In April, it's important to take care of yourself and Root Chakra. Cosmic energies also help determine whether or not this Chakra is out of balance. An unhealthy Root Chakra can be expressed, for example, in the presence of viral diseases, as it is associated with the onset of physical diseases and disabilities. If you do not have energy, strength and you are sick, you can say with 100% certainty that your Root Chakra is not healthy. In this monthly horoscope, I will help you explain how to recover, stimulate and increase your strength.

The most important crystals for April are MOONSTONE, RED JASPER and CARNELIAN. Moonstone is the most important lucky crystal of 2021, guiding everyone to the right path and helping to make useful decisions. It is a real personal guide that is an ideal helper for 2021, also because it reduces stress and increases intuition. I recommend everyone to keep this crystal close to you to invite good luck this year. Red Jasper is the healing crystal of the Root Chakra, and Carnelian also supports this chakra, bringing much-needed professional happiness in April.

Carnelian is also important in April because a lot of energy has to be put to work. April is the first active working month of the Ox year, where attention must be paid to this area. The more you work, the faster you can move on to the path to success and prosperity. The Ox does not wait and does not rest, but works. You can read more from my Ox year prediction HERE. Carnelian brings success to both existing jobs and those looking for new ones.


This is the time when the upper Chakras, that is the Throat Chakra, Third Eye, Crown Chakra receive an extra boost from the Universe to open up. The stronger these Chakras are, the more powerful you will feel and perceive what I am talking about those three days.

You can feel how your thoughts and interests are all focused on profound topics. Many begin to think about the meaning and destiny of their lives, thinking about environmental pollution, dreams, love and what to do next. In any case, everything to which thoughts move is very deep and meaningful.

Let your thoughts flow and move. Thanks to good luck and favourable cosmic energies, you can reach so many discoveries!

These days I recommend burning Celestial, Mystical Nights and Sacred Space incenses. They connect you to cosmic energies and help you receive all the good energy from space. And not only now, on April 1-3, but also if you want to achieve it at another time.

April 2 also brings Mercury's sextile with Pluto, which makes people more intuitive and creates a certain kind of clarity in the world of thought. This is a very useful time to track down something, to understand and feel something more deeply. I definitely recommend meditating on this day to further improve your intuition. Read more about my recommendations HERE.


You have an insanely intense desire to experience, live, feel, create and be active. You want to get out of the cage, so to speak, and you are ready to do anything to create life energy.

In general, people have a great desire to communicate, make contact, get together, share their lives, enjoy entertainment and feel close to each other. Whenever possible, when such an insane desire arises, carry it out to a level that can be done now in April.

The time of life energy growth is always extremely favourable for those whose Root Chakra is able to work - it provides a lot of positive and inspiring energy.

During this period, people become aware of their natural positivity and best traits (when the Root Chakra is intact). This is the best time to really get to know someone. It is easy to get in touch, go into an open conversation, get to know a person's peculiarities, desires, dreams and goals. If you want to know more about someone, contact them. Communicate with each other and see where the topics end up. You may be surprised at how well you can get to know a person in such a short time. The Ox year is not only a year of taking risks and working hard, it also has a sparkle of romance and love. Now, on April 4-11, the cosmic energies are all in favour of connecting the right people. Whether the purpose of this connection is friendship or love, time will tell, but it is time to build all good relationships.

GOOD TRICK! Mogra incense creates romance, luck for love and relationships. Burn this incense during this period in order to activate luck in the personal life on a loving level even more intensely. Mogra has a pleasant and sweet smell.

People have a desire to show friendliness and a desire to meet. There is also a good time to make friends. You are also more charismatic at this time, more open to communication and your heart is open to making new contacts. In order for this energy not to disappear from you after the restrictions have ended, I suggest that you try to keep this energy alive. For example, Red Jasper crystal, which keeps you strong, vital, active and healthy, will help you with it. It is the crystal of the Root Chakra that makes you act and keeps you motivated.

The energy increase of the last quarter of the moon will last from April 4 to 11. It is the most intense on April 11 and from then on it becomes less intense every day!

This does not apply to those who have problems with the Root Chakra. However, if you feel the opposite energy on April 4-11, you are tired or even sick, then you need to heal your Root Chakra quickly. How to do it?


- Wearing Red Jasper, Carnelian, Shungite and Black Tourmaline;

- consuming pomegranate, grapefruit, rosehip, maca powder and black rice;

- from essential oils using grapefruit, sandalwood, cedarwood, black pepper or nutmeg essential oils;

- cleansing your Aura field with sage smudge stick;

- moving your body, walking, exercising and being active;

- concentrating on the positive, increasing your own personal energy field through good thoughts

- burning Root Chakra incenses;

- wearing a wheel of the sun with a Root chakra symbol around your neck.


