The full moon is the most powerful lunar phase, which carries different energies with it each time, but it also has certain energies that are always present at that time. There are people who are hypersensitive to the Full Moon, and there are those who do not perceive the energies of the Full moon so extremely. However, hypersensitivity to the Full moon is widespread, and if you know that you are one of the elects of the Full moon, these are my thoughts for you.


If you are hypersensitive to the Full moon, then you need to learn to live with it, because it cannot be completely shut down and made 100% resistant to the Full moon. But there are things you can do, and I'm talking about them here.


The moon can move the oceans and all the water on our planet, and it can also affect us. Man consists mainly of water, and the Moon is able to draw and push water. It can also affect the physical and mental stress within us. For people who can't understand how the Moon can affect us, it's actually very easy to explain. When there is a so-called wave inside you, it affects your balance, your emotional state and your feelings. Your emotional body is the most sensitive part of you and water is related to emotions.


The more sensitive a person is, the greater the impact of the Full moon on him. So how sensitive are you?


The closer to the Full moon, the more powerful you will feel its energies!


The full moon is about every 29 days. By year, it is generally the case that one Full moon is in one calendar month (January, February, etc), but sometimes two Full moons also fall in one calendar month. When the Full moon arrives, you can already feel its energy. People who are hypersensitive to the Full moon will notice changes in them about four to five days before the Full moon arrives. People with moderate sensitivity perceive energies vividly a couple of days before the arrival of the Full moon. Those who are not hypersensitive to the Full moon may not notice any difference. However, this does not mean that they will not be part of the power of the Full moon. These are just people who may not have strong contact with their emotional body.


Hypersensitivity to the Full moon indicates that you have a connection with your emotional body. It's actually a very good bond, but the Full moon can bring out the dark side of that good bond, which is anxiety.




The full moon highlights all the emotions within you and doubles them. No matter what your mood is or how you feel, it will be extraordinary during the Full moon. For example, you are remarkably happy to rejoice. Or if you are overwhelmed by sad thoughts, you can't hide it in any way, and sadness can make you cry. Everything has multiplied and it is difficult for you to keep them inside, ultra-emotionality always goes with the Full moon. Hypersensitive people find it extremely difficult to cope with their emotions during the Full moon.


I recommend people who are hypersensitive to drink balm tea during the Full Moon. Balm leaves have a calming effect on the nerves, balancing emotions and creating a good feeling. If you are hypersensitive, it is always worth keeping Balm leave at home, so you can make tea if you need it.




Everyone has a lighter and darker side. The positive part of us has learned the right wisdom, the negative part has not yet learned, healed and is unravelled. The full moon brings out in all of us what we are made up of. For example, if you are Cancer, you will inevitably have an insane longing for intimacy and a homely feeling during the Full moon Even if you have no problem with it as a Cancer because it is the more sensitive side of Cancer and the Full moon is pushing this button. Another example of zodiac signs is that Aries becomes especially powerful during the Full moon, and at that time there is no point in arguing with Aries, it is useless. Try to stand by and watch during the Full moon and you will understand very well what you are made up of - Full moon is your revealer.


Because the Full moon brings out everything that exists in us, it also brings out our dreams. Therefore, during the Full moon, it is useful to perform various rituals and magic, that will help make dreams come true. I recommend burning Namaste incense during the Full Moon. It is an incense that helps to fulfil wishes and dreams. By burning the incense of Namaste, make a wish and send your thoughts to the universe so that they would take place in your future life.




The full moon brings a fairly large energy charge to people, which is expressed differently in all of us. An increase in energy can make you restless, anxious, nervous, and you may have a constant need to do something, fix, and create. This is good if you find an application for your energy. If you do not use this energy, it will become anxiety, so it makes sense to accomplish a lot during the Full moon. Many people will have a need to exercise and work. However, with the increase in physical energy, violent people can become even more violent. That is why there are the most accidents in the world during the Full moon. At the same time, there are many accidents caused by carelessness.


During the Full moon, I recommend wearing protective crystals if you want to protect yourself from accidents and violent people. During the Full moon, it is useful to wear Black Tourmaline, Hawk’s Eye, Red Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye and other strong crystals to keep misfortune away.


Due to the increase in energy, Full moon is favourable for many, especially those who like to work. For example, during the Full moon, representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign gain strength to analyze and organize. However, due to the increased amount of energy,  Leos can become over-enthusiastic and lose their intuitive cognition. The full moon affects all constellations differently.




As I mentioned above, it is the Full moon that makes us emotional and amplifies everything that exists in us. Full moon loves the extreme, the golden mean does not exist at that time. Whether all or nothing, that's the motto of the Full moon.


