Piece by piece I share my soul with all of you who feel in sync and connected with me. In each article, you will find a piece of the puzzle that is part of the whole. A large part of me that makes me who I am is that I’m a feminist. It speaks to me wherever I step and move, helping me to take everyone as they are. Feminism helps me to understand different perspectives and helps me to help people hone them. If I hadn't been born a feminist, I would have logically compiled people to one side and the other. I don't do that because, for me, each person is unique, completely unique. In order for you to understand what I mean by that, I will first explain what feminism is and who is a feminist. 

Feminism is the truth that creates equal rights and opportunities between women and men. A feminist is someone who stands for inequality between women and men. This does not mean that women and men are the same, as is sometimes misunderstood. Rather, it means that women and men can equally decide for themselves what they want to do in life, who to become, who to work for, and much more, so that it is not determined by the norm of society, but that each person individually finds the truth. 

I was born a feminist. This means that from birth, I have the opinion that gender does not determine what your soul's desires, goals, choices, inspirations, and ambitions might be. Gender determines the physical appearance, how hormones work, the functioning of the physical body, but not who you are at the level of the soul inside. It is necessary to be born in the bodies of both men and women because otherwise nature would not have created two different bodies. However, two different bodies do not mean that one is better than the other! I am very grateful that I was born into an environment and a family where a man is no better than a woman or vice versa. It has certainly helped me to keep the knowledge that we are all free birds to fly where we want to stretch our wings. 

tene laul

There has been a very short period in history where some women in the world have had more rights and opportunities than women have ever had. Even today, not all women have the opportunity to be who they want to be. If you were born here in Estonia and you were also born as a woman, then this is a total blessing. This is a place where feminism can thrive, and there are many, many people like that. It is an ideal place for women to get rid of old truths, patterns and chains. Feminism is on the rise in many other developed countries as well, but a very large part of the world is still asleep. But I, you, when feminism speaks to you, and others who also have that voice will help the world get out of this slumber. 

Throughout history, being born a woman has been less valuable than being born a man. In reality, this is not the case, both are equally needed in this world. But the world has been full of sadistic behaviour and the humiliation of women, and unfortunately, it still exists today. There is only a delicate time lag between the present and the moment women are told, "Obey me!" or "I can do anything with you because you're completely worthless!" or a mother whispering in her daughter's ear, "You have to obey him, he is a man!" The past is full not only of men but also of women who have not been feminists and have forced their daughters to submit to perverted patterns of behaviour. Teaching them that a woman is worthless, someone with whom you can do anything. A woman is meant to obey orders, to be in a cage, she is someone who has no right to speak or the right to raise her eyes to her dreams. Only a glance has passed since then, but in many places, it is still in full force today. But we live in an age where everyone can make a turnaround. Future generations will see the nature of woman and man in a completely different light. That's where we're going, and I'm part of that movement. I tell you, the word obedience is already perverted. It doesn't matter where it is used, that word must disappear. Instead, hand in hand must go words like "opportunities" and "free choice". 

The truths you were born with have been clarified and learned in your past lives. One truth I was born with is that woman and man are equal, and gender does not determine the path and content of your soul. It gives you the appearance and physical functioning, but the soul within it can be anything. I was also born with the knowledge that no person should be assigned to do anything by gender. Feminism is so fiery in me that it goes up in flames when I see gender inequality. It is my spiritual temperamental DNA that strikes out as a defensive position when someone is to be compartmentalized. 

I constantly teach both women and men that, for harmony, we must not position anyone by gender. Everything must be free and optional. If a woman does not want or know how to cook and a man has excellent cooking skills, then a woman does not have to take on this role in the kitchen. The old pattern says that a woman's place is in the kitchen. However, I am of the opinion that there is a place in the kitchen for the person who loves cooking. We could and should all do what we love, know and want. When we take advantage of our high-quality features, harmony is created. The second person next door offers completely different quality and the third one their own quality. We are all so different that we should never share gender preferences for one activity or another. 

The old truth also says that a woman must listen to a man's word and obey a man's command when the commandments are given. However, I am of the opinion that there must be a balance in the relationship, a natural help to each other, unconditional love effort. If a woman loves, she will take care of the man. If a man loves a woman, he lets the woman be himself. Unconditional love does not exist in relationships where excuses such as women must, men may, women may not, men can, and so on. Are used You have to be authentic. Be who you want to be, do what you think is right, let others breathe and be themselves. Feminism means the right to decide for yourself who you are, what you want to do, who you want to become, how to dress, behave, stop and breathe. If women were to be more unequal than men, we as women would be accompanied by a letter: "Dear men, do with us what you want, we are not worth anything!" But this is not the case! Women are born in exactly the same way as men. Without anything, as clean sheets, without any cover letters. This already shows that we have equal opportunities and the right to make our own choices. I am always looking for the truth in the primordial energy, and one of that is our birth. 

In order not to sound unfair to men, I say that men can also be feminists. For me, the most attractive man is one who is feminist in nature. A feminist man is one who does not impose his own wishes, desires and gender demands on a woman. Someone who can love a woman as she is, take every person as she or he is. There are actually a lot of feminist men around us. They are the ones who set a great example for their children, especially their daughters, and create a much freer place for women in the world of the future. Thanks to such men, there has been a turnaround in the world. All men with a feminist mindset break down the harassing and unworthy pattern that has kept women chained over time. 

If you recognize yourself in my thoughts and are on the same wavelength as me on this subject, go on. Please, just keep doing what you do. Let everyone be who they want to be, and never give in to the idea that you have to do something you don't want, but because of your gender. 

The future is feminist, and without it, complete spiritual development cannot take place in this world! Let everyone be who they want to be!