My goal is to raise awareness of all my followers about everything that surrounds us. This includes drawing attention to everything healthy and unhealthy and increasing knowledge about how to implement health through one's consumption habits. In addition to writing articles on nutrients, alternative healing, spiritual topics, crystals, I also want to raise awareness about cosmetics and body care products.

Did you know that most of the cosmetics and body care products on sale are not really good for your body? They may visually provide good results, but you can sacrifice your skin and your whole body for this beauty.

kosmeetikavahendid kibuvitsaõitega

I have been looking for body-friendly cosmetics and body care products for years. That's because I have extremely delicate and sensitive skin and I can't afford every other product on the counter. My skin has signalled to me from the beginning that no compromises can be made in this regard. Thanks to sensitive skin, I have made clear to myself over the years what is suitable for the body and what is not. The fact that you or someone else does not have sensitive skin does not mean that there are no reactions in the body. There are different types of people depending on how we react to toxins. Some respond immediately, some overtime, and others feel nothing. But over the years, various health concerns begin to surface. It is often not understood why this is all happening. The reality, however, is that in today's world we are surrounded by insane amounts of toxins. You eat and inhale them, use them as skincare products, and so on.

My feminine need and desire to use cosmetics and skincare products and my sensitive skin have brought me to the knowledge that all cosmetics should be for the body as food. If they contain plants, are organic and natural, then they are food for the body. High-nutrient products enrich your skin and do not cause permanent minor poisoning to the body.

How to find a vegan, organic and natural cosmetic or skincare product on the market?

Today, the situation is such that if a very small part of the product's ingredients is natural, it can already be written on the packaging that it is a natural product. However, the products on the market are full of synthetic substances and synthetic = poison for your body. I suggest you review the ingredients in the products.

The first step in choosing a cosmetic product that is good for your body is to find vegan products. If, in addition to being labelled vegan, it says "organic" and "natural," chances are you're a winner and have found a body-friendly beauty product line.

Quality products often cost many times more than unhealthy products full of synthetic additives. Here you can already search for products by price. Making a good thing requires special technology and high-quality raw materials. If you want a quality product, the general truth is that it also costs more.

Mukti Deep Cleanse maskThe lifespan of 100% health and body-friendly products is often shorter than that of products full of toxins and synthetics. Why? Because organic and natural products "live", they have living nutrients in them. The more synthetics, the longer the lifespan of the product can be. Of course, that's where the price of the product comes from. One cannot be produced in advance, the other can be.

Clean cosmetics and body care products mean that they do not contain harmful particles that can travel through your skin into the bloodstream and from there to the organs. For example, a quality product that I recommend you bring to your life does not contain silicones, sulphites, petroleum, pesticides, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. Once again, I must point out that, unfortunately, they are found in the vast majority of products on sale today.

So why is it still healthiest to use vegan, organic and natural cosmetics and body care products?

I will start by answering this question a little further. The first thing to understand is that your skin is an organ that is as sensitive to diseases and toxins as the rest of your body. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream and from there directly to the organs. When cosmetic products contain harmful substances, they are all deposited in your body. Over time, major health concerns can arise. For example, brain damage, depression, cancer and tumours. Why? Because everything that is not organic and natural is not for the body. If it is not food that enters your body, then your body cannot do anything with these substances. They are difficult to expel from the body because the body is not designed for that. When you use body care and cosmetics that are like food for your skin, all the particles that move into the bloodstream can also be expelled by the body.

Poor quality, cheap and unhealthy cosmetics and body care products can be more toxic than poor food. Why? When you eat food, there are bacteria in your digestive system that help make toxins harmless. Help them get out of the body. This is when the bacterial balance in your gut is in order. But the skin does not have such a filter. Through the skin, everything is absorbed into the bloodstream. Let it be healthy lavender oil or instead of one of the worst but also the most used substances in the cosmetics industry, petroleum. Why is it used? It's cheap, and if you look at the big picture of this industry, a lot of companies want to make money, not contribute to the well-being of people and nature. 