During the Full moon, you can bring a lot of good into your life, and inadvertently or inevitably bad. I have been writing and talking for years that Full moon must be made useful. We can do this with rituals, magic and various activities that help us make the most of the Full moon. Full moons have different energies, some bring us love, some prosperity, and some unfavourable energies. Follow my 3-week horoscope, where I talk about these topics in-depth and also give advice on how to change the lunar phases fortunate for yourself.


The full moon can bring wealth if you engage in various wealth, abundance, and fortune bringing rituals at that time. So burn candles during the Full Moon, smoke incenses and oils and make different crystal magic.




The full moon makes you more active, as well as your brain. However, a good night's sleep requires a calm mind, a relaxed state and a good feeling. The full moon creates anxiety, any overthinking is guaranteed for many at that time. There are those who cannot fall asleep because there are too many thoughts, there are those who cannot relax and those who cannot fall asleep because of high energy.


In the world of dreams, very interesting things happen during the Full moon. Deep sleep is difficult to achieve during the Full moon, but the world of dreams is also open to the person who sees dreams the least.


During the Full moon, you experience the most nightmares, confusing dreams, and you get the most prophetic visions. Before the Full moon, it is helpful to bring crystals that bring prophetic visions to your bedside or bedroom. I recommend keeping Fire Titanium Aura and Titanium Aura geodes in the bedroom. Together, these geodes activate in you the ability to see useful and prophecies full of dreams. Of course, it is good to clean your bedroom during the Full moon and the days before with Divine incense, because it favours seeing prophetic visions through your guardian Angel. When a guardian angel appears in a dream, he will always have something important to tell you.




Stability is what almost everyone loves and wants a lot in their lives. Stability at home and at work is the best thing that can happen, right? Full moon likes change and it doesn't let people live without excitement. Almost every 29 days, the Full moon comes again and strikes the fragile things in our lives.


Full moon raises issues that need to be addressed, and therefore during the Full moon you may feel the loss of stability and your intuition keeps telling you, "Get it right, balance it!" Or if you are very sensitive to Full moon energy, you may be in a slight panic. The full moon is not your enemy, it just wakes you up, and who would like to wake up when you sleep peacefully?


For so many zodiac signs, the loss of stability caused by the Full moon is not just a joy and a party. Capricorns, Taurus and Virgo, you don't like clutter. You don't like it any less when your blissful balance and routine are poked. During the Full moon, I advise you, the earth elements, to keep grounding Root chakra crystals next to you. Capricorn takes out your own lucky crystal Onyx, Taurus Black Tourmaline and Virgo Chiastolite.


Other zodiac signs are better able to cope with change and upside down routine, so some of them even enjoy it I have written about constellations and their characters in my first book, you will find an exciting reading about your zodiac sign there!




The full moon illuminates everything and everyone and prevents things from happening unnoticed. The full moon is like the limelight, as it illuminates high above us, it gives us a chance to see what we need. During the Full moon, most secrets and hidden topics come to light. You and others get more attention than usual. This is not good news for those who do not enjoy excessive attention. But the good news is for those who love attention.


It draws attention to everything, which means that it can be both beneficial and harmful. If you need to know, notice or reach something, the power of the Full moon will give you the luck to move on the right path. However, you may find yourself in situations where this attention is not in your favour and you may be left behind by someone who is in a bad mood. You may feel criticized for growing attention.


I recommend not to notice the negative side of the increase in attention from the Full moon. Learn to live with the fact that each month has certain days when there are more of it.


In addition to emotions, the Full moon affects your entire physical body ...


For example, people with kidney problems may feel very unwell during the Full moon and may have kidney problems. The full moon affects the water in our body and the kidneys are an organ that is full of water. A Full moon can cause pain and other ailments if the problem is already present. In the case of kidney problems, I recommend using Nephrite Jade and Nutmeg essential oil f, for treatment, this essential oil is a kidney healer.


Full moon not only affects your kidneys, but it also affects your heart. It is known to have the fewest heart attacks and heart problems during the Full moon. The Full moon works well for the heart and is a good message for anyone with heart problems.


People visit hospitals much more often during the Full moon with their various complaints than when there is no Full moon. Many people feel unwell, headaches and other transient problems come out easily during the Full moon. I recommend eating consciously and healthily during the Full moon and drinking more tea than eating a variety of foods.


By understanding what the Full moon is doing to us, it will at some point help you move with the Full moon in a rhythm that is useful and tolerable for you.


See the Lunar phase calendar, to find out when there is a FULL MOON in 2020. If you are a sensitive person, the power of the Full moon may reach you several days before its actual date!