I have briefly taken up this topic before, but now that so many parents have come to me recently to share my knowledge of the crystals that would be suitable for the child to bring to school, this is an obvious sign that I need to write about it in more detail.

Children are hypersensitive to crystal healing and thus affect children several times faster and more effectively than adults. The sensitivity of a child to crystals can be compared to that of an adult experienced spiritualist. And when I talk about a little kid, I mean a kid who hasn't gone to school yet or has just been in school for the first few years.

With time, the child is left with less spiritual energy, as he goes to school. He may gain knowledge there, but his spirit and, at worst, his creativity may be lost. Most children are put under a blockade of spirituality and creativity until they step out of the path, but that blockade may not disappear. This is also the reason why many adults today cannot trust their intuition or understand what they are created for.

Spirituality is the ability to sense oneself, one's own body, one's own soul, and it is locked by existing in a constant system. School is a system that tells you "You must do this, you must not do this". There are also some subjects or activities in the school that are really creative but not enough. When a child is small and does not go to school, he has free land to dream of, and engages in creative things, so spirituality is open. By this I want to convey a small message to everyone – don't let the school system frame your child, teach or help them maintain their creativity, their spirituality. While attending school, the child must maintain a balance between the two worlds of spirituality, daydreaming, intuition and the physical and systematic world. If it can be maintained, the child will be healthy and able to manage his or her future life in the right direction.

This was a small introduction to give you an idea of why it is good to use crystals, for example, during your child's studies and school. Crystals possess spiritual energy, and as the child is using them, he retains the natural spirituality with which he is born into this world. This way his true nature is preserved and if he has some creative talent he can develop it without any problems.

Below, I have highlighted a variety of crystals that will help your child bring courage and confidence, a desire to learn and focus, energy and protection, and joy and creativity.

From these crystals you can create a crystal set for your child or the child can choose the crystals himself. Crystals can be worn by a child as jewellery or simply to carry the stone. They can also be hung on a school bag.

I recommend being creative when using crystals.

OPALITE is a crystal that I would recommend starting with. Opalite is a crystal that prevents the child from getting confused, prevents intuition from disappearing and keeps the Guardian Angel with the child to protect the child from misfortune. Opalite helps a child to be his or her own and always guide him or her along the path of destiny. This is also the reason why most children like Opalite – they need extra energy to avoid losing themselves and contact with their inner voice.

CARNELIAN is a crystal that helps a child to maintain his playful mindset, helps to be positive, find creative solutions to situations, and does not allow to forget that joy in life is important and anger does not solve anything in this world. In terms of learning, Carnelian helps those who are not very creative or who have lost their creativity. In addition, Carnelian is the crystal that helps you succeed in your creative subjects.


TIGER`S EYE is one of the perfect crystals a child could carry with him while attending school. The tiger`s eye helps to protect against the injustice that other children, or sometimes adults, can bring to the child. The tiger`s eye helps you find quick solutions and make decisions. It is bringing a quick response, bringing with it the energy of success, which in turn contributes, for example, to exams or assignments. The tiger`s eye is also useful for those involved in sports, making them successful in this field.


Courage, self-confidence and good learning outcomes


TIGER`S EYE encourages the child to stand up for himself while giving him the confidence to interact with other children and with the teacher. The tiger`s eye especially encourages those who are very unfamiliar with the school. It is a very useful crystal for those who are first-time schoolers or are starting school in a new school. The Tiger`s Eye increases your learning success by giving you good luck with your exams and tests.     

GREEN AVENTURINE helps your child stay healthy both physically and mentally. It helps the child to treat others with love, avoiding aggressive contacts and the release of anger. Green Aventurine also helps to protect against anger and is perfect for wearing with the Tiger`s Eye. Green Aventurine also helps to build friendships faster, especially when it comes to boys. On the learning side, Green Aventurine promotes logical thinking and assists in the uptake of science.

