Dreams are full of symbols, which in turn are full of messages and dreams can also be with very accurate and specific clues. In dreams, the secrets of your life are hidden, and every dream should be taken as a prophecy or an explanation of your emotional state. My suggestion is not to take a dream as entertainment or as some interesting vision but try to explain it to yourself.

Many crystals, which are connected with the astral journey and the angels, help to see dreams. These two are also related to dreams because the astral journey is a dream where you communicate with the souls and the Angels can be the ones who bring messages to you in dreams.

If you make a set of "PROPHETIC DREAM CRYSTALS", know that this set should be as close to your bed as possible during your sleep. So, whether on the bedroom cabinet or the best is to keep it under the bed, aligned to your head when you sleep.

It is not necessary to hide the crystals of this set, which means that they could be on top of a base or inside a box with an open lid.

Crystals are never put together with plastic objects, but with wood, glass or ceramics. Plastic does not allow the energy of crystals to fly freely.

The set will start working for the selected purpose when there are at least 3-5 crystals in the set initially. I will bring out crystals that could be included in the set, but you can gradually add them to the set. There may be several of these same crystals, for example, if you feel that the energy of Celectite is what you would most like to gain, then add four Celestites to this set over time. The more there are crystals, the stronger the power that will help you see the prophetic dreams.

Before you reach the crystals, I want to remind you of the fact that each of us is able to see prophecies through sleep, it is given to everyone. It is not related to clairvoyance, it is intuition, subconsciousness, and the ability to communicate with your own angels. Moreover, every person who lives has an angel or a number of angels who bring these visions into dreams. Therefore, you're capable of it!


First, I recommend that all creators of the set add at least one geodetic crystal. Geodetic crystal because it helps to connect the power of other crystals and direct it to your Aura.

Celectite, Muscovite and Rock Crystal are suitable geodes. These crystals are also associated with seeing dreams.

CELECTITE helps to create, see, translate and memorize dreams. In addition, Celestite helps to bring prophetic vision through sleep.

ARAGONITE amplifies the energy of astral migration crystals and helps them to escape to the Aura faster. Aragonite also helps to remember the memories of sleep, giving you the opportunity to experience the situation experienced during sleep and to get answers to previous lives through sleep. 

ATLANTISITE helps you to meet your guardian Angel through sleep and is one of the strongest dream carriers. If you also include CHALCOPYRITE, next to Atlantisite, you can get in touch with your ancestors through your sleep.

AQUA AURA is the enormously powerful and fast-acting crystal that accelerates the effects of all other crystals and arrives at your Aura. Aqua Aura helps you to see dreams and meet the souls in the astral.

TITANIUM AURA QUARTZ helps to understand karma, past lives through dreams and bring clear dreams with very clear messages.

ANGEL AURA QUARTZ helps to create energy that Angels can bring messages to. Angel Aura Quartz helps to speed up the dreams of seeing in a time when they are still rarely seen. Angel Aura Quartz helps to see the guardian angel in the dream.

MANGO CALCITE is suitable for the dream crystal set because it helps to remember the astral and remember what the souls have told you. Helps trigger an astral journey.

KYANITE and ANGELITE could definitely be in one set if you want to get in touch with your loved ones and get messages through the dreams. Or that the souls would make suggestions or prayers that we can still do in physical life and that they could no longer do. Through these crystals, souls are able to make recommendations, prayers, commandments, and warn against possible coming incidents.

LARIMAR helps to see the soulmate through the dream and all that is related to love. Larimar helps you remember the dreams you've seen the same night when you woke up.

APOPHYLLITE brings Angels into dreams that bring us messages and show true and specific prophetic visions. Apophyllite accelerates the vision of dreams and helps to bring so-called "sequels".

LAZURITE helps to see, remember and analyze dreams. In addition, Lazurite helps to experience the astral journey, knowingly go through it and gain various out of the body experiences.
RUBY IN FUCHSITE prevents the formation of nightmares. Preventing nightmares is very important as they are demons who want to steal and weaken you and your energy.