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Vegan, organic and natural products are made from 100% essential oils, various vegetable oils and vegetable waxes, all of which have a great effect on the body. The fact that they are all made of so-called real nature does not mean that they give a worse result. They give a much more lasting result. As you use these products, you will realize over time how your skin thanks you for these choices. For example, for those who suffer from acne, psoriasis, skin allergies and many other skin problems, such quality products are no. 1 choice. In addition, you need to support your body with vitamins and minerals in order to accelerate the renewal of the skin and maintain youthfulness.

This year, I have taken it to heart to expand the range of La Tene webstore and stores with body-friendly cosmetics and skin care products. All the new brands represented are those whose mission and purpose tell me a lot. Their products are mostly inspired by nature, the ingredients are body and nature friendly, no products have been tested on animals and the packaging has been selected and manufactured in such a way that they are sustainable, recyclable or have minimal impact on nature. Right now, there are three new brands in La Tene selection - Mukti Organics from Australia, Axiology from the USA and True Organic of Sweden from Sweden. The entire range of La Tene beauty products is always VEGAN.

Why vegan products? 

Did you know that in order to check that the product does not cause irritation to the skin or eyes, it is rubbed directly on the skin of the depilated animal or instilled into the eye? And it is done without any pain relief? And at the end of testing, when the animal is no longer useful, they are simply put to sleep? At the same time, there have been thousands of known ingredients on the market that are safe to use. True Organic of Sweden honestly says that it tests its products on itself or on its family and friends. Axiology products are approved by PETA and Mukti Organic promises that their products (as well as raw materials) have not been tested on animals.

axiology huulepulk

Mukti Organics is an Australian cosmetics company whose primary goal is to provide the highest quality skincare products with ingredients selected for functionality, effectiveness and safety. They also make sure that raw materials come from reliable suppliers and are grown ethically. Their products do not use synthetic fragrances (only organic essential oils) or palm oil. 

Axiology is a U.S. company whose principle is something, we should all care about - cosmetic products should be safe not only for the people who use them but also for the animals, the planet and the people who produce them. Axiology lipsticks are also gluten-free (vitamin E in them comes from sunflowers), they do not use palm oil, soy, synthetic fragrances (for example, their products contain sweet orange essential oil). Their products are not tested on animals and are also approved by PETA.

True Organic of Sweden is a skincare company based in Sweden that uses only the purest organic and natural ingredients. In their work, they are dedicated to protecting the planet, its resources and all the inhabitants of the earth. It was the motto of this company that spoke to me - love your skin, love your planet. By using organic and clean body care products, you invest in your skin, family and the environment. True Organic of Sweden products are made in Sweden, have not been tested on animals and the packaging is made of sustainable materials. 

The latest addition to our beauty products is NUI's wonderful make-up products. These are pigmented, long-lasting and skin-friendly make-up products that you can use to make a gift for yourself and nature. NUI products have not been tested on animals either, all ingredients are natural, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. These products are free of artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, phthalates and carmine. The packaging of NUI products is also environmentally friendly and innovative - from recycled materials to everything being produced in one place.

The choice of well-thought-out packaging also became decisive in the choice of these brands. Sustainable packaging helps reduce the ecological footprint at every stage of a product's life. This helps both the producer and the consumer to reduce their impact on the environment. True Organic of Sweden has made its packaging from either sugar cane or 100% recyclable materials with all the characteristics of traditional polyethylene (or PE). Axiology products come in a box made from recycled trash that can be composted, while lipsticks are in aluminium tubes that can be recycled and lipstick caps in recycled plastic. Mukti Organics products are in dark glass bottles or recycled plastic bottles. Their glass bottles can be reused and recycled, and they also significantly extend the life of the product.

Because of all this, I have made it my primary concern to make body-friendly, vegan, organic and natural products available to my followers and customers. This is so that anyone who wants to take care of their body and maintain their health can easily find them.