I’m taking a moment before I describe Sagittarians, and ask myself, which are the most characteristic parts of his nature. The first thing I see in Sagittarians is that they are true explorers. Both in the physical and emotional sense. They have an inner wish to discover, explore, see and experience, which is actually really good quality. He is active by nature, someone who simply doesn’t like to stand still in life. Sagittarians are definitely the ones who love to travel the most and most of them have done it a lot in their lifetime. When they don’t have the chance for it, then they’ll travel in their minds. I must point out that they have quite a good imagination. Fantasizing is usually part of the water-element character, i.e. part of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio character, but Sagittarians do have a very colourful imagination.

Their mind and fantasies have a concrete direction, for example, they have a really good acumen. Female Sagittarians can decorate their whole home or other people’s homes without any help from an interior designer. Male Sagittarians can create different business structures in their minds so well that the ideas don’t need to be put in the paper. Later on, he will put it into a physical form.

Sagittarians move around, but this has a big BUT. They only walk on their positive path when they are always in movement. There are also those Sagittarians who simply stop and start living comfortably and their life won’t budge at all anymore. Sagittarians are the ones who constantly have to move and work to enjoy their life just the way it is.

They are social people, they somehow merge really quickly with other people. This for their interesting view on life. They are philosophical, they like to talk about things the way they are and have really been happening. They don’t like to be secretive or gloss things. Sometimes they do this, try to gloss something unpleasant, but they feel uneven and can feel how they lie to themselves. Sagittarians are the ones among their friends who are super open to talking about different things. Don’t feel embarrassed, why should you? Everyone makes mistakes, everyone sometimes makes a mistake and this needs to be talked about. They can very well laugh at themselves and that’s why it’s not silly or embarrassing when he is talking about things that are not that comfortable. But we need signs like this, we all complement and help each other. Sagittarians are the ones who teach other signs to take it easy and not make a problem out of nothing.

They want to express their emotions so others could understand them. When they don’t like something, then he’ll let you know and when he does, then he’ll show it more than a Capricorn who composes himself. Honesty and straightforwardness is part of their character. This really goes with fire-elements, this also goes with Aries and Leos. Straightforwardness could sometimes have a bad effect on them, because there are also signs who take things literally, like Libras and Aquarians who need things to be not so straight.

On the other way around, straightforwardness gives them the ability to help others and give advice. If needed, Sagittarius can say directly that clothes like this make you look like a clown or, rather, that this hair brings out your beautiful eyes. When they say so, then it’s true. When you really want to understand people through their signs, then forgive Sagittarius for his frankness, because this could be actually useful for you.

They are very curious. They can’t do anything for it, they simply are interested in different things. No matter what – whether how a neighbour bakes those cakes so well or who your co-worker goes out at nights with. They won’t do much with this information but the interest is big. If you, Sagittarians, are reading this and feel that it’s not true, then forgive me - you’re curious. That’s why you like to talk to people. When you’re not interested, you would be introverted and would like to be on your own.

I’m giving a little hint to other signs how to win Sagittarius over. Especially for those who would like to be in a relationship with them. You’re attractive to Sagittarius when you’re firstly strong. You also have to like to experience things, travel and you have to have a wish to learn in this life. You need to know how to enjoy life and, at the same time, you have to like working. Foremost, they’re looking for someone alike. What they don’t like is to be dependant on other people, that is, the other side must let him live freely.

The thing with this sign is that it has a very strong male energy and men are very manly and women strong. This won’t mean that women are not beautiful, but he is simply with a very strong character, which is the symbol of male energy. Sagittarians women usually look measured and men are very masculine.

In conclusion, I wish to say that they have a lot of good qualities, but they are there only when he is in a constant movement and won’t stop moving forward in his life. Another way around things will be completely different and they’ll become overly critical towards people, in addition, they may have addictions.


Fire-element directs Sagittarians, which gives him the need to be constantly in action, visible or, at least, on the horizon so people wouldn't forget that he is still your friend, companion, close to you. He has to feel that he belongs to somewhere and when he loses that feeling, then he’ll simply look for a new company where he is valued. But he’ll forgive a person who has neglected him and when the other side shows initiative, then he’ll give up and tries again.