This day is definitely worth remembering because it is very good for all of us. This state of the planets brings with it good energy, which is always good. Mercury's sextile with Saturn provides a great opportunity to set your life in place for a long time. On that day, focus on everything you want in your life, not what you don't want. It is very important to stay in a good mood on this day, to be hopeful and to be with your thoughts in the future.

Everything you do, create and think on that day will lay the foundation for your future. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself positive and hopeful, to focus on all the good and not the bad. For that day, I have also written a ritual that will give impetus to a better and more successful future. You can find this ritual HERE.


Love, love and love again!

The New Moon is always associated with love. This time it is especially good for all singles and those who want to promote their relationship. All this because since April 4, people have become more emotional, the desire to communicate has increased and the desire to share their lives has also increased. I recommend using this New Moon to send out wishes for love.

For that, take an orange, vanilla or magnolia candle. Light it on April 12 with a specific wish you want to pass on on the love level. You may want a new relationship, a better relationship with a partner, or family happiness. Every day you burn this candle, always focus on the exact same wish. If necessary, you can write your wish so that the wording is always the same. Burn it from the New Moon until the candle is completely burned.

If you do not want to do a candle ritual, you can also do other types of love rituals. For example, do the "New Moon love ritual of three wishes" or burn love incense on a daily basis and make the same request for love, in the same way, every day. I recommend using Maharani Dream or Supreme Love, white rose or Romance incense.

Be careful when you make wishes, because ...

The cosmic states direct the energy of Venus and Pluto directly to Earth, and their combined creation creates extremely sensitive energy for imposing one's love and feelings. So you have to be careful if you want to direct someone to love yourself if they don't have those feelings. Rather, seek good luck, mutual love, when the other party feels the same, and make sure you don't want compelling love. The right wording is very important when making wishes.


During this period, the power unleashed from the New Moon brings great changes and a fast pace - suddenly everything starts to live, energies become intense and many surprises occur. Suddenly you have to be in a situation where you couldn't predict yourself. Or suddenly changes the direction in which they had previously moved. I‘m telling - things are starting to change!

In order for the situations in your and others' lives to find some kind of solution, you have to face change. I call these changes new exits.

At work, you can feel how things are starting to change - there is a lot of reorganization coming up that directly or indirectly affects you. You and many others will be mildly anxious, which in turn will be exciting.

Work-related shakeup can either have a positive way out or, conversely, have a negative effect. Unfortunately, anyone with an unhealed Root Chakra can be attracted to this negative version. There are those whose work begins to progress during this period, and there are those who, unfortunately, have to lose their job position or a good habitual work routine. Carnelian protects against work-related problems, brings good luck, prosperity and success, Red Jasper but protects and heals the Root Chakra.

During this period, the power of the Ox year totals the energies, signalling what position you are in and what lies ahead. The picture becomes confusing, but the answers are coming soon.

April 18 will also bring the Sun into connection with Mercury, which will open up clear thinking and communication more freely. This is a great day for communication and collaboration. But note that although speaking skills are at the forefront on this day, listening skills may be relegated to the background. You can read how to make the most of this day HERE.


The New Moon of April unleashed an energy avalanche that led people to take action, to struggle, to adapt to the situation, to reorganize their activities and much more, and now, in the first quarter of the Moon and in the days that follow, everything seems to be clear. You will begin to see your future better, you will begin to understand how to move forward, which is right for you and, of course, the best.

If your Root Chakra is not healthy, i.e. you are physically weak, sick, have a weak immune system, are nervous and moody, then the clarity may not come in a positive way. Your path may be moving in the direction of difficulty. Knowing this in advance, I recommend healing your Root Chakra throughout the month of April. For example, it is very useful to prepare a Carnelian water elixir or wear Red Jasper.

You can also heal the Root Chakra with alternative medicines that boost the immune system, which is herbs. All berries that are intended to be eaten help boost immunity. They are rich in vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system.

In the first quarter of the Moon, I recommend performing these rituals:

- GETTING ANSWERS - A RITUAL FOR THE FIRST QUARTER OF THE MOON (make the ritual exactly on April 20 to get answers to your questions)

- AURA CLEANSING RITUAL (In the first quarter of the Moon, on April 20, this ritual helps to get rid of health problems, stress and negativity)

- A RITUAL OF NEW OPPORTUNITIES (the best time to perform the ritual is from April 20 to April 27, and it creates opportunities for innovation)

- A RITUAL FOR STRESS RELIEF (do it on April 20 to release stress energy from your life)


Full Moon is on April 27, Saturday, when energies are amplified for all of us. We are struck by similar energy, which was also on April 4-11, but now in an even more intense key. It creates rebellion for those who cannot move, live freely and feel that they are too limited. Rebellion is either felt in the soul or lived out. It depends on your temperament.