ROSE QUARTZ - While the Green Aventurine was more for boys making friendships, Pink Quartz helps girls make and keep friends. Rose Quartz attracts people who are moving towards you. Rose Quartz helps to protect against criticism and also increases tolerance for criticism. In addition, Rose Quartz also helps to alleviate super-emotionality and excessive irritability. Rose quartz is a crystal that the longer you wear it, the more powerful it will work with you.

Learning, strengthening memory and analysing

DUMORTIERITE is the number one crystal of educational achievement. Dumortierite helps to relieve the stress from learning by making it easier to accumulate knowledge and at the same time make it fun for the child. Dumortierite stimulates the brain, helping the memory to become stronger and making it easier to remember facts. In addition, Dumortierite helps to develop analytical skills by helping to understand what is being taught and understanding how to apply that knowledge in one's life. Dumortierite crystal is particularly useful for learning science. The science includes mathematics, chemistry and physics.

AGATE is one of the strongest protection crystals and one of the most universal crystals that can prevent a lot of discomfort in your child's life, such as physical or mental abuse. In addition to its protective crystal qualities, Agate also promotes learning. For this, I recommend wearing Agate with Sodalite or Dumortierite. The power of these three crystals helps children boost their fact-based memory, helping them to memorize things and absorb knowledge faster.


Focus and desire to learn


ORANGE CALCITE is a crystal that helps a child focus on his studies and make learning more enjoyable. It is a crystal that helps to understand that one has to learn for oneself, not one's grades, helping to realize that the effort and desire to succeed is worthy of praise. Realizing that a grade does not determine how smart he is. Orange Calcite helps keep a child's self-confidence and teaches them to value themselves.


Unfortunately, in today's society, there is a point where children are directed to study for grades, not to discover something for themselves through their studies. The child must understand that learning must be fun and should not be afraid of what he scores for their learning. Orange Calcite teaches a child to take school more freely and enjoy this period in his life. 


Memory, ability to remember and use knowledge


FLUORITE is a very good crystal that helps to stimulate the child's mind and increase his analytical ability. Fluorite crystals of different colours are very important crystals for a child in school. I recommend that you keep a fluorite crystal on the school desk, in a school bag or as a talisman. It is a crystal that stimulates brain activity and helps the child to develop. Fluorite is also a very useful crystal for learning science and an even more special crystal for those who have trouble memorizing things like learning poems clearly and memorizing lyrics. Fluorite stimulates thinking and helps to heal a child's headaches. The kind of headaches that come from the excessive stress that learning can cause. 


FLUORITE PYRAMID helps to learn, strengthen memory, increase analytical ability, create a persistence for learning, and is ideal for the school or the work desk. Fluorite with a lot of green inside or completely green fluorite is best suited for this.

AMETHYST helps to get rid of school stress. In this case, I recommend wearing Amethyst with Rose Quartz to make Amethyst work more efficiently. Amethyst and Rose Quartz have the ability to relieve school stress. In addition, Amethyst also helps to unleash creative talents by helping a child physicalize his visions, write on paper, or create something that exists in his mind. 

APACHE TEAR is a crystal that helps to forgive, forget and release emotions that have a bad effect. I recommend it to children who suffer from bullying or are picked on for a particular characteristic. For example, the appearance of a child is something that he is mocked at, and the Apache tear is the one that protects him from being bullied and at the same time helps the child to get rid of the pain that the same activity has caused him.


Energy for learning and protection from injustice


RED JASPER is an energizing crystal that has the ability to give your child the power to go to school, blocking the laziness that stops them from learning, and that makes them want to escape school or study. Red Jasper gives you the energy and desire to learn. It is a crystal that also protects against injustice – it prevents other children and the teacher from being injustice with the child. In addition, Red Jaspis teaches you to stand up for yourself.


UNAKITE and LAZURITE are suitable for those who have problems adjusting to school. Unakite helps to transition into a new period of life by helping a child who goes to first grade or switches class/school. Lazurite helps to make friends and find the best friend in the school to be with and have fun with. Lazurite is also suitable to prevent the child from losing his spirituality and ability to be intuitive, this crystal could be worn as a piece of jewellery if possible.

