SCORPIO  is a person with a fiery soul who has life energy since birth. When other signs need constant motivation, then Scorpio won’t need it, he has it naturally. No matter what Scorpio sets his eyes on, he’ll have to finish it and it has to be good, that is, it has to be perfect. Scorpios are rebellious fighters, everything always has to be in order and everything has to have a result. When sometimes it’s hard for them to get what they aspire to get, then they’ll go through fire and ice to get things in order. I’m talking about goals they have. I think they have one very positive and admirable side – their determination.

There is a lot to talk about Scorpios - they are people with personalities. No Scorpio can leave anyone unimpressed. The thing with them is that they are outstanding. Even when they are not doing anything, they are just sitting, people are looking at them. They have got people’s magnet in them, their Aura is calling from afar: “ Come and look who I am!” I like to use this one expression about Scorpios - you love him or you hate him. You can’t be neutral with them. Why is it like that? Why so?

Mostly they are loved and they are mainly loved for their character. They usually have a bigger circle of friends than others, let it be a Scorpio man or woman. They have this magnet in them and other signs somehow to draw the energy in Scorpios. Therefore, when you’re a Scorpio, then look around you – everyone wants to share their emotions with you or simply be with you. There is a reason for it, something you may have not noticed - you’re simply attracting it.

Scorpios are extreme, which means that when he has accepted you as his friend, then he’ll protect you with everything. I should say it better – he has accepted you into his family because for him a friendship means family. It’s everything or nothing at all, any kind of halfway relationships are not for them. You’re lucky when you’re under Scorpio’s wing because he always nurtures you and takes care of you with all of your loving soul. All you have to do is, to be honest, and not betray him. When you do, you’ll get yourself an enemy - you’ll get it instantly, automatically, immediately! They don’t like duplicity and betrayal when someone close to him acts like this, this is when they don’t want to forgive and begin an emotional war. He’ll become sarcastic and all bad qualities Scorpio has will come out. Every sign has it’s good and bad sides, therefore it’s completely normal.

So, what are his bad qualities? I mentioned above that they are extreme people, which means that they love with their whole heart and, at the same time, will also hate with their whole heart. Therefore, when you’re not on their good list, you’ll get to know his anger. They can become very mean and sometimes even aggressive. When Taurus can hold their anger in them for months and then they’ll explode, then Scorpio is the one who will explode in the minute the problem appears. Sometimes it’s quite amusing to see Scorpios I know – they are so impulsive that sometimes they don’t even focus on things and this is where a little bit of rage will find a way in them despite the theme or place. When you explain them the situation a little bit, they’ll be happy again within a moment, like the other emotion never existed.

But I like them and, well, water-elements get along a little better and understand each other more deeply. That’s why there can be many Pisces and Cancers among their friends because they can be on the same level as them. Water elements are more spiritual and they can talk about things more deeply and Scorpio loves to talk, talk and talk!

Scorpios are brave and active, they are not afraid of what’s to come. When other signs, especially Libras, can miss a good chance because they think too long, then Scorpio is there on the set already before things start. Scorpio is quick, they have good reactions and he’ll constantly jump head on to the fire – he has the ability to take risks. You have to risk in life, otherwise, you can miss many things in your life.

Scorpio needs this number one thing in their life, something that belongs only to him. He needs some kind of a hobby, something he wants to become better at or when he hasn’t one, then he has to be the best at work. He’ll challenge himself in things others can’t even think of.

Scorpio keeps himself occupied all the time and on track, he doesn’t like lazy nor weak people. I really don’t know if they notice that they don’t like weak people, but I do see very well from the side and I have had to explain them often: "This is completely normal that people don’t want to be ambitious, it’s normal that a person is afraid", etc. Scorpio doesn’t feel fear and can’t understand that part of other people.

Why are you born under Scorpio zodiac sign? The main purpose of this life is to learn, find love and learn from other people’s mistakes. Most people can’t do this, but so many different people, with different problems, are sent to this life that Scorpio is the one who has to listen to them or help them. This is the process through what Scorpio has to learn from other people’s experiences and become smarter. One of his main needs is to find love, there is someone for every single Scorpio, can he keep that person, is another thing. This is his big lesson in his life.

This article is getting quite long, I know, but Scorpios are not people I can characterise with a few words. What else I wish to mention is that they are super good manipulators. Only people who can recognize their manipulations are  Pisces or Cancers. Others can’t, at least not in the beginning. Scorpio can perfectly push other people’s buttons so they can unknowingly put others work for them or do the dirty work to get a hold of things. They can talk people into things and this goes so naturally for them that you won’t even notice it.


