Sage is what I call the White Sage, that is Salvia apiana and this is one of the most important ritual plants I always use for different purposes. Sage is a ritual plant every person should have in their home. Sage is a multifunctional ritual plant and one of the most frequently used ritual plants in the whole world. Sage itself can do a lot of work and this is also the reason why I recommend using it. Also, because it's very easy to use and store it.

White Sage comes from America and, specifically, from California. First ones to use Sage and the people who discovered the value of this plant were the Native Americans. Native Americans were the ones who began to value Sage, use it in their rituals and use their healing properties for healing their own physical body.

Sage got its name from the Latin word Salveo, which means "to heal" or "to save". The word Sage derives from this word as it truly is the real saviour and healer. There are different varieties of Sage, but White Sage is the most powerful and this is the Sage used as a ritual plant and as a smudge stick.

Sage has been used for healing purposes for a very long time already. For example, in the Middle Ages Sage was used for relieving colds and I today use it for the same purpose. When someone in your home has a cold or a virus, then Sage will do wonders and is like an antidote for these problems. "I always cleanse my home with Sage smoke to remove the causes of illnesses and to prevent body from getting ill." Next time, try this and cleanse your household with Sage when someone has gotten sick. You’ll see how fast you can get well!

Sage in other parts of the world is used in cooking and tea is also made of it. All of this to get the healing properties of sage. Sage is used for strengthening memory, healing epilepsy and improving concentration problems.

White Sage looks really beautiful and it has large green leaves that, in turn, have a slight silvery glow. Sage is dried and smudge sticks are made of this. Smudge sticks are my favourites and it’s a staple thing I have to have in my home. Sage smudge stick is made like this: full-grown Sage is cut and tied together into a smudge stick by using only a thread or a ribbon that can burn easily. Sage smudge stick is left to dry and then it’s ready to help you.
Sage incense and smudge stick do the same work, but smudge stick is more powerful thus working faster and more efficiently. Smudge stick still has a lot of Sage essential oil in it, the incense no longer has. Therefore you should use incense more frequently. But, Sage’s spiritual qualities are still present in both.
Native Americas have so far had the deepest tradition of using White Sage. This is a strong tradition Estonians are also slowly accepting. I’m more than certain that one day it will be quite normal when a friend comes to open a door for you he will have a Sage smudge stick in his hand and he has been using it to cleanse his home. This will become a very common thing and all of this because Estonians have a native faith, that exactly deep down he knows and feels the value of things Earth gives.

In Native American tradition, Sage was used before different rituals and magic were performed. Sage opens the energetic doors for your soul and makes the energy in the environment more readable energetically. Sage cleanses bad energy and brings clarity. Sage ritual plant helps to focus and helps you to launch dreams, therefore it has a very important part in making different rituals. Native Americans used Sage in rituals for releasing bad energy, repelling curses and attracting good luck."Native Americans believed that every living plant has its own spirit. Sage is the one that gives protection, luck and freedom!"


Sage is one of the most used ritual plants in magical rituals, therefore you may often find that you need Sage. When Sage is required in a ritual, then you should definitely not leave it out. All of this for Sage’s ability to make rituals work. This has the power that opens the right channels for the rituals and magic.

Sage smoke cleanses the unnecessary energy that causes fights, illnesses, problems with concentration, irritation, stress, negative thoughts, suicidal thoughts, sadness, anger, anxiety, misfortune.

The smoke from this plant helps to release the energy of chiding from a person soul, home and the bad energy gathered in crystals. Crystals heal the person and environment, and when they do it, then they capture bad energy and, most of then, lock this energy into themselves. Sage cleans that energy from crystals and lets them start working again. Sage cleanses the misfortune energy someone else directed towards you that exists in you Aura.

Helps to cleanse the home energy that has become stuck, helping you to feel good at home and the energy of crystals to move around at home.

- Used in removing different curses in magical rituals. Sage has the ability to cleanse the misfortune energy from the human soul and open the person's prosperity channel.

- Heals home energy both in the spiritual and physical sense. Sage removes illnesses that make us sick.

