smell a strong cumin aroma. When this is done, then pour the cumin mixed with oil to half-baked potatoes. Mix throughout and let them bake some more.


Pre-baked cumin release their tasty aroma and flavour and is a good addition to already tasty baked potatoes.


Heals the following Chakras: Root Chakra and Crown Chakra


Oriental buckwheat:


Do you like buckwheat? If so, then think to add cumin to it. When buckwheat is done, then fry chopped white onion, garlic and cumin on a pan to a golden brown. When all is golden brown, add buckwheat and flavour it with salt. Bake it for a few extra minutes and enjoy the delicious oriental buckwheat.


Heals the following Chakras: Root Chakra and Crown Chakra


Lentil-curry with cumin:


Lentil curry is one of the best dishes to do for you and your whole family. When you know how to prepare lentil curry, then add cumin when you bake the vegetables. Bake them with vegetables and then mix it all with lentils.


Heals the following Chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra and others, it depends on the vegetables you used.


Baked asparagus:


When you like asparagus, then be sure to try roasted asparagus, to which you add unrefined sunseed oil, salt, pepper and cumin. Cumin will bring out the very good flavour in asparagus and make it, even more, exciting thing to eat.


Heals the following Chakras: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra and Crown Chakra.




Every plant, like crystals, has its own spiritual energy that enters our Aura body when we eat the plants. Cumin nurtures our Aura field in many ways, I believe it’s interesting to know how food affects us spiritually. One of my biggest passions is to interpret plant energies and to practice alternative medicine through that.


Cumin is strongly linked to nurturing the Root Chakra and healing a very sick Chakra. When you eat cumin then they help you to get rid of addictions. Addictions usually begin with problems of the bottom, i.e. Root Chakra or with the problems of upper Chakra, i.e. Crown Chakra. Using cumin helps to prevent the need for something psychotropic. Eat cumin to release yourself from addictions.


Cumin helps to improve the Aura of your home, helping it to get stronger. When you find trouble in people bullying you, you have suffered from abuse, you’re constantly stressed because someone hurts you, then cumin can help you. Your Aura field will automatically get stronger when you eat Cumin. In addition, you should do Aura cleansing with essential oils and wear Jade with Shungite. As this helps you also to get free of that vicious circle.


Eating cumin regularly helps to reduce stress, mental tension and depression strongly linked to the weak Crown Chakra. Cumin activates the Crown Chakra to work and therefore helps to bring hope and will-power.


You can eat cumin daily, it’s simply so good and healing!