CANCER is a very intuitive zodiac sign and before I start describing him I wish to say that it’s one of the most complicated ones. They are complicated for others and even more so for themselves. I like Cancer as there are many people in my life who carry this sign and, the thing is that some signs just get along well. Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are the ones who can quickly find a common ground for their strong intuitiveness and spirituality.


His extremely broad mind, moods from one end to another, visualization, fantasy, need to express himself in a creative way, need for constant changes and interesting adventures is what makes him complicated. When you look at them from afar, then they constantly need new winds, but I can also assure you that they also want stability. Complicated, isn’t it? Changing winds and stability will not go hand in hand and that’s one of the sources of his problems he has to wrestle with for his whole life.

But why is a Cancer such an abrupt soul who needs excitement and constant inspiration? When we are born, then our zodiac sign is given to us for a reason. People are born under the Cancer zodiac sign when they have to learn how to create a family and put his own needs down. Souls born under this zodiac sign are free by nature and don’t like restrictions people close to him a place on him. It’s very hard for a Cancer to be doting mother or father and sacrifice the curious side of life only for his family. Although Cancer really wants it and is with others in his soul, then actually physically he wants to be somewhere else. His life’s Karma is to learn to have a family and cherish it. When he does that, then his spirituality grows and he will into his next life more intuitively.

Cancers are the ones who can leave an impression they want to leave. They are like chameleons who change colour in accordance with people they are with. This is a good skill because very few know what happens in this soul and what he really thinks. Who could capture the secrets of his thoughts? Only Pisces and that’s why I love Cancers. They are interesting, spiritual, complicated but I understand them fully.

Cancer is talkative and they like company, but only selected ones. He can easily sit for a moment in a place with new souls, but when he after a while discovers that people are not talking about things he likes, which is nature, animals, travelling, reading, knowledge, witchcraft, magic, astrology, numerology, energies and other spiritual stuff, then he’ll get up bright and leaves in a way everyone feels that he enjoyed that time. Actually, he moves on to where he could nurture his soul – that is with spirituality.

This zodiac is dreamy and he is usually with his head in the clouds. Cancer needs a partner who from time to time would bring him back to earth and show which dream is real and which is not. Cancer suits together with Taurus, Sagittarians, Capricorn and Aries. But this relationship doesn’t have to be easy and his feelings are not the most stable things out there. IT can’t be stable because Cancer constantly needs entertainment, but the signs I mentioned would help him to be financially and spiritually balanced. When Cancer has found the love of his life, something that can happen more than once in his lifetime because he is romantic, passionate and falls in love easily, then Cancer is glued to that person, she is his, she is mine! Cancer is sensual and both physical and emotional love must be balanced.

Who Cancer finds attractive? Cancer falls in love, he will fall in love with a person who is mysterious, mystical and out of his league, i.e. smarter. Cancer looks for a challenge and also love is a challenge for him. Recommendation for other zodiac signs – when you want a Cancer to fall in love with you, then be resourceful and don’t use the usual moves. Instead of giving him roses take him for a glass of wine in a field full of flowers or open the biggest secrets of your past to him. He is interested in other kinds of things, not in the classical approach and they like spirituality. Cancer is attracted when a person shows him the depth of her soul.

Cancer should have a job they love fully and only then can they look into the financial side of that job. Otherwise, he’ll fly from one place to another. Therefore, when you’re a Cancer and are reading this, then ask yourself: "Do I have a job I love?" Or is there another wish in my subconsciousness.


Water-element gives Cancer a very changeable mind which means he has constant mood swings, emotions go up and down, a powerful positivity and high negativity is mixed together. This is where I recommend others to be okay with it, as this is his character that never changes. The more intuitive the soul, the more complicated the person. Water-element gives Cancer the ability to fuse into any situation and go with the flow. They are survivors and can get opportunities out of nothing. Therefore, the good and bad go hand in hand for him!


MOONSTONE is their crystal in any sense. It’s particularly good for their health that helps Cancer to sense on their own what his body needs and what not. Cancer usually respects alternative or plant-based therapy and Moonstone helps Cancer to discover the right moves he could use for himself.


MOON symbolises femininity, intuition, dreams and spirituality. Even when you’re a man, there is a lot of female energy in you that gives you a romantic soul. This is not bad, that’s good for women. Moon element brings out the romance and the wish to be constantly on the love wave. This gives Cancer the ability to see predictions in his dreams, therefore they are quite dreamy not the eye to eye mediums.



In addition to crystals, also silver suits them really well, it makes him even more intuitive and helps to increase his inner world even more. And, it’s what he wants.

RUBY gives Cancer reflection, analytical skills and successful ideas. Although to be truly honest, Cancer won’t need crystals for his thinking, he has enough, sometimes he rather needs to shut it down to rest. Ruby helps to bring him to balance and it helps to silence pointless thoughts and over thinking. Cancers generate, but one bad thing about this is that they are afraid to fulfil their brilliant ideas. Ruby gives its power to make these ideas physical.

CARNELIAN brings prosperity to Cancer the most, it has the ability to make Cancer fulfil his ideas. Carnelian helps ambitions to come to life and become physical. Besides Carnelian also MALACHITE is a very good companion to a Cancer. Malachite and Carnelian bring success at work. 

Good luck and protection. Protection is something Cancer truly needs as they are very sensitive to energy vampires, criticism and people’s emotions. Cancers draw energy from other people very quickly and they don’t have the natural ability to protect themselves from it. Besides that, Cancer is also very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation from computers/phones. SMOKY QUARTZ, ONYX and BLACK AGATE will help to protect Cancer from all of that, but SHUNGITE gives the best protection from electromagnetic radiation.

Communication. Cancers are communicators and they constantly need someone to be by their side who would simply hear their vast amounts of information. At the same time, they need someone who would give double the amount of information back. ROSE QUARTZ is a crystal that will do him good, it helps Cancer to be frank enough so he wouldn’t regret what he said. Sometimes they talk too much and can give out too much information. Rose Quartz balances what he talks about.

Intuition. Like I said before, besides giving Cancer health, Moonstone also gives him intuition. Therefore, MOONSTONE is one of the crystals that lifts his spiritual energy, strengthens his intuition and helps him to find his way.

Love. Cancers are romantic and in their love life they need to have the chance to have both physical and spiritual love, otherwise, they will simply walk away to something better. RAINBOW MOONSTONE or RAINBOW LABRADORITE are the crystals that help Cancer to find the love or lover they desire. These crystals will help him to be lovable and attract a lot of good luck.



I have written the first and last dates of this zodiac sign according to belief. Some believe that Cancer begins on June 21 and others that on June 22, etc.

June 21 – 24 Variscite
June 25 – 26 Yellow Aragonite
June 27 – 29 Yellow Jasper
June 30 – July 1 Muscovite
July 1 – 3 Garnet
July 4 – 6 Ruby-Zoisite
July 7 - 9 Ruby Fuchsite
July 10 – 13 Fuchsite
July 14 – 17 Thulite
July 18 – 19 Sugilite
July 20 – 22 Rhodochrosite

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain zodiac sign Auras.


I have written many articles about Cancers, you can find them HERE. Have a nice time reading!