The most powerful Angel message, you can see are the repetitive number ones. The more of them, the more powerful their meaning! It is often seen at 11:11 or a passing car with a license plate number 111 (in another country with longer car number plates, such as 1111). Or you are in a shop, you pay for your products and the bill is either 11.10, 11.11 or 111.00. If your eyes stop at this number, there is a message in it. Now it's a matter of seconds whether you react or not. If you react and immediately feel that it is something special for you, then in fact it is. You can't imagine that. This moment is special and you are special at the moment!

Angels watch over us, protect, guide and warn us. They are here to fulfil their duty to help people. Angels do not have a physical body in this life, but they exist on an energy level. They will find ways to get in touch with you and many others when needed. Angels direct you to watch, for example, numbers with messages and a secret code, which I will help you explain. I have been very interested in interpreting English Angel since I was little, and I want to share the meanings of these numbers with you. So that you understand the meaning of these messages and can help yourself.

Seeing a recurring number one will bring you good luck and its message is more than great. This message contains keywords that are relevant to your life and thoughts at the moment. You will be notified:

- You are valuable, appreciate yourself and the moment in which you exist!

- A new beginning or opportunity awaits you. You need to be active, bold and confident enough for a new door and journey to open for you. Don't be afraid, move forward boldly and optimistically!

- Good luck, prosperity and wealth are on your way. Be open to accept it, contribute yourself so that the prosperous energies can unfold in your life.

- Keep yourself motivated and inspired so that someone in the world of Angels can bring into your life something you have dreamed of, wished for, or desired in your life.

- The more ones there are in your Angel message, the more powerful that message and result will be. Be open to everything new that wants to come into your life, there lies your personal happiness and joy.

- If you dreamed a moment before you saw 11:11 or 111, someone from the world of Angels gave you the green light for that dream. He signalled that it would come true, but dream on!

- If you were sad or out of your mind a moment before seeing the number one combinations, someone in the world of Angels wants you to increase your satisfaction, to be more optimistic so that they can bring something beautiful into your life. You have to open your mind and Aura Field to all good things. Be happier for that!

However, if you see the number one and repeated versions of it every day, it is a call from your Angel or Angels that you must take action.
You can't just sit, you have to act! This is a sign that your fate could take a great turn if you put in a little more effort. They want you to implement a thought or idea that is within you. An analysis that you often think about but has not yet realized. Obviously, the Angels have an insane desire to push you into action, because they know that great wealth, luck, and prosperity can begin from this.

The constantly recurring number one will want to tell you that you are a master of your own luck. The angels signal that the roads are open, start moving towards them. Don't sit there, act!

The most powerful number is 1111.

If you see 11:11 or 1111 anywhere, know that the Angels have opened the gate of luck in your life. It is an energetic path that allows you to fulfil your dreams and desires. When you see an Angel message like this, it's time to start something. Fate and the energies that surround you favour a new beginning. Don't fall asleep, use this lucky gate to your advantage. This opportunity may not come for a long time. On the day you see this number, you are most lucky. Luck energies are usually active around the clock. If you see the number 1111, do something you've been thinking about for a while. Give it a start and believe me, you'll be fine!

If you find it difficult to understand what repeated 1111 symbolizes in your life, write down your thoughts in those moments when you see that number. See and notice if there are any similarities. If so, you can actually find the answer there.

To fulfil your dreams, carry Rutilated Quartz with you. It is the most powerful dream fulfiller. If the Angels send constantly recurring ones in your path, you will have a much greater chance of fulfilling your dreams. Rutilated Quartz helps make applications to the universe and make destiny much more positive. Keep this crystal with you!

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