Fire-element gives him the ability to work towards his goals so he could finish all his physical activities without losing strength. Sagittarius is ambitious and he can easily work with something that’s not the most comfortable thing. Sagittarians do the dirty work to achieve their goals and they don’t like when someone puts his nose into structures he created. He has his own rules and systems and when someone simply comes and tells him: "Hey, you could do better this way...", and if it would be better this way, Sagittarius is still certain of himself and stays behind his idea. It’s really hard to affect Sagittarians!


TURQUOISE has through history been the crystal for Sagittarians. Turquoise is a very precious crystal because it has universal healing abilities. When Sagittarius wears Turquoise, of course natural, then he won’t need other crystals at the same time. Most crystals always need other crystals by their side.


JUPITER is a planet that leads him, which means that it gives him good humour. Generally, their humour runs deep and they won’t say no to black humour. They try not to feel offended and try to understand when others try. This makes him into a very good companion – he gives time, tries to understand, sometimes even when he is really not getting it. He does all of that, but, at the same time, he has a great positive ego in him thanks to Jupiter - I’m the most important person, try not to forget!

Sagittarians are also the ones who, when there is someone new and he sees that the person is not feeling comfortable, he helps him to adjust comfortably. For example, he quietly speaks to him or invites him to himself and the ice will be broken. This means they are matchmakers.


In addition to crystals, also gold suits them, as it gives them the ability to do something with their energy, thoughts, inspiration.

Mind. SODALITE is one of the best and most needed stress relievers. Although they live their emotions out, they are also over-workers and hustlers that causes a lot of stress. Sodalite is the one that helps to catch any kind of stress and direct it away from the Aura. Sodalite balances him and gives Sagittarius the ability to recognize the right and wrong friends. By nature, Sagittarius is kind, but quite often they give out too much from themselves and can’t set the boundaries with the wrong people. In addition, Sodalite is supportive of strengthening the ability to analyse.

SMOKY QUARTZ is the crystal that helps them to get rid of bad habits or thoughts, that is, it helps to be healthier.  Smoky Quartz helps you to cope with everything that needs your care and attention. When you wear Smoky Quartz with you, you will subconsciously begin to find solutions to your unfinished tasks. Smoky Quartz gives you strength so you can handle everything you need to do in your life. Smoky Quartz will not let you postpone your duties, it will help you perform various tasks consistently, in order to maintain harmony and balance in your life. Smoky Quartz heals your soul, helping to remove the nervousness, keeping you balanced and free from your negative thoughts. When you feel like you’re always negative and pessimistic, then Smoky Quartz is the crystal that helps you to become a lot happier.

Prosperity is brought by PERIDOT and FUCHSITE. Peridot brings luck. By wearing this crystal, luck energy will automatically start to grow, increase, become more powerful and this will start to bring a lot of good opportunities for you. It would be really useful to keep it with you from time to time to restore your luck energies. Fuchsite should be worn above the Solar Plexus Chakra i.e. on a very long chain/band so it could hang around your neck above this Chakra.

The same way, also TURQUOISE brings prosperity to Sagittarius. SNOW OBSIDIAN has the ability to remove financial misfortune energy from his Aura, helping other prosperity crystals to work. Snow Obsidian is one of the most important crystals for him, as it helps to bring out the most high quality, best and greatest character traits. Snow Obsidian helps to relieve his stress, delete negative energy from his life and Aura. The crystal helps him to move to the right path where he will find happiness and peace. This could also be included in his birth crystal chest as this is something he could wear when he needs to redirect himself back to the right path. Read more about Sagittarius and his 6 wonderful character traits from HERE.

A talisman for good luck and protection for Sagittarius is BLACK OBSIDIAN, which has the ability to protect in the most universal sense. Helps to keep away bad luck, be physically away from problems and it creates a powerful protection shield for his Aura. Black Obsidian is a powerful Aura protector and cleanser for energies there. It strengthens physical protection which means that it has the ability to keep physical accidents and violence away from it. Black Obsidian protects from energy attacks and energy-vampirism. Protects against deliberate bullying. If you are aware of whoever wants you to fail and who is violating your life, occasionally keep Black Obsidian in your hand and give it