People have an insane desire to live and do it freely, without restrictions. It is like a call from the cosmic energies that just stagnation will not help. It is of no use. It is useful to do the right thing, not to hide. This is exactly what the cosmic energies evoke.

We should not be afraid of the environment in which we live, but we should fully support the environment in which we exist, perhaps our own body. To make the environment less intimidating, I call on all my followers to boost their immune systems from within. To become strong and disease-resistant.

Your food is either what makes you sick or what heals you. Much of your immunity comes from this source. Exclude gluten, lactose, nitrates, processed foods, low-nutrition foods, sugar substitutes, E-substances, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics from the menu! They exist in processed, poor quality and many animal-based foods. Bring more real plants, eco and organic products to your menu. You can build your health with the right diet or, conversely, ruin it very easily with poor choices.

Mugwort is an incense I recommend burning to remove bad health. It's one of the best incenses for self-healing, helping to clean the air of viruses and bacteria that can harm your body.

Encourage your environment so you can face what's in our world. You don't have to be weak and sensitive to disease, you can be strong and resilient. To be strong, you have to make changes in your life.

Also, all essential oils, which have cleansing and pathogen-preventing properties will help to boost the immune system.

You can also find inspiration to boost your health and immune system in my articles:  





I remind you that the Ox year is a year of work and improvement of your material state. It's full of competition and the one who is faster, smarter, more active and works harder wins. During the full moon, you will be able to activate wealth energy, money luck and success. On this day, perform various rituals that will help attract prosperity to your life.

I recommend performing these rituals during the full moon:

FULL MOON PRAYER MANTRA (I recommend doing this right before performing all the Full Moon rituals in order to open yourself up to the magic and make them more successful.)

- INVITING PROSPERITY TO YOUR HOME - FULL MOON MAGIC (the day before and after the Full Moon are also suitable for performing the ritual)

- FULL MOON CASH FLOW RITUAL (the day before and after the Full Moon are also suitable for performing the ritual)

- A RITUAL FOR WORK SUCCESS AND WEALTH (the day before and after the Full Moon are also suitable for performing the ritual)

- ECONOMIC PROSPERITY RITUAL (The full moon provides a powerful extra boost to the success of this ritual)

- THE ATTRACTION OF FINANCIAL FORTUNE (The full moon provides extra energy for this ritual to succeed)

I recommend adding this to crystal sets - it increases professional success and happiness. I definitely recommend burning various incense, which helps to increase the energy of wealth. For example patchouli, Golden Hit Masala or Wealth incense, basil and nag champa incense and dragon blood incense or smudge stick.

The end of April will also start Pluto's retrograde, which this time will run from April 27 to October 6. Pluto is a rather aggressive energy changer, a creator of transformation and breaks old structures in order to create new ones. Read more from HERE.

Between April 1 - 30 all RED JASPER, CARNELIAN and MOONSTONE in LA TENE selection are 10% off.

is one of the most popular crystals in the world, the main features of which are attracting love, strengthening intuition and creating a good night's sleep. It has very mild energy that works slow and steady but with determination. Moonstone is one of the crystals that could definitely be represented in your home or in your life. Moonstone heals the unfavourable energies that can cause negativity.

Moonstone is associated with the Moon and carries feminine energy, which means that it is a powerful talisman for the woman to wear. Moonstone symbolizes romance, femininity, sensuality, soft character, emotions, love, fertility and

Carry or hold Moonstone crystal between the walls of your home, it will bring light to your soul and to your home. It creates energy around you that helps you live and think healthier. Give Moonstone time to work, it will first begin to release and heal the darkest energies - only then can light come to the soul and home.

It relieves emotional tension, stress, overeating, work stress, love stress and anxiety. Moonstone relieves emotional tension, stress, overeating, work stress, love stress and anxiety. Moonstone is a soul healer by nature, and by wearing this crystal, you will find the anxious emotion that exists within you. Moonstone filters out this emotion, helps you understand why it exists and what is the secret to getting rid of it. Above all, Moonstone will help you get rid of what makes you anxious

Moonstone helps to sleep better and is also used to relieve sleep problems. However, spiritual balance is of utmost importance to a person, and I constantly emphasize that it must be dealt with because when your mental body is out of balance, problems such as constant mood swings, constant sadness, fears about relationships, etc., arise.

Moonstone is good to keep in the bedroom so that it brings more closeness and romance to the relationship. Moonstone helps love to become more powerful, feelings to be revived and make you feel butterflies in your stomach again. If you have a set of love crystals created in the bedroom, be sure to add a piece of Moonstone to amplify the energy of love.

Moonstone helps to lead the human soul to a path of liberating harmful habits, emotions, beliefs, needs, faith, and traits. Moonstone is one of the crystals with the most favourable power for self-development, which can be your help in becoming a more genuine, sincere and lovable person.

