The solar eclipse is very important for all spiritual people who love astrology and mysticism. A solar eclipse gives us opportunities to bring about change in our lives, to do different rituals of sending our wishes, and to do much more.


A solar eclipse is when the moon is exactly between the earth and the sun. During the solar eclipse, a powerful wave of energy radiates to the Earth, darkening or shading the sun. With the full eclipse, the sun is not visible at all.


If the Solar Eclipse is during the New Moon, the energy that the Solar Eclipse generates will send us for half a year. While it is generally the case that the power of the New Moon affects us for 2-4 weeks, the Solar Eclipse has a colossal power over us all. It is wise to know the moment of the eclipse, as well as its cosmic energy because during the eclipse major changes are awaiting us all.


Full solar eclipse is the most powerful. The greater the extent of the Solar Eclipse, the greater the change it will bring. While a full solar eclipse can bring about a wave of energy that affects us for 6 months, the circular solar eclipse is almost as intense. Circular solar eclipse is when the edge of the sun can shine through the moon. Partial solar eclipse, however, is when part of the sun is visible. This energy wave can span a cycle of up to 5 months.


A full solar eclipse usually does not take more than 7 minutes. This is followed by the descending phase of the Solar Eclipse, but that seven-minute is enough to give everyone a chance to get a share of this energy.


People who are more sensitive to energies recognize the eclipse of the sun several days before. They may need something new, bring in innovations and update something in their lives. When the Solar Eclipse is coming, analyze how well you subconsciously perceive it.


If you want to perform different rituals, magic, and send your wishes during the Eclipse, it is not important that you capture the highlight of the Eclipse. What matters is the day when the Solar Eclipse takes place, and that's exactly what you need to keep track of in your calendar. So, you have time all day for this.


* A solar eclipse gives you opportunities to make changes in your life.


* Send out your wishes and dreams during the eclipse.


* Practice different rituals and magic you want to accomplish within 6 months.


* Give yourself a chance to start on a new and clean page.


* A solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to give a successful and fortunate start to a new project, relationship or idea.


* On a day when the Sun is eclipsed, it's good to start with something completely new.


* A solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to do a meditation, which you can use to convey your dreams and wishes.


* On this day, keep yourself positive so that new positive winds can come into your life.


In the case of a solar eclipse, this is the perfect moment! It has its positive and optimistic energy. It would be a sin to miss such a rare opportunity. Solar eclipses are rare, so it's good for you to keep an eye on my two-week horoscope. When the Solar Eclipse is coming, I will announce it in the horoscope.


During the solar eclipse, the growth of energies is rapid, and above all, the solar eclipse affects one's emotional, mental and spiritual growth. All crystals are more active during this time and you can feel a strange feeling, a mysterious vibration of energy and experience extremely magical experiences. You may feel strange coincidences, see signs, or even get revelations.


Allow spiritual awakening, growth, and enlightenment to develop within your soul


If the sun becomes dark during the eclipse of the sun, it contributes to spiritual growth. Knowing this, it is wise to wear Rutilated Quartz all day long. Rutilated Quartz helps you to grasp the power of the Solar Eclipse and direct it to your Chakra field. This energy, in turn, activates the entire Chakra system, and so spiritual awakening and enlightenment can occur. Rutilated Quartz can open this force within you, so be sure to carry this crystal with you.


During the eclipse of the sun, it is always wise to do something you want to see in your life. You need to practice your desires physically and mentally. Don't forget it!


Do not block the coming changes


If on the day of the eclipse or the next 6 months there are changes ahead of you that you have not consciously called for, then please do not resist them. Let these changes happen in your life. The changes suggested by destiny are needed for you. Unless you have called them into your life and they are coming, then fate and Karma has given it permission. If at first glance something seems to bother you, the end result will be full of lessons or good. Let it happen to you by the power of the Solar Eclipse, which includes new journeys.


During the eclipse, I recommend burning incenses, candles and essential oils


All these incense, candles and essential oils help to create positive energy in and around your home. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to store positive energy around you and between your home walls during the Eclipse for the next six months. All of these herb incenses, candles and essential oils have that power. The eclipse of the sun retains their power.