Sage smoke has the ability to send your thoughts and wishes to the right places. This is also one of the main reasons why Sage is used in so many different magical rituals.

- Sage helps to cleanse the energies that have become stuck, that gather even more negativity into itself and, thanks to that, bad portals are created. Portals with bad energies, in turn, will allow spirits into your home that cause problems and feed off of the energy of people living there. Therefore always using Sage helps to prevent these portals.

Sage mostly helps to prevent the energy of misfortune and restore the energy of luck.

When you burn Sage it excretes certain ions that will help to improve your mood and remove worrying thoughts.

- I recommend burning Sage when you feel like there is chaos in your life, there is a lot of confusion, you’re not feeling emotionally well, the mental burden is too much and there are more and more stressful events. Sage helps to stop this kind of energy from increasing and spreading.

- Sage ritual plant is useful for those who are sensitive to criticism and insecure by nature. These people will take in negative energy from other people or create it in them because of their own insecurities. Sage smoke helps to release the harmful energy in Aura that ruins your thoughts, mood and grows melancholy.

- It’s a ritual plant that helps to create clean energy for creating any other kind of energy. If you wish to do rituals, create different crystal altars, meditate, etc, then burning Sage is very good. It helps you to grow new energy with its clean energy, let it be luck, peace or whatever you wish for.

- Sage ritual plant smoke is useful in homes with pets, like cats and dogs. Sage can cleanse the dust pets create and are perfect for those with allergies. With a serious allergy, it won't help to remove all the symptoms, but it does give you the chance to cleanse the home so an allergic friend or family member could come and visit for a while.

- Spiritually Sage helps to create clarity and helps you to work on solving your problems. If something bothers you, you’re confused, can’t decide something or not certain about yourself, then burn Sage. This smoke helps to heal the minds, see the right answers to your questions, find solutions good for you. Sage is used to cleansing the upper Chakras where the channels of decision making and foresight are located.

- Sage helps to release bad energies which have arisen from someone’s chiding or bad karma. Burn Sage regularly to keep only good energies around you and at home. The healthier your Aura field and home’s energy field the happier you are. Use Sage together with Frankincense, Myrrh or Copal when you wish to release energies of bad luck at a deeper level. Their joint power is a lot more power than separately.

- This plant is one of the most needed cleansing plants for a reason - Sage has a lot to offer to a person. As Palo Santo can make people happier, so can Sage. Sage smoke is therapeutic, it helps to improve mood. Sage works like this as it releases the bad and helps the good to reappear. When you sometimes feel like your mood is bad, then try to change it with Sage.

- Sage helps to improve brain activity, improving your ability to concentrate, analyse and pay attention. If you feel like you’re just like away somewhere and wish to ground yourself, then Sage is very good for that kind of thing. Burn it near you, rest a little or meditate and let spiritual clarity to recover.

Use fresh Sage for cooking

Fresh Sage can be used for preparing meals and flavouring. Sage helps metabolism, making this plant into a very important activator of metabolism of body weight. In addition, Sage helps to reduce gas and avoid problems related to digestion.

Adding Sage to your foods helps to release toxins in the body which have got there with preservatives, medicine or from other things. Therefore, Sage is not only a wonderful home and energy cleaner, but it’s also a wonderful cleanser for the physical body.

Also, eating Sage helps to fasten metabolism, so it kind of helps with constipation. Sage works as a laxative.


I prefer to burn Sage and use its Smoke. Most of the world using Sage does the same. All because that way Sage’s energy can reach where it’s needed. This means that when Sage burns, smoke comes out of it and the smoke moves exactly to the bad energy where the energy healing is needed.

Sage can be burned as loose flakes and as pieces of leaves or a smudge stick can also be used. Loose leaves are burned on a heat resistant base or in a ceramic bowl. You can also use a special base for burning ritual plants or a suitable incense holder. Smudge stick can be held in hand for the purpose of cleaning the home and walk from one room to another so it could do its work.

Sage can be placed on a seashell and its smoke can be smudged with a feather. This is how Native Americans used it.

