You will start to see Angel messages when someone in the world of Angels, such as your personal Guardian Angel, has something important to say to you or when he or she has come to help you. Angels come out for two different reasons - you are either in great danger and it is their duty to help you, or you are doing something very right and you have fully deserved their attention and help.

I have said a great deal before that Angels are trying to contact us, and the stronger your connection with the Angel world, the more spiritual you are, the more Angel crystals there are in your life, the more the Angels will contact you. Angels will send you number combinations so that you can read out in their secret language the message you need to know at that very moment. I remind you again and again that Angel messages must be interpreted immediately so that they are not lost in translation. Trying to understand them later is very difficult.

If a combination of 7 and 8 appears in front of you as an Angel message, it will have something big and important to tell to you. Be the number you see 78, 878 or 8877 they have the same message for you. The more numbers 7 and 8 in this combination, the more intense the message. All the more, someone in the world of Angels wants to guide and direct you, and you are called to behave/think right for yourself. Suppose you see an Angel message 87. The intensity of this message is half that of, for example, 8877 or a larger combination, such as 78787878.

In this combination of numbers, 7 symbolizes information from the universe and from the Angels, that is, a message from someone who guides you or who can see and understand your destiny. However, the number 8 symbolizes balance, the end, a new beginning and the more material side of life.

The combination of Angel messages 7 and 8 will let you know that something in your life is coming to an end. Things are wrapped up and it is time to move on to a new path.

If you are thinking of the end of or ending something yourself, then that gut feeling in you is right. Trust it! It's time to move on to another level in your life.

This combination of numbers can also appear when an intense, difficult, or busy period in your life is coming to an end. You will be notified that everything will be over and you will finally reach the finish line. This Angel message is very good.

The more 7s and 8s in this combination, the closer you are to the finish line

In order for the Angels to communicate more closely and clearly with you, I recommend that you carry Lepidolite crystal with you. It opens you up to seeing, perceiving, and interpreting signs.

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