I recommend NEPHRITE JADE to give your child a desire to learn, a desire to be sociable, and a part of the whole class. Nephrite Jade removes fear or unwillingness to fit in with the company.

BLUE CALCITE and BLUE QUARTZ are suitable for children who are constantly tired after school. These crystals help the soul to rest and learn to be in the rhythm that the school creates. These crystals could be as close to the pillow as possible in the child's bedroom.

APATITE has an analogous effect, as does Dumortierite. Apatite helps to promote logical thinking and helps to increase hearing and writing memory. Apatite helps you to focus on what the teacher is saying at school and remember the information that is being shared at school. Apatite helps to make the child's learning easier. Apatite could certainly be associated with Dumortierite, Fluorite, Calcite, Apophyllite for the same purpose.

Everyone should own a ROCK CRYSTAL, regardless of age. It is a crystal that could and should exist in your life. Rock crystal clears Aura of negativity and, for example, helps the child quickly overcome unpleasant emotions. It also helps to accelerate the work of other crystals.

HEMATITE is good for carrying to school if you want to keep the child away from bad role models and children who are not in the best of behaviour or character. Hematite prevents the adoption of bad habits.

YELLOW QUARTZ and CITRINE help the child to be positive and to maintain a positive attitude towards various problems. These are the crystals that prevent the child from taking bad things too seriously.

CHRYSOCOLLA helps to build friendship and express one's emotions. Chrysocolla is especially useful for children who are constantly suffering from over-stress and respiratory problems which come from relationship issues from school. Chrysocolla could accompany the child to school to protect the child from stress. A superb crystal for children to not only heal but also to open up, open up the creative side and talk about their own problems.

RHODONITE is a crystal that helps you learn and master languages faster. In addition, the power of Rhodonite helps to relieve stress and anxiety and is suitable for those who go out of their way too quickly for the smallest things. In addition, Rhodonite helps to think clearly and not to focus on negativity.


Cheerfulness, adaptation and creativity

MOOKAITE helps children to be creative and maintain their creativity in routine activities. Helps a child to be happy and feel safe when the family is not near. I also recommend Mookaite for children who have just gone to school. Mookaite helps to bring good luck and a happy mood to a place where there is a fear for the unknown, helping the child to adapt and accept new conditions more quickly. Mookaite helps to speed up friendships and helps to enjoy school.

SERPENTINE JADE is the crystal of finding and maintaining a friendship. It is worn to bring good people into your life and to be given as gifts to express your love for the dead person. In addition, Serpentine Jade helps to protect from cunning people and so-called friends who aren't really friends by helping to spot people who should not be trusted and with who to be more careful. Serpentine Jade also protects against friendship breakdown and a bad reputation. In addition to its protective qualities, Serpentine Jade also promotes creativity and the will to learn.

HYPERSTENE is a crystal that helps hyperactive children who are unable to stand still and who have serious difficulty listening to a teacher. Hyperstene helps to soothe super nervousness and is also useful for those who are not hyperactive. Hyperstene protects against deliberate bullying and physical accidents. Also suitable for those who are hypersensitive to other emotions. For those who are sensitive, I recommend wearing Hyperstene with Rose Quartz.

SODALITE is particularly useful for children who are just starting their schooling. Sodalite helps to quickly integrate into the new life rhythm and system that the school has created. Sodalite helps you quickly understand what you need to do and how the system works. In addition, Sodalite helps to bring inner peace by helping to relieve anxiety and constant tension, bringing relief to any negative emotion within you.

SHUNGITE PYRAMID s very suitable for a child's school desk when the child uses a computer for study or leisure. It prevents your child from becoming addicted to a computer, and if it has already happened, it helps to get out of it. In addition, Shungite helps to protect the child from the nervous and aggressive behaviour caused by electronics. Shungite also helps to protect a child's health from electromagnetic waves that emit from a computer.

There are so many crystals to recommend to children, but the ones I wrote down here are the basic ones to start with.

A child's soul is creative by nature and children are born spiritual, don't let systems or bad events hurt your child's soul. It must be protected in the same way that you protect your own soul!