For cleaning the home I recommend doing it to the whole place at once. For that, I recommend, firstly, to clean the home physically and set everything in order. For example, do a spring cleaning and Sage cleanse on the same day. This way, Sage can work properly.  With physical cleaning, a lot of harmful energies will appear into the home Aura and this actually makes us nervous. When you clean, you move things with bad energy and this activates it. Now, on the same day, its good to do Sage cleaning, because then Sage can cleanse all the excessive bad energy that exists in the home. Thanks to a spring cleaning you’ll awaken the excessive energy and Sage removes it.

1. White candle - When you clean your home, then place at least one white candle in every room you wish to cleanse with Sage. A white candle can be in your crystal candle base it does not need to be on a separate base.

2. Open the windows- During the Sage cleansing, the window needs to be opened in the same room where you wish to perform the energetic cleansing. The window needs to be open so that the bad energy could leave the house faster and the antibacterial effect of Sage could remove different viruses faster from the air. Windows also need to be opened so you could have more air to breathe. Sage brings in a powerful aroma

3. You have to be calm and focused - Sage cleansing is done only when you feel good and know you can focus. During the Sage cleansing ritual, you need to think what you’re doing and why you’re doing it to pass on the more specific purpose of the power of the plant.

4. Crystals - When you use loose Sage and leaves for cleaning the home, then for the perfect cleaning you could have certain crystals on the heat resistant base that would help with the Sage home cleaning. These are Rock Crystal Geode, Agate geode and Mariam Jasper. These crystals will help the cleansing ritual to work.

5. Add your thought to Sage - When you wish to cleanse your home with Sage then, during the whole ritual, focus on everything you wish Sage to give to you and your home. When you focus and put your thought to it, then it makes the effect of the ritual bigger.

6. Let the cleansing begin- When you’re focused enough and feel like you wish to do the cleansing ritual then take matches and light the end of the Sage smudge stick or leaves and let them go into flames for a moment. Let the flame burn for 20 seconds and then shake it off. Now, Sage will start to smoke and it generally puts out a lot of smoke at once. Sage can be lit from the same white candle you’ve set to burn in your room.

Go through your whole room with a smoking Sage, indicatively from one corner to another until you’ve gone through all the corners of the room. Then move to the centre of the room with Sage and go over all the places with it.

Sage is held in hand and when you feel like your inner voice tells that there is a place with especially bad energy, then stay there for longer.

When Sage stops smoking, then light it again from a match or from a candle and let it flame up again. The second time could take some more time, then be patient and wait until the flame comes up again.

When you’ve gone through all the places in one room, go do the same in another room!

When you clean the home, then I recommend focusing on cleaning mirrors. Keep Sage ritual plant with all reflective surfaces for as long as possible to close bad energy portals through what vile souls can enter your home when they wish to.


Sage can be used for cleansing and refreshing crystal Aura and human Aura. When you clean crystal then a white candle is placed to burn among crystals and they are cleansed with Sage smoke, so the same candle is used to lit up the Sage and then Sage will start to smoke. Sage is placed near the crystals and it's allowed to burn until the end. Of course, in case you use loose sage. When you use a smudge stick, then keep this near the crystals and allow it to smoke there for a few minutes.

When you cleanse a person, use a smudge stick and place a white candle to burn in front of you. Light the Sage smudge stick from the same candle and then start to make circles around you with the same smoke. Focus, think about it and give Sage a message in your thoughts for it to heal your Aura. Do circles around you Aura with Sage smudge stick, move from one hand to another, do circles around your hands, your head. When you wish, then you can let someone else to a Sage cleaning to you.

Waxing Gibbous' life-happiness ritual with Sage

Waxing Gibbous is a Moon phase that’s between the First Quarter of the Moon and Full Moon. During the Waxing Gibbous, you can do a life-happiness ritual with Sage. For that, find yourself a place for it at home, a place where you can easily do the ritual. When you’ve found yourself a suitable place, then put Sage essential oil to an oil lamp, start using a Sage smudge stick and a Citrine geode. Place the geode into one hand and keep the smudge stick in another. Set the smudge stick to smoke and start circling around yourself with this smoke. Circle around your whole body: hands, legs, head, etc. With this easy ritual during the Waxing Gibbous, the Sage essential oil and Sage smoke in your Aura field will release disturbing energies that won’t let happiness to come. At the same time, you’re doing the ritual, Citrine geode can direct the energies that bring happiness into your Aura field. You can repeat this ritual every time a Waxing Gibbous comes.


