Numerology and astrology are both parts of my passion. I enjoy interpreting them, and even more so that I can simply pass this secret code on to you. The year we are born gives us our influence that shapes our way of life and our character. The children, whose birth year is 2021, stand out in the eyes of everyone for their special energy. Why? I'll tell you right now.

The year 2021 will give a person a strong surface, iron energy, a very confident first impression and in some places even a repulsive protective layer. This energy is especially evident when the person he is facing is not suitable. His self-defence mechanism is obviously strong, which is why I call those born in 2021 metal souls.

Why do they leave such an impression on people? First, there are two different astrological years in 2021, both of which feature metal. As the years of metal are both 2020 and 2021, metal energy also dominates in the birth card of those born in 2021. It creates awe in other people.

In the case of young babies, this energy may not come out, rather, the metal energy grows larger and more dominant over time. The older a person born in 2021 gets, the more he knows and perceives himself how he can give the impression to others, the message of which is, "Stay away or come to me only for a reason!"

Each dominant energy has its good and its problematic side. The good thing is that his defensive energy is greater, and no one who is weaker than him dares to approach him. The problem, however, is that those born in 2021 can cause conflicts simply because of their nature. There are those who love and appreciate him and live with him, but there are also those who, unreasonably, can’t stand him. The generation of sympathetic energy is 50/50. There are those who immediately see his charm and those who unreasonably do something else.

kuul kiikuv laps

The numerological influence of 2021 creates a message for the soul's journey, which is, "I will give you strength and protection, and you will create order where hurting happens!"

In fact, an extremely delicate soul lives in this metal shell, whose intention is not to be an illusion of something arrogant. A person born in 2021 must come to this life to learn how to bring out his most loving aspects, to change the world through this, and to learn that he must reduce his dominant side.

Everyone born in 2021 has a desire to get what they want, no matter what the price. If he wants something, he has to get it. He has stubbornness and determination together. There are two ways – whether a person born in 2021 learns to receive his or her will in a loving, good and beautiful way or in another way - through conflicts and problems.

I advise everyone born in 2021 to try to go the first way so that his gentle soul won’t get hurt. I always recommend that parents advise a child born this year to find a peaceful way to achieve their desire, to have their will so that no one else will suffer. In order for a person born in 2021 to be able to fulfil the mission he had to do in this world, he must be given good negotiation skills from home.

If a child born in 2021 acquires very good communication, negotiation and cooperation skills from home, then this is all the child needs to fulfil the mission of his year perfectly. It brings out in him all the good that can be passed on to the world.

There is a sense of mission in the souls of 2021, which I can summarize as the need to improve the world. There are those who are going to protect animals, there are those who stand up for human rights and there are those who are fighting for the environment. Knowing this in advance, I recommend that parents let this year's child become a protector. If he does not want to eat meat, please do not force him, if he wants to plant trees, then allow him, if he wants to intervene in the fights, allow him to do so. He was born into this world to impose order!

I give strong advice to the parents of this year's children, which I recommend following. Be good, don't limit your child, let him a rebel, but always teach him how to express himself well and find a way to change things together. Help him change the world, change together, listen to him when he sees what is wrong in the world. Be his ally, not the opponent. It's easy to confront him, but it does too much for both of you. He is given into your life so that you can change yourself. This year, the child is born into a family that has stood still in places where it is necessary to change.

The luck crystal for a person born in 2021 is Moonstone. This crystal always guides him in the right direction, opens his talent, and helps him with his mission. Moonstone must definitely always exist in his life. This crystal does not allow it to dominate, teaching to organize everything in this world with love.

Every year is mission-related and it is no coincidence that you were born just when you were born!