Water-element gives him passion, a romantic mind, intuition, the ability to notice lies. Water-element is the one that gives him the need to love, and not to only be in a spiritual connection with the person but to also share their love physically. Scorpions are the ones who hug and when you haven’t noticed this before, then think about, it really is like this. Scorpios express their feelings not only with words but they’ll make you understand and when this is not enough they’ll use their body language. Scorpios are passionate lovers, but not always will their love life be okay, but when they find the “one” then the whole house will be full of love.

Water-element gives Scorpio the ability to keep a secret when the secret belongs to someone dear to him. Other people’s secrets will be shared instantly. When you’re talking to him, but he doesn’t care about you, then know that this information will be used by accident - honestly! But, when you’re going to betray his trust... try not to!


BLOODSTONE is the most powerful healing crystal for a Scorpio, that helps him universally. Two weak sides go along with Scorpios, one is blood and other reproductive organs. Bloodstone helps with these two health problems, just like the name of the crystal hints. Bloodstone has the ability to heal the blood, that is, it helps the body to clean the blood from toxins and different substances that should not be in the blood on its own. Wear Bloodstone as a piece of jewellery, meditate with it, do crystal therapy or make water-elixir. Bloodstone quickens blood circulation and through that helps the heart to function better. Bloodstone is a good alternative therapy crystal for thick blood and blood clots. It also helps to balance blood pressure. Bloodstone helps haemoglobin levels to increase and increase appetite for plants that have a lot of iron and vitamin C in them. Therefore this crystal has an effect on intuitive eating that is a very good ability for a spiritual person.


PLUTO is the planet ruling over Scorpio. Pluto gives stability and the ability to notice different hidden things to this fiery sign. Scorpios are natural spies and this ability comes out when they feel that things are not the way they seem to be. Water-elements are intuitive and Scorpio can notice lies. When he notices something like this, then he’ll start to investigate it calmly and won’t stop before he can bring everything to light. Therefore Scorpios are perfect to work in legal entities, they are born detectives.

Pluto gives Scorpio the need to have a family. He needs to have a strong family and a home to come back to every night. One of his life’s purpose is to find love and this love is related to a family. He needs to know that he has a family and his family is always the most important thing for him. When he doesn’t have one because of fate, then he’ll become bitter. They only shine for their powerful and positive qualities when they have their own support system at home. Therefore, their happiness and goodness will depend very much on the support of their family.

Small Scorpio babies and kids show off their good qualities, which are charismatic mind, loving soul and life energy only when everything is well at home.

In addition to crystals, also silver is good for Scorpios as it helps to relieve their tensions and allow their inner voice to speak to them.

 CARNELIAN helps to bring good thinking, ideas, good opportunities. Carnelian is a crystal that gives vitality, energy and motivation. When you use or carry Carnelian then it increases the power in your soul, giving you vitality and power that would help you to fulfil yourself. Carnelian makes the human soul active and does so also to the energy of the environment the crystal is at the moment. The crystal that gives you the strength to fulfil your dreams. Carnelian gives you motivation, giving you strength and optimistic mind for doing everything you wish to do in this life. Carnelian heals the Sacral Chakra and helps to let go of its energy blockages so that you could be creative and ambitious. Carnelian finishes any kind of deadlocks in life, it’s a crystal that constantly helps to make your life better. A crystal that already today helps you to improve your future with helping to make the right and successful decisions, plan the future, become successful and notice things that will grant you success.

As prosperity crystals, I mainly recommend MALACHITE or VARISCITE, then CITRINE and PICTURE JASPERMalachite brings him financial success and it would be good to wear it mainly for success at work. Malachite is a universal material luck crystal for Scorpio. Variscite helps to cleanse energy from Scorpio’s Aura that prevents him from loving, accepting love, sharing it and allowing it also to come to your life. This is why it’s good to carry it with you and it works especially well as a talisman. Citrine is one of my favourite prosperity crystals I recommend everyone to have in their home and use for their own well-being. This is all because Citrine has the ability to act very quickly in the human Aura and in the environment. Citrine is also a crystal which can also be used by the beginners to the world of crystals. All of the crystals formed by Quartz will work very fast.  Citrine is a wonderful crystal that gives prosperity and wealth, that helps you to understand and notice how to bring good financial possibilities into your life. Bring Citrine into your life when you wish to improve your current situation, to be richer and wealthier in the future.  Picture Jasper is also one of the crystals linked to bringing prosperity, but it also has the ability to bring success for a business, improve entrepreneurship and make projects work. Brings success at work, gives extra luck for business deals, increases the chance for material success. Use or wear Picture Jasper when you feel like you need some extra power to succeed with something or get to the fertile end results. Picture Jasper brings luck and especially when you wear it together with other material or prosperity crystals. 
Good luck and protection are brought by SHUNGITE and TOURMALATED QUARTZShungite helps Scorpio in any chance it gets, helping to keep his health, improve it and make him stronger. In addition to healing qualities, Shungite will protect Scorpio from dangers and misfortune. A crystal that is very important for Scorpios, helping to keep bad away from his path. Tourmalated Quartz is a crystal that helps Scorpio to understand what’s right and what’s wrong. Thanks to Tourmalated Quartz the sense of knowing people and the ability to keep bad away from your life in Scorpio. 