Sage is recommendable used at least during every Full Moon. Another important time for Sage is the creation of the New Moon. Actually, there is no right or wrong time for using Sage. You can even burn it whenever you want to. You need to listen to your gut feeling. The effect of the plant is simply amplified during the Full Moon and cleansing rituals work faster than on another Moon phase or day. Of course, you need to use Sage at least once a month for the energy of your home, crystals and for you to be always positive.

"You could always use Sage when you feel tired, angry, sad, nervous or when someone else makes you feel like this. "

"Always use Sage when someone comes to your home to cause problems or there are problems in your home.”


Sage does not like humidity, therefore you need to keep it in a wooden box or in another container. Who has less humidity in their home, can also store it in a bag. Humidity is not good for dry Sage because this way it won’t smoke that well. Usually, the whole smudge stick is never used and there is also often some loose Sage left.

Inside a box or bag of Sage, there could also be Rock Crystal Geode, Agate geode, Mariam Jasper crystal. You can use them for the home cleansing ritual and other times they will keep Sage ritual plant energy vital.

You can also keep Palo Santo smudge stick in the same box or bag as Sage. These two plants suit with each other and they are often used in the same rituals/magic. Same crystals will also go with Palo Santo.


Sage is a universal cleansing oil that’s useful to be used at any time, despite the Moon phase or life period. Sage is a very efficient remover of negative energy. Burn essential oil in an oil lamp or diffuser, when you feel like you wish to do a spiritual spring cleaning to your home. At the same time, you could also use a ritual plant and incense. I have always said, the more Sage, the healthier the home.


Burn essential oil near your crystals and near you, so the crystals and you could be cleaned from the negative energy. Sage helps to banish harmful energy that causes misfortune in your life.

Sage essential oil combined with Rosemary essential oil can very well be used for cleaning home energy. Drop both the oils to one and the same or separate oil lamps and let these oils clean your home energy. Combining Sage and Rosemary essential oils helps to get rid of the stuck energy between the walls of the home that brings relationship problems to family and home. When there is a lot of fighting or misunderstandings at home, then this is something that should be done. In addition, combining these two essential oils is also useful for cleansing the home energy.

When you clean with Sage then it’s always good to keep different geodes near the oil lamp as geodes are the ones that will help new and healthy energy to anchor to the household after the cleansing ritual.

Sage essential oil is a wonderful healer of physical body and soul.

La Tene
collection has Sage essential oil, that is a wonderful healer for every person interested in alternative healing. Sage has a lot of useful qualities. For example, it’s antibacterial. Sage can prevent the discomfort caused by the menstrual cycle, is good for healing scarred skin, is a great spasm healer and it has many useful abilities. Be sure to discover this essential oil in our collection.

Liberator of the energy of misfortune and the power of the curse

Sage is well-known for its ability to ward off evil and when you burn essential oil, ritual plant or incense at home, then it helps to release the misfortune and cursed energy from home. If you feel someone has sent you a misfortune or a curse, be sure to use Sage often to counteract that energy. However, if you encountered someone who was uncomfortable for you, burn it as well, as it helps to remove energy caught from another person's Aura field.

Crown Chakra

Sage essential oil heals, stimulates, encourages, cleanses and activates the highest, that is the seventh Chakra – the Crown Chakra. Crown Chakra is directly above the head and it is related to perceiving of the future, dreaming, the planning skills and the world of dreams. Sage helps this Chakra to work regularly. Apply Sage essential oil with a carrier oil on your forehead or add it into your shampoo to heal your Crown Chakra. Eat fresh Sage or keep the smoking ritual plant above your head to cleanse yourself.

In addition, Sage helps to keep the mind bright and clear. If you feel you are constantly "headless”, and you are unable to concentrate, then sage can be the solution to your problem.

Plants have been given to us on this Earth for a reason, they have a lot of healing for both the physical and spiritual body. Keep yourself healthy through!