Full Moon is made for rituals! Its power can activate dreams and heart’s desires. Love, if there is none, is something almost everyone desires. A relationship complements life and it’s important to find a partner to share your life with. On the Full Moon, all energies are more powerful and performing rituals will be successful. That’s why I recommend doing Full Moon’s new relationship ritual for single people – to attract a partner to share life with. This magical ritual helps to attract unconditional love and a partner destined by fate, or the "one".

You can find the dates for Full Moon from the Moon phase calendar or 3-week horoscope, where I also talk about these things. Be sure to do this ritual during the Full Moon as this is the time the ritual will be most effective. You can also do it a day before or a day after, as this is also when the power of this Moon phase is active. You can usually perform Full Moon rituals on three consequent days in a row.

For the new relationship ritual, you’ll need magical objects that will help to save your wish and the magic to work. You’ll need two Moonstone crystals for the Full Moon to join two lovers together. Moonstone is strongly linked to the power of Full Moon and has that magical connection to launch love wishes. Rhodochrosite is a crystal of soulmates and unconditional love that adds a specific message to the magical ritual for the new relationship to be good and romantic. Rose petals and Ylang Ylang symbolise passion energy, love and romance. These will help the message to reach crystals and open your own Aura field up for love.

Recipe for magic:

1. 2 tumbled Moonstones
2. 1 tumbled Rhodochrosite
3. Fabric bag (preferably, red and velvet)
4. Ylang Ylang incense (or alternatively Romance incense)
5. Ylang Ylang essential oil
6. Matches, incense holder
7. Red rose blossom or dried rose petals

The ritual is performed at the Southern quarter of your home as this is where the passion energy and the corner of new love/love energy growth according to Feng Shui is situated. Find a suitable place in your home for this ritual in that quarter.

Put Ylang Ylang incense into the incense holder and set all the necessary items for ritual in front of you. Do this ritual when you’re feeling good and relaxed. This way you can awaken the ritual.

Begin with the ritual!

Light the Ylang Ylang incense up. If you do so, repeat exactly 6 times ”A relationship that’s new, hearty and full of love shall be created!".

If you’ve done it six times and the Ylang Ylang is smoking, move forward with the next step. Take all three love crystals on the palm of your hands, close your eyes and repeat again 6 times "A relationship that’s new, hearty and full of love shall be created!".

Then, put the three crystals into the bag. Now take Ylang Ylang essential oil and add about six drops of essential oil into the bag and onto the crystals. Then repeat again six times "A relationship that’s new, hearty and full of love shall be created!" Now, close the bag and place it near the smoking incense.

Then take the rose blossom or rose petals in your hand. When you’re using a rose blossom, place it near the bag and incense holder. When you’re using dried petals then sprinkle them around the incense holder and ritual bag. When it’s done, then repeat for the last time six times "A relationship that’s new, hearty and full of love shall be created!"

If it’s done, then the ritual is activated with the Full Moonlight. This will help the new relationship to create itself and give you a new chance in love.

If the ritual is done, let the Ylang Ylang incense to burn out. Leave the ritual altar in its place for the next 6 nights. Burn at least one Ylang Ylang incense there until six nights have passed.

After six nights, open the bad, add six more drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil into the bag and place the rose blossom or rose petals into the bag. After that, close the bag and the ritual is completed.

You can keep the bag in Southern Quarter where the channel of passion is situated or you can keep it with the love crystals in your home. I recommend writing which ritual it is so you can remember the purpose later on.

Hold the ritual bag in place for as long as you’re finally in a good relationship. Then, open the bad, free the crystals and rose petals to nature as a sign of gratitude. If you’re still waiting for your partner, burn Ylang Ylang essential oil or incense near it. This way you’ll revitalize the ritual and activate it.

Be open to love and when it comes, then spend every moment together with gratitude!