Time and again my crystal friends raise the following questions: “How am I supposed to clean my crystals or jewellery?”, “How am I supposed to charge them?”. I am going to explain a little, why should this all be done and how this could be done the easiest.

First, crystals are sources of energy and if we use them, either as crystal sets or jewellery, their energy runs out, if we don´t treat them with dignity. In fact, we can use crystals for a very long time, if we take care of them regularly.

If you use natural crystals and not cheap counterfeits, then they have value in them and this value should be maintained. The case with crystals is, that they are very well imitated, because, unfortunately, there is an understanding in the world that what people want, is made into a vile business.

Crystals give you the needed energy, the very same energy, it carries in itself. At the same time, it exactly removes the energy from your Aura, against what it works, meaning, if a crystal gives you energy, then it replaces negative energy. This means that the crystal gives you its positive energy and at the same time, records your negative energy in itself. Now is the place, where you should understand why crystals need to be cleaned. We have to clean them in order to release the negative energy it has caught from your Aura, from the crystal.

Smoke from plants has an energy cleaning effect, therefore crystals are cleaned with smoke. Let this smoke be Incense smoke, Sage, Palo Santo tree or Tea tree oil smoke.

Plant smoke is the one that releases energy gathered in crystals, which do not, in fact, belong to this crystal. The best are Sage, Palo Santo and Tea tree oil. Incense I recommend to burn, when you anyway use any of these plants of power in cleaning your home and crystal monthly. If you simply burn incense in your home, it helps jewellery not to gather home energy in themselves and helps to, in a manner of speaking, to prolong that proper cleaning process.


For example, if you have acquired your crystals from me, I can say that you can start using them right after getting them, because before taking the crystals to Boutiques, I charge and clean them all. So they are promptly ready for helping you!

If you have worn one piece of jewellery for a month, then it is the right time to start doing cleaning rituals for it until the end of wearing this jewellery.

If you have created sets of crystals, they should be regularly cleaned after a month in home. Crystals, that can be washed under water, I recommend putting through water from time to time.

Massage crystal speheres, massage wands and pendulums should always be cleaned after using them.

- Clean crystal jewellery with plant smoke at least once a month.

- They can be cleaned despite the Moon phase, but it still would be best to follow the phases. This, because during the right Moon phase you can clean them more efficiently.

- Every Moon phase has its distinctive power, that I write about in a weekly crystal article or in a separate article. You can then follow this under the articles.

- I´m used to clean myself and my jewellery during the Full Moon and the New Moon or during the creation of the First Quarter Moon. You can find the Full Moon article from HERE, article about the New Moon from  HERE and the article about the creation of the First Quarter Moon from HERE. You will find useful information about the general powers of Moon phases from these articles.

- Jewellery is placed on the table, and, in turn, a smudge stick is set to smoke or incense is set to burn in the middle. Smudge stick is left to smoke for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If you use Tea tree oil, then keep this is oil smoking in an oil lamp for at least an hour. Cleaning with Tea tree oil takes longer than with smudge stick or with Palo Santo.

- Let plant smoke to burn in the middle of crystals the same way.

If you have allowed Sage smudge stick, Palo Santo, Tea tree oil or incense to do their work, then remove them from where you cleaned them. Next step is charging crystals.

When the question arises which incenses to use, then I have written about the effects of different incenses. Clean love crystals with love energy incense, protection crystals with protection energy incense. You can find incenses from HERE, where you can read about the effects of every incense


On the picture there is jewellery charging on Amethyst geode. Amethyst manages to charge jewellery, with the goal of activating spiritual growing, restoring intuition crystals and the ones that help to bring peace. On this Amethyst geode there is a protective bracelet that helps to strengthen intuition for sensing negative things. In addition there are Phantom Quartz, that helps towards spiritual development, and Rock Crystal with Green Tourmaline. All these crystals are bound with spiritual growing, which means that Amethyst is the perfect charging crystal for this jewellery. The purpose of Amethyst is to restore the energy in them, so that they could work with people for a very long time. In addition to Amethyst, you can charge jewellery on Rock Crystal geode, with universal charging abilities and it is fit for charging any kind of jewellery.

If cleaning helps to release energies stuck in these crystal, then charging helps to activate them into work. Charging gives crystals more vitality, energy and power. It restores the natural power in them, which they use for working with you. Cleaning helps to release energy gathered in these crystals and charging helps to restore them.

If we are talking about energetic charging, then Earth has also gifted geodes among crystals. Geodes are crystals with the ability to resurrect other crystals. Geodes are made of small peaks of crystals and these peaks lead energy to other crystals. Geodes have the ability to not become empty and they can restore themselves, if you keep them on a  windowsill. The only thing geode wishes for, in order to do its work properly, is to enjoy Sunlight and Moonlight.

