The world of dreams is extremely deep and interesting. If you regularly dream, you know how exciting this world is. However, you can enjoy dreams if you can explain or make sense of them for yourself. At this point, I will meet you halfway and help you better understand this world. I write the dream interpreters so that you can understand the meanings of your dreams.

As I said, the world of dreams is deep, but that means you can see a lot of different things in your dreams, and your activities and events can be especially colourful. There may also be such a thing where you dream of someone standing in front of you. Very often this person is completely quiet, looking at you or looking away. If you have experienced such a thing in a dream, you may remember how strange, discouraged, or interesting the experience was. I will help you better understand this part of the dream.

A dream where someone is standing in front of you refers to meeting that person, receiving the necessary information, hint, message or knowledge from him. With this dream, your Guardian Angel will inform you that your journey will cross with this person.

In a dream, this person can be turned his back at you, facing you, or on his side. The message is the same – contact is coming!

Now it is your job to analyze the whole dream where this event took place. Were you happy to meet him? Afraid, surprised or confused? Your emotion and feeling for this person will give you a hint of the content of this encounter.

For example, if you were pleased to see this person, then the contact between you is very good. However, if it caused confusion, it can lead to questions and confused feelings. All in all, this dream actually has a good meaning. It lets you know that destiny crosses your path, and for a reason. No matter what your conversation, contact, or topic will be, it's all useful in one way or another.

Such dreams are generally brought out by guardian angels or you experience it in the highest colour/reality in astral travel. To improve your connection with the guardian angel and to be able to experience the astral journey, keep Apophyllite point in your bedroom. It is a crystal that helps bring forth prophetic visions such as a dream.

Be sure to read!

The meaning of this dream interpreter does not matter if you are thinking of this person lately or constantly. The meaning of the dream I have given here is only true if you do not focus on that person or your wishes, fears and interests directly about him. If you know him but haven't focused on him for a long time, then the meaning of the dream is the same as what I've written here.

For a better, clearer and closer view of your dreams, keep a dream catcher over your bed. I also recommend hanging wheels of sun, on the dream catcher to activate the world of dreams.

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