Eyelashes protect the eyes and create external beauty, and the same quality is passed on to the world of dreams. Seeing eyelashes in a dream has a positive meaning if they are pretty and beautiful. On the contrary, if they are very short, poor-looking or broken, the dream sends you a negative message. First of all, remember what your emotion was when you dreamed of eyelashes and what they looked like? If you remember all this, it's easy to find the truth with my dream interpreter.

A dream with a positive message (eyelashes were beautiful, long, lush, etc.)

The longer the eyelashes, the better the dream. Long eyelashes symbolize confidence, capability, opportunities, good times, positivity and joy.

If you had long eyelashes in a dream, you will soon have a positive period. Something can go exactly as you expected, with good news, positive events and satisfaction coming into your life. It is a very benevolent dream.

A dream where your eyelashes fell off and quickly grew back means that something will soon change in your life. In general, some level of stress or problem disappears and is replaced by something good, positive and joyful.

Lush lashes indicate abundance. They predict a positive abundant period, abundant opportunities, or something that is a lot in a good way.

A dream with a negative message (eyelashes were broken, non-existent, poor growth, etc.)

If you saw broken lashes in your dream, it indicates that something is wrong with your health. You may be deficient in minerals or vitamins, have an illness that needs attention, or have other health concerns. If you see broken lashes, please take time and delve deeper into your health and self-healing.

But you dreamed of lashes that did not exist, it suggests a lack of protection. You do not have aura protection, you are very vulnerable to everyone and everything. This is a sign that nothing is protecting you from getting into trouble right now. This is a call to you to stand up for yourself, to wear protective crystals such as Onyx.

If the eyelashes you saw in your dream were of very poor growth, it indicates a slow process in your life, it can be anything. You will find the exact answer in the rest of the dream. Other events or activities help to explain this.

A dream of eyelashes falling out and not growing back is very bad. This dream refers to the occurrence of problems and difficulties in solving them.

Thin lashes indicate poor health, health, problems and stress. Most of all, of course, they signal tension and stress.

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