For charging jewellery, find a special windowsill in your home, where you could keep geodes. Create yourself a resting place for crystals, where you start to keep your jewellery when you are not wearing them.

Every geode has its own energy it can restore. You can read more about different geodes from HERE.

If you already have a lot of different jewellery, the ones for protection, love energy crystals and already also Angel crystals, then, first and foremost, there should be a Rock Crystal geode. Rock Crystal geodes clean and charge all crystals, but if you have a lot of crystal jewellery, then there could be particular geodes for jewellery with specific power.

If we are talking about a charging place, then, firstly, jewellery is charged in there. I am talking about charging crystals below.

Charging jewellery on geodes goes like this - you put jewellery on them or right besides them, and keep them there when you are not wearing them. This for them to be constantly fully charged and ready to help you immediately, if you feel like you want to wear one or other jewellery.

If you wear a piece of jewellery daily, then I recommend taking away all crystal jewellery and setting them for charging for the night. This for jewellery to not run out of energy, not to start to break or change colour. Crystal jewellery, not held with dignity, cleaned or charged, lose their energy and will start to break.

You sometimes could wear jewellery during the night, but then only the ones, that bring visions or are related to prophetic dreams. I have written about these recommendations in different talismans and this will not cause the loss of crystal energies, if you do so from time to time.

You can start creating a charging place for jewellery gradually, starting from one Rock Crystal geode and adding to that, if more jewellery come. The thing with charging place is that, the more you deal with crystals, the more you have jewellery, the bigger the charging place should be. If we are talking bout the size of the charging place, then I am talking about the geodes you have placed there.

The more jewellery, the bigger geode should be or the more smaller geodes there should be. You don´t have to find yourself a big geode right away, but you could gradually add smaller geodes, this is simply one of the possibilities.

How many pieces of jewellery could be charged on a small geode? I will give the example of a Rock Crystal geode, with the size of ca 5 cm, this covers approximately two bracelets and one talisman or a pair of earrings. If you overload a geode, then this crystal cannot to its work the way you want it to.

If you, for example, wear crystals related to abundance or work success, then it would be perfect, if you would have a Citrine geode. Citrine has the ability to give energy precisely to these crystals. You could place a Citrine besides a Rock Crystal and knowingly set jewellery to charge in there. Set some of jewellery to charge on one geode and others on the other one.



If you create a special place in a home for your crystal jewellery, where they could recover from helping you, then in addition to necessary geodes, there could be other useful forms of crystals on the charging altar. For example, it is very useful to keep different kinds of obelisks in there. Obelisks have the strength and power that could amplify energies. Setting an obelisk besides a geode, then this crystal could make the charging process more powerful. Especially useful is a Black Obsidian obelisk, with the ability to remove old, stuck and harmful energy from the jewellery charging on the geode. This is why it is useful to keep this obelisk on a charging altar.


Pyramids act correspondingly, giving geodes stronger strength for charging jewellery crystals. Keep Rock Crystal pyramid close to Rock Crystal geode, Black Obsidian pyramid cllose to Agate geode or Hematite geode. Rose Quartz pyramid with Anthophyllite geode, Amethyst pyramid with Amethyst geode. You can keep other pyramids there, according to what kind of charging energy you wish to create.


Natural Crystals are useful for the charging altar, when you wish to give even bigger extra energy to jewellery. For example, use pieces of rough Selenite for charging Angel and intuition crystals. Set them on Selenite, which in turn, for example, are besides a Celestine geode. This way, two crystals, related to Angel and personal development energies, could restore your jewellery.

If you want to charge and amplify sets created from crystals, then exactly the same way, geode or a pyramid is set in the centre of crystal sets. For example, you set Tiger´s Eye pyramid besides a Citrine geode to amplify the power of your crystals for success in work.

If you charge crystals and jewellery, then their power increases and they gradually start to work with you more strongly.

Finally I would like to mention, that I name my charging place an altar, you do this following your own senses, use your creative side, let visions come and fill it with elements you know and you feel like could be in use there. Add plants besides geodes and many other things, that could be useful for your crystals. Do the same with cleaning rituals, sense, when you want to do this, does the crystal need a cleaning ritual etc.

If jewellery breaks, lose their colour, get lost or an accident happens, then this is a sign of the crystals lack of energy. Sometimes it could happen frequently, when you have just began working with crystals. Tehy simply lose power, as they have to give all of their power to you.

Crystals are Earth's gift to us, so that we could use them for our emotional body. Be smart and use them with dignity and respect, and anticipated result will come.