Flaxseed oil is for you if you want to lose weight, speed up your metabolism, fight stress, be mentally strong and healthy, keep your heart healthy and your immunity strong! 

Choose organic!

When purchasing flaxseed oil, make sure it is organic. Such oil comes from flaxseed grown without pesticides and herbicides. Organic plants offer you a completely natural cure, they do not contain any unnecessary substances or hormones that could adversely affect your health. Plants must be chosen wisely! Alternative medicine can only help you perfectly if you choose quality plants to heal yourself and your family.

Say "Goodbye!" to extra weight and improve your metabolism!

Regular consumption of flaxseed oil helps speed up the digestive process. It helps a lot and quickly for those who have difficulty with digestion or problems visiting the toilet regularly and who suffer from abdominal pain or discomfort due to digestion. If you want a solution to such a problem, flaxseed oil could definitely be the first choice to alleviate your complaints.

In addition to improving your digestive function in general, it is an excellent metabolic accelerator overall. It helps to break down fats faster, so it is also useful for weight loss. If you want to lose weight, consume flaxseed oil regularly, every day. I recommend adding organic flaxseed oil to salads or consume it clean, poured on a spoon.

Flaxseed oil is very safe and can be consumed by children with indigestion. If flaxseed oil does not taste good when taken with a salad or with a spoon, add it to the smoothies. This oil is actually almost tasteless, but if you want to reduce the oily texture, blend it with the ingredients of your favourite smoothie.

If you have a very poor digestive function or are constantly suffering from constipation, consume flaxseed oil several times a day. This is one of the safest ways to activate your metabolism.

Gorgeous skin and youthful complexion

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Flaxseed oil contains very useful fatty acids that your skin needs to regenerate, create elasticity and ensure a beautiful complexion. Therefore, by consuming flaxseed oil for some health reasons, you will also get beautiful skin. The skin heals very quickly using flaxseed oil.

If I have somehow injured my skin, cut my finger with a knife when cooking, for example, or scratched it, I will start consuming flaxseed oil. It speeds up wound healing and prevents scars from forming. It is an excellent scar remover and also an acne scar remover, for example. If you want to reduce the old scars on your body, regular consumption of flaxseed oil will greatly help.

Stress-free, anti-depressant and anxiety reliever!

Flaxseed oil contains a lot of useful fatty acids that your brain needs to function normally. It helps to calm the nervous system, improve concentration and increase well-being. This oil could definitely be one of the plant-based sources of healing for those who want to reduce stress and fight depression in their lives.

Your heart will thank you if you consume flaxseed oil regularly

Heart health is somehow very neglected at a younger age and in middle age. The fact is, however, that heart health largely determines how long you can keep your body alive. It should be encouraged constantly, throughout your life, especially if you want to live long.

The fatty acids in flaxseed oil help prolong the life of the heart by helping it function normally. It helps reduce inflammation in the body overall, giving the whole body a chance to be healthier, boosts the immune system and helps fight cancer cells.

Flaxseed oil helps maintain normal blood pressure by helping to lower high blood pressure. If your blood pressure is normal, your heart doesn't have to work too hard - it already helps extend your life.

Flaxseed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce inflammation in the body. Unfortunately, there is too much omega-6 fatty acid on the European diet, which leads to an imbalance in omega-3 fatty acids. This in turn causes inflammation. Inflammation = an environment conducive to the growth of cancer cells. If you consume flaxseed oil regularly, for example, you will be able to balance the omega fatty acids in your body. By doing this, you help to reduce internal inflammation and potentially prolong your life.

Flaxseed oil helps to make blood vessels more elastic, also helping to increase the flexibility of the whole body. If you want to feel viable, active and flexible even in old age, be sure to start using flaxseed oil regularly!

Be healthy!

Use of the advice, recommendations and information set out in this article is at your own risk. The information provided is not health advice, but Tene Laulu's own experience, knowledge, personal opinion and recommendations. The use of flaxseed oil is the responsibility of each person. If necessary, consult a doctor before use.