* Orange essential oil and Orange candle

* Mandarin essential oil

* Boswellian candle

* Ginger & Orange candle

* Nutmeg essential oil

* Ginger essential oil

* Cinnamon incense and Cinnamon candle


After the solar eclipse, you will notice how your life is changing and taking different directions. You may perceive changes in the workplace, changes in relationships or health. The changes will come depending on what rituals, magic, and wishes you sent out during the Eclipse. You can control which paths open in your life. Therefore, I recommend doing different rituals and magic, burn the right plants, and engage in positive thinking.


I warmly recommend that you go through the solar eclipse wishes ritual every time the eclipse reveals itself to us!


The ritual of sending your wishes during the solar eclipse


You will need 1 bottle of Nutmeg essential oil, 1 bottle of Ginger essential oil and 1 Honey Calcite crystal, either in tumbled or flat form. Additionally, Plus 1 tea candle, pencil, paper,  carrier oil (Avocado, Jojoba etc.) and oil lamp.


Perform the ritual exactly where you want, it can be done on the terrace, at home or even in the woods. Feel and let your intuition tell you where to pick a place and send out your wishes during the solar eclipse.


First, write down all your wishes that you expect to be fulfilled within 6 months. Once you have done that, you can send out your wishes.


Set the oil lamp to work - add water to the bowl of the oil lamp and drop exactly 18 drops of one and 18 drops of another essential oil into it. Light the candle and let the oil lamp do its job. The power of nutmeg and ginger essential oils will help to send your wishes, fix them and encode their fulfilment.


Now take the carrier oil and pour a decent amount into your palm. Drop 3 drops of nutmeg and 3 drops of Ginger essential oil into the carrier oil in the palm of your hand. Mix the oils in the palm of your hand and apply this mixture to your skin, wherever you want, but avoid contact with eyes, mouth, nose and ears.


Take the paper in which you wrote down your wishes. In one hand take the Honey calcite crystal. Read all your wishes out loud and do that exactly 3 times. At the same time, hold the Honey calcite crystal in your hand.


Once all of this is done, let the oil lamp burn completely – when you were doing the ritual in your home. If you did elsewhere, put out the oil lamp. Place the Honey calcite crystal as soon as possible with your wish paper in your bedroom. It must remain hidden there for at least six months.


It is useful for you to write on the wish paper the date you performed the ritual and the end date, which is 6 months after the time of the Eclipse. After 6 months, the paper must be burned, and the crystal returned to nature to express appreciation. In the meantime, they must be in the bedroom so they can fulfil your wishes.


The wishes you send out during the solar eclipse will come true if they are truly wished from your heart if they do not hurt anyone else, and if your own destiny allows them to be fulfilled. Heartfelt wishes and paths favoured by destiny will help you achieve the results you desire.


An ideal day for self-healing


Solar eclipse day is an ideal day for self-healing. On this day, nourish your body with plant products, clean water, and medicinal plants. If you have a disease in your body, alternatively heal yourself throughout the day. If you are ill and want to heal through the Eclipse, carry Brecciated Jasper with you all day long. It is one of the most versatile and strong healing crystals. You can also carry other crystals that are useful to wear that day, such as the Rutilated Quartz.


There are also some warnings!


A solar eclipse brings many good things, but it also comes with some dangers. On the day of the solar eclipse, it is better if pregnant women do not go to very crowded places, and they also have to move less than usual. It is wise for pregnant women to stay home that day to avoid getting into dangerous situations. Guardian angels may not be as active during the eclipse as they normally are, and therefore a pregnant woman and her baby will not have such strong protection during this time. In fact, this applies also to those who are not pregnant. A pregnant woman is just a little more at risk because she is missing two angels at that moment, not one – one is her own angel, and another is her child's Angel.


However, if you need to be on the move and increase your overall protection, even if you are not pregnant, it is wise to wear Anthophyllite or Nuummite on that day. These two crystals help to prevent you from falling into the dangers and disasters that guardian angels usually prevent or save you from falling into.


During the eclipse, evil and demonic people can do their evil deeds because the guardian angels have less power at that time. Knowing this, it makes sense to protect yourself with these two crystals. If you have a question as to why this is the case, then I will help you understand it. Guardian angels work with the power of the moon. If the Moon is literally trapped between the Sun and Earth, the Moon's power is weak. Therefore, the guardian angels do not have enough strength to exist beside us. Fortunately, this lasts only one day. The day after the eclipse, they are as active again as the contact between you and your guardian angel.


A solar eclipse is a time when new directions and paths are opening for all of us. Set goals, be positive and hopeful and let the Solar eclipse deliver everything exciting into your life!