Breakup without pain and emotional emptiness refers to a relationship in which there was no love or affection. So, if leaving has caused you heartache, emotions moving up and down, and confused feelings, know that it's all normal. It indicates that you had feelings for that person, that he meant something to you, or that you loved him.

There are many different reasons for breaking up, and this makes the pain of a break up very individual. Who is breaking up because one side has run out of feelings, because of disagreements, because of cheating or problems? All endings are different. For the initiator of the breakup, the process is a little easier than for the one who was left behind. Why? Because it is easier for the decision-maker to come to terms with the situation than for the other side of the relationship. This also applies at other levels. To the one left behind, it came like lightning from a clear sky, it was not her decision. However, the decision-maker had time to think about all this, to release himself emotionally and mentally from this relationship. Logical, isn't it?

I do not want to say here that it is easy for the decision-maker. This is often not the case, especially when the partner is still loved and cared for.

The reason why I am writing about all this here is that I want to help those who have been wounded by leaving, who are stuck in the process and who really need the impetus to start a new journey to move forward. There are techniques you can use to speed up your recovery from a breakup.

- Allow yourself to feel the pain, don't push it back into yourself, it needs to be kept away from the subconscious

One big, big mistake that is accidentally made is that the pain caused by a break up is suppressed. Pain is not processed through, emotions are not cried out, and all this actually prolongs emotional agony. Any negative, severe, frustrating, or sad emotion caused by the trauma (which can also be categorized under the trauma) that you do not live out will go straight into your subconscious.

Not all emotions directed to the subconscious are cleared in you, you have to digest them yourself. You either deal with this pain as soon as the break up is fresh or later when your subconscious decides to let it all go again. Hence the question: "Why wait?" Let go, cry, feel that pain. Let it all out, go to nature so that sadness does not get caught in the walls of your home.

The walls of the home are both unfortunately and fortunately great energy savers, Unfortunately, in the sense that they store all the stress and sadness and in turn create a magnet for new sadness and stress. In a positive sense, home walls work in such a way that when you are happy and joyful, you invite abundance and good luck. Knowing and remembering this, you need to understand that it is not helpful for you to trigger these emotions at home. Go to nature for that, release them there! They are not stored there!

However, if you have already triggered sadness, crying and anxiety at home, undertake a major home energy clean-up as a matter of urgency.
 Why? To be free from this energy, not to bring misery and sorrow into your life on another level, to open a new path of love and to release the energy of old love. There are many reasons. Please do this consistently for some time. I recommend doing this a few times a week until you have recovered from the breakup.

Use the smudge sticks below to restore and clean your home energy. Smudge sticks help get rid of bad energy, which exacerbates sadness and emotional problems. Incense helps bring luck for love, hope, positivity and a new journey of love into your life. Use at least one of these smudge sticks and incense. The selection is here:

Cedarwood smudge stick

Chakra smudge stick

Sage and Rosemary smudge stick

Romance incense

Jasmine incense

Rose incense

Vanilla incense

Harmony incense

Tuberose incense

First light the smudge stick, let it burn for about 30 seconds and then shake the smudge stick to extinguish. It will then start to smoke and release its healing energy. Move around the whole household with this smudge stick, occasionally holding it above your Heart Chakra (in front of your chest). The smudge stick will go out after a while, light it again and move around the rooms where you have not yet walked. Burn it where you spend the most time.

If you’re done with the smudge stick, take the incense(s) you selected from the list and place it in an incense holder and light it (them) with a match. If the incense has burned a little, put it out, then the incense will start to smoke. Let the incense burn to the end.

Repeat the procedure every few days and after a few rituals, you can feel emotionally and mentally easier. These smudge sticks and incenses have healing power and will help to speed up the recovery process!

- Ask yourself why did you break up? What was the reason for it and what do you can learn from it?

The spiritual analysis of a break up is very important, but it is often left to the distant future. If you are in this pain, use it productively so that it does not just ruin your Heart Chakra. (In general, after a breakup, there is a complete collapse of the Heart Chakra, which is difficult to recover later. It usually takes years.) Make a spiritual analysis of this painful past relationship.

To do this, ask yourself what was the real reason for this break up. Be honest with yourself, don't beautify the answer or create illusions. When love ended, it ended - face the truth. If it was because of another person, it was. Deal with it. Find this answer and accept it. Acceptance is a step towards recovering from the relationship.

Then move on to the lesson. Ask yourself, do you have anything to learn from this? Does the reason you broke up wants to teach you something useful? (As a spiritual interpreter, I can tell you that there is always much to learn from it. Break up is a new beginning for you, there is also something good.)

Maybe you need to learn to be more open, sensual, tolerant, lenient in the next relationship, or vice versa, to know your worth, to be more open-minded, or to be more careful. The lessons are different for everyone. Look at the part of the relationship where you got hurt the most. Therein lies the truth!

I sincerely hope that you will reach these answers on your own. Often this not the case and then I come to the rescue and interpret the situation. That's why people often come to my private seance, to bring more clarity to the situation and future. Relationships are a topic that is often discussed in my seances. It is actually easy for me to find the answer in the book of fate (book of fate is what I call the information that radiates from a person's Aura field and where I can find the truth).

- In order to recover faster, stop communicating with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend completely or limit it as much as possible!

Contacting him will not make things easier for you. If you can completely avoid him and throw him out of your life, at least for the period when you recover, PLEASE DO IT! If this is not possible and you are connected by, for example, a child or children, minimize the exposure. It reminds you of pain, frustration or even betrayal. You do not need to be exposed to such energy. The less it exists in orbit, the better for the recovery of your Heart Chakra.

Many crystals help protect the Heart Chakra from traces of trauma, pain, sadness, stress, sorrow, hopelessness, and pain, but they must be worn as jewellery directly above the Heart Chakra. It is best to wear as a pendant around your neck RHODONITE, which is the number one crystal for recovering from a breakup. In addition to Rhodonite, different Fuchsite and Emerald crystals will help to protect from heartbreak and to heal from it.

Rhodonite helps to release the pain you feel and have felt, cleanses the Heart Chakra and helps to protect it. It helps to rediscover hope and happiness. It will also help you build a new relationship in the future and prevent you from taking pain along from the previous relationship.

Definitely wear, RhodoniteFuchsites or Emerald when you have to deal with an ex-partner or you are still recovering.

- Now focus on yourself, work yourself up, deal with your body and mind. Focus on the future and start making plans again!

The last thing to recover faster from a break up is that you have to take control completely. You need to be your own personal trainer who tells you: "Quickly! Now! Fast! Again! Go on! Be healthier!"

Focus on yourself, take the time to commit to your body and mind. Exercise, move more and change diets. Make your life healthier. Heal yourself with food, entertainment, taking care of yourself, training also brings you huge benefits, believe me! Plan for the future, you can do it when you want. As you begin to work on your body and make contact with it, then, believe me, your pain will simply fade away.

Be strong and be good to yourself! You deserve a new chance, you deserve love and a person by your side who truly cares about you and appreciates you!