Moonstone is also the most important lucky crystal of 2021l!

You can read more about Moonstone HERE and you can find the full selection of this crystal’s products HERE.

RED JASPER is a crystal that can make a person stronger and more resilient. A crystal that gradually increases your strength and is very useful for people who need to use a lot of physical strength in their work, be constantly on the move and when the work is hard on hands or legs. This crystal is suitable for people who have very long work-days. Red Jasper won’t allow the person to become weak on the spiritual or physical level and that’s why it’s useful to wear it in a work like this.

It is a crystal that provides a sense of security, helping to be independent and relieving fears. Red Jasper also helps to free you from the unfounded fears you carry with you from your past lives.

Red Jasper teaches taking risks at the right time. This crystal knows when it's good to take a risk, helping you to jump into the fire at the right time. Red Jasper knows where risking leads and directs you to risk intuitively in profitable situations. Wear this crystal if you want to know when it's time to resist your fears or keep it at home to become more intuitive about the risks.

Red Jasper is a crystal that can free the energy of adversity from the Aura Field of the person carrying it with it or from the home (house, room, etc.) where it is currently stored. Red Jasper releases the energy of misfortune on every level. If you feel that there is a constant misfortune on a certain topic in your life, then it is definitely worth bringing Red Jasper to your life.

This crystal is related to justice and the resolution of various situations and ambiguities. Red Jasper is suitable for the desk if you don’t want to quarrel with other employees or keep misunderstandings away. At the same time, Red Jasper helps protect against the insidious competition. It is a good crystal for success for lawyers, police officers, judges, etc.

Red Jasper has the ability to draw a person's attention to what may be dangerous, and when I talk about dangers, this crystal generally begins to warn of something that can be very dangerous. For example, it is useful to keep a piece of Red Jasper in your car so that it can let you know when you need to be extra vigilant and careful while driving. Red Jasper directs your thoughts, preventing fear and creating a desire to be careful in traffic. If Red Jasper is in the car and you get a little feeling that you should be careful, be sure to listen to that feeling. The crystal is there to help you. If you want even more extra protection and the ability to feel the danger before it occurs, be sure to keep a Red Jasper keychain with your car keys.

You can read more about Red Jasper HERE and you can find a full selection of this crystal's products HERE.

CARNELIAN is one of the main crystals a person should use and wear when diving into the world of crystals. This because Carnelian carries a lot of energy within that helps to get rid of the main energy blockages. It has the ability to inject energy into your soul allowing good luck to get close to you. Therefore, this is one of the most useful first crystals besides Rock Crystal.

Carnelian crystal has always been sympathetic to me, its appearance is very beautiful and its colour is very beautiful. It is the crystal of new beginnings as is Mookaite. Carnelian helps to make your life better and bring new possibilities into your life for creating a better life. This crystal gives you vitality, energy and motivation. A crystal that guides you to act and work for the better. A crystal that gives you the energy you need to start moving towards your dreams.

The orange colour of Carnelian gives the ability to heal your Sacral Chakra and that’s why it’s good to wear crystals made of this crystal. I recommend reading more about the Sacral Chakra to understand what it is and to understand when it’s not working for you. You can read the article about Sacral Chakra HERE. The carnelian heals this Chakra and opens the life force in you.

It is a crystal that injects vitality, energy and motivation. When you use or wear Carnelian, it increases the strength in your soul, giving you life energy and power to help you realize yourself. Carnelian activates the human soul and also the energy of the environment where Carnelian is currently located. A crystal that gives you the strength to make your dreams come true. Carnelian gives you motivation, giving you the strength and the optimistic mind to be able to do everything you want to do in this life.

A crystal that will help you improve your future today by helping you make the right and successful choices today. Carnelian is a crystal that helps you to plan your own future, have success and notice what could bring you the wanted success. It makes you think beneficially towards yourself, helping good ideas to appear into your thoughts that are, first of all, useful for your own future.

Carnelian puts an end to any stagnation of life, it is a crystal that helps you to constantly improve your life. By wearing or using Carnelian in any way, this crystal will only bring success to your life.

It is a crystal with a magnet inside. A magnet that can evoke good opportunities, positivity, cheerfulness, good people, success, abundance and wealth around you. Carnelian can turn so many negatives into positives in your life. Give this crystal a chance to make your life more beautiful.

Carnelian is a crystal of success, ambition and realization of ambitions. A crystal that helps to achieve exactly what your soul desires. Carnelian works especially well for fulfilling work-related and professional dreams. Carry or use Carnelian in your home to get its energy into yourself. It’s especially useful to keep Carnelian in the Southern quarter of your home as this is where the source of vitality is situated. If you put that crystal in it, it will bring the same result into your life.

You can read more about Carnelian HERE and you can find the full selection of this crystal’s products HERE.


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