Communication.  CRAZY AGATE helps to improve self-expression or make getting along with others better. Crazy Agate opens up to laugh, communicate, have fun, enjoy entertainment, appreciate life, increases positive emotions, helps to release from negativity, removes stress, over thinking and increases vitality.

Intuition. Scorpions are intuitive enough, it’s easy for them, but something that could be supported by crystals does not have over thinking nor getting wrong information. For Scorpio to hear what his soul tells him and for him to read that message better AMAZONITE and MOONSTONE are good, men should wear APACHE TEAR, because it has a lot of male energy it. Amazonite is a crystal that carries a very calming power in itself, and be sure to add it into your life when you need something to bring you peace of mind. Amazonite relieves stress and helps to get rid of alarming energies at different levels. This crystal creates a feeling of freedom and balances the spiritual body. Amazonite will also help you to connect with your intuition. Amazonite has the ability to strengthen the intuitive side in you, helping you to be more sensitive toward energies, and to understand why and what you sense about something. Moonstone makes you more sensitive to energies, helping you to understand energies and sense them. Moonstone improves the right gut feeling, teaches you to trust your gut feeling and follow it. Brings night visions, predictions, prophetic dreams and Astral projections. Wearing it during the day helps to activate your minds to out-of-body experiences, for very meaningful dreams and it takes you step-by-step closer to the spiritual world. 

Love. Scorpio love crystals are AQUAMARINE, RHODOCHROSITE and RUBY. These are the crystals that bring good luck in love for Scorpios. Aquamarine makes the Aura soft so love could enter the life, Rhodochrosite attracts the “one” and Ruby helps to protect everything you have created relationship wise. Especially for male Scorpios RED JASPER is a love crystal. Aquamarine is the main love crystal that activates in the hands of Scorpios. Useful crystal to be kept in the birth crystal set or love crystal altar. When Scorpio wants to attract love to his life or set his relationship into flames then he could wear Aquamarine with him daily. Rhodochrosite helps love to appear in Scorpio's life and bring a lot of good luck to relationships when Scorpio has found his companion. Rhodochrosite helps Scorpio's relationship to stay passionate, sensual and intimate. Red Jasper is a crystal that helps you to restore your passion for life and romantic passion. Red Jasper helps you to open up, enjoy the relationship better, open yourself to love and make yourself more accepting for love. 

I have written the first and last dates of this zodiac sign according to belief. Some believe that Scorpio begins on October 22, some that on October 23, etc.
The things I write with each crystal are one of the wishes or challenges Scorpio has, that’s why this crystal is good for him.

October 23 – 24 Picture Jasper - helps to bring really good luck for work for a Scorpio who has a really good business intuition. These Scorpios need to find the  "right" job.

October 25 – 27 Rhodonite - helps to find inner balance, peace and love in the family. The family connection is super important for them and everything has to be okay in the family. For male Scorpios born on these dates Stromatolite.

October 28 – 31 Yellow Jasper - helps to bring professional success and prosperity which is also their big wish.

November 1 – 3 Mother of Pearl - a crystal for finding love and peace of mind. The most supportive crystal for male Scorpios is Bronzite.

November 4 – 6 Moonstone - symbolises trusting intuition and this is something they need the most in this life – to trust themselves.

November 7 – 9 White Howlite - these Scorpios are super impulsive and need extra energy for staying calm, White Howlite will help to silence the restless soul.

November 10 – 13 Dravite - for male Scorpios and different Tourmalines for female Scorpios, these Scorpios have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. These crystals will help to direct energies to the right and useful places.

November 14 – 17 Ruby-Zoisite - gives prosperity and love

November 18 – 19 Garnet - different types of Garnets help to bring success to Scorpios. These Scorpios are progressive.

November 20 – 23 Lepidolite -  brings peace to the soul of Scorpio women and for men Tektite brings peace.

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.
I have written many articles about Scorpios, you can find them from HERE. Have a nice time reading!