The world is full of lost souls - people moving around, wearing a mask and souls locked. You don't have to be one of them. I want you to really open up. I want all people to find themselves one day, to be as authentic as possible. As authentic as you can be. Originality, authenticity and ego-free living - this is the ultimate you can offer yourself. It's all in your hands! I will help you to find your true self with the first, most important and most powerful steps. Let's get started


In order for you to understand what I want to teach you, we must first make it clear that solitude is not the same as loneliness. Solitude is a time with yourself where there is no one else beside you. Over the years, as I have worked to guide and help people on the right path, I have witnessed how a very large number of people fear this. Solitude is equalized with loneliness.

Loneliness is when you don't have someone to share your life with, no matter what level. But solitude is time with oneself, being only with oneself!

The first step in finding yourself on a lost path is to work so that you can enjoy your company and be alone. Enjoy a walk in the woods alone, work out on your own, enjoy listening to music alone and much more.

This skill is not taken for granted. I know that a lot of people don't know this and spend their time with others because, in fact, they are afraid of being alone.

Why is solitude important for finding oneself?

päikeseloojang hüppav naine

When you are alone, you can listen more to your inner voice and intuition. Your sense of energy increases, you can listen to the energy of the present, listen to the future and understand more of the past. Being alone is important for balancing yourself. Love spending time with yourself and you can get to know yourself.


One thing I have promised myself is to always let my inner child stand out. What does it mean? Your inner child symbolizes who you were born into into this world. This is the original energy that was when you opened your eyes in this body in this world. The energy you brought with you from other lives. The inner child symbolizes who you really are, what you came to do in this world, and your true passion and purpose.

How do I keep the energy of my inner child alive?

I have not left behind the voice that spoke in my childhood when I was very young. Even then, I had a desire to lead people to a healthier path, to understand them, to define them, to seek the deeper meaning of life, to protect animals, to dance, to sing, to help those in need, to stop evil and injustice. This is the power with which I was born - this is my personal inner child energy. This is the primary energy that must not be forgotten. There is a truth in it that hints at the soul's journey and purpose, and keeping it alive creates personal luck.

Release your own inner child too!

To find yourself, find your inner child. Go back to your childhood right now! Look as far as you can. Ask yourself, what was it that fascinated you? What was your wish? What did you love? What made you live? There is definitely something there, look it up and bring it here, to this day. Bring it to life again and believe me, you will magically find yourself.


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If you really want to make yourself more authentic, look straight into the darkest sides of yourself. Find your ego, watch its behaviour, come out and find quite a few patterns that you can start changing right away.

Ego is not bad, ego is an illusion. It creates the wrong image of you, leads you in the wrong direction, turns your inner child into someone else. When the ego is exposed, the inner child is on hold. Remember it!

Ego is a mask you walk around outside the home. In order to understand how much you use your ego, I have a simple test for you.

Take a moment and look at your two selves - the one between the walls of your home (who your family members know you for) and the one who leaves your home (as everyone else knows you). How big is the difference? If the difference is big, then the ego goes with you every day.

When you release ego patterns, you become more authentic or genuine. To do this, be exactly the same as you are at home. If you are gentle and good at home, share it outside. If you are tender and good outside the home but show your horns between the walls of the home, then lose those horns and be good at home. That’s how easy it actually is to fight the ego.

Always be who you are, let the masks fall down. Who needs them? They hurt you or your loved ones. When you wear a mask, you put a lot of stress on your shoulders and direct it between the walls of your home, as a result of which others suffer. Heal yourself so that you can set a good example for everyone in both environments, especially for future generations.

Phantom Quartz helps to find your true self. It is a crystal that can remove the dark sides of human behaviour, inhibit the emergence of the ego, and then give the soul room to breathe. Phantom Quartz is a soul healer and inner child enhancer. This crystal will help you be who you were born to be, highlight your quality traits and help you face your downsides. This is to heal them, reshape them and make their behaviour patterns more useful to them. I recommend wearing this crystal until you are finally satisfied with the changes you have made. I wish you all the best!

The more authentic you are, the happier you become. Finding your own soul opens the gate to true happiness!