Dreamcatchers are powerful objects that bring good and deep sleep, help to remove nightmares, protect your soul while sleeping, and help you connect with angels. Like crystals, dreamcatchers need cleaning and energy recovery after using it for some time. They are quite easy to clean, but they have to work a little harder to restore their energy supply and add new energy.

Cleaning of the dreamcatcher


I recommend cleaning dreamcatchers during the four main phases of the Moon, the Full Moon, the last quarter of the Moon, the new Moon, and the first quarter of the Moon. You can read more about the monthly moon phase calendar HERE

For cleaning, you will need a Sage branch/smudge stick and Sage essential oil. Instead of Sage, you can use Nutmeg essential oil and Myrrh incense.

You do not need to remove it from the ceiling in order to clean the dreamcatcher. Suffice it to occasionally allow the aforementioned ritual plants/incense to smoke in the room where the dreamcatcher is located.
The same applies to essential oils.


For those dreamcatchers that are either in the car, over the stroller, or on the car seat, I recommend bringing them, for example, in the room for cleaning and then putting them back.

Amplifying the dream catcher

It is advisable to add crystal power objects or talismans to the dreamcatcher to give the dreamcatcher more power. Enhancing the dreamcatcher helps to bring clearer visions or to get messages from angels, for example, it all depends on the crystal itself, because each crystal has its own unique power that it can convey through the dreamcatcher.


The right time to add items is during the Moon phases. Before adding a talisman, you should definitely clean your dreamcatcher with Sage.


Suitable crystals


You can hang different crystals with a hole, crystal pendants or wheels of sun on dreamcatchers. The crystals can be hung on the straps attached to the dreamcatcher. 


-  For example, suitable crystals are pendants with a crescent symbol which symbolize innovation, new beginnings, new opportunities, refreshing energy and power gathering. When the symbol of the crescent moon is combined with a particular crystal, two elements of mystical power come together – the moon and the crystal. In addition to its own symbol, the crescent has the property of a corresponding crystal, which then passes through your dreamcatcher into your Aura at night.


You can also hang wheel of suns, to the dreamcatcher to help bring love, to protect, reinforce your intuition, or go to astral journeys. The sun wheels all work individually, which means that the sun wheel of intuition and love can be kept on the same dreamcatcher. Every sun wheel has this special feature when hung on a dreamcatcher. 


- Agate wheel of sun is perfect for those who want to protect themselves or their child from nightmares. Agate has extremely strong power, with what it can protect a person soul from bad energies from curses and chiding. As you sleep under the Agate sun wheel, it creates powerful protection for your Aura. It is through sleep that most negativity is sent to us, and it is vital that we are protected when we fall asleep.


- Skarn's wheel of sun helps you get prophecies and answers about your love through sleep. Skarn activates the dream world for you in a specific direction. This is so that you can learn to heal your emotional life. Skarn can be hung on a dreamcatcher along with other sun wheels. Each different sun wheel adds power to your dream world and prophetic visions are easy to come by thanks to the sun wheels.


- White Howlite wheel of sun promotes peaceful sleep and falling asleep. White Howlite is one of the most efficient crystals that helps to fight with sleep disorders and stress. When you hang this crystal to a dream catcher then it will help to heal exactly these problems in your soul. White Howlite suits the best for people who, before going to sleep, tend to think about their whole life. White Howlite is one of the most effective crystals to help fight sleep disorders and stress.


Baryte wheel of sun helps you to dream and interpret your dreams. Baryte sun wheel is super powerful when held on to the dreamcatcher. It opens you up to dreams, helps you remember them and helps you interpret them.


For children dreamcatchers, I recommend hanging crystals so they can give your child the power to sleep or heal them through sleep. Children are hypersensitive to crystals, and the effect of the crystal is best achieved in the child's etheric body through sleep.


-  Mookaite wheel of sun helps to relieve stress, depression, sleep disorders, nervous problems and overcome a very difficult life period. Mookaite sun wheel is particularly well suited for hanging onto the child’s dreamcatcher so that the child can always feel good and happy. Mookaite is the crystal that helps you maintain your natural positivity. It protects the child's Aura and prevents the child from letting go of their fantasy world and creativity too quickly. Mookaite is also suitable for an adult who wants to be more positive and optimistic.

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