MOONSTONE and RAINBOW MOONSTONE bring the prophecies related to love.

MOLDAVITE helps to experience/remember the astral journey and protects the soul from nightmares and demons walking around the astral.

AZURITE is used in this dream set to see other dimensions and planets. Azurite helps to clarify your visions of what you see through sleep, helping you to see more clearly different objects, things, people, colour tones, numbers, and emotions. Azurite helps you to remember in detail what you saw and experienced in sleep. 

IOLITE helps you to see other dimensions through your astral journey and is helpful in getting answers through your dreams. If Iolite is included in the set, you will certainly be able to see the answers to the questions that you ask before sleeping. For the same purpose, RUTILATED QUARTZ is also suitable for the set.

JET protects against dreams where you feel someone comes and harasses you, runs after you, teases you and scares you. Nightmares create horror dreams.

BLUE CALCITE helps to remove nervousness and your tension that prevents to fall asleep and prophetic visions through it. Blue Calcite helps to prepare the mind for an astral journey.

OCEAN JASPER has the ability to help you remember what you have done in previous lives and what you have learned and to use these skills positively in this life.

PIETERSITE keep in this set when you want to anticipate the future through the dreams. If this crystal is in the dream crystal set, then it is possible to go to sleep with the question: "Please show me something about my future?" and the dream can give you clues to the future.
CHRYSANTHEMUM is the crystal that helps to bring symbols and prophetic visions into dreams. Chrysanthemum is also one that helps to explain them. It is also suitable for carrying with you to see even more powerful dreams.

PRESELI is a very interesting crystal and one of my favourites, which I definitely recommend for the crystal set of dreams. Preseli helps to unravel the very interesting aspects of your past lives, also helping to see karma and life lesson. Aside from Preseli, I also recommend RHYOLITE, to make it even more powerful. QUE SERA helps you see your life's mission and purpose through your sleep - perfectly matched with these two crystals.

ANTOPHYLLITE, CHIASTOLITE, HYPERSTENE, STROMATOLITE protect your soul in the astral journey so that no bad soul can do anything bad to you. In the astral, we also meet the bad souls who give us false clues and sow fear and stress to our soul.

OPALITE helps you better understand the signs and messages sent to you by the Angels. If you are haunted by combinations of certain numbers or ANGEL numbers, Opalite is the crystal that will help you reach their meaning. Opalite helps you define what one or another number can mean in your life.


SODALITE has the ability to strengthen intuition, develop a person to be more spiritual, and open the soul to mysticism. Sodalite helps you develop your soul's ability by helping you find a way to strengthen your intuition.


There are even more dream crystals, but these are the basic ones you could start with. Later you can add even more special and rare crystals to this set. These crystals help to create favourable energy for your Aura so that you can see your dreams and become more aware of yourself. It is also very helpful if you wear some of the dream crystals around your neck or in-ear while you sleep at night.

If you want to see something specific through your sleep, you have to go to sleep with a specific question, and you have to think about it until you fall asleep. If you can do this, you will most likely get an answer. If the answer does not come the first night, it may come tomorrow, so always ask the question as long as the answer comes. One question can be asked as long as the answer comes. However, if you ask another question while the first question has not been answered, you may not be able to answer the second question. So be patient, practice makes a master!

These dream crystals are cleaned with Lavender incense/ritual plant/ essential oil or candle.

If you have problems with nightmares, you should definitely hang a  dream catcher over the bed.

People who don't see dreams or the time you don't see dreams – you have to understand what that means. This is a period in which you spend too much time worrying about yourself or being stuck in materiality. People who only work and are not on a spiritual wave do not see dreams during the busy work period.

A home with very good energy can also help you dream. In addition, I suggest reading the article "INVITING ANGELS TO YOUR AURA AND HOME”, and adhering to it will encourage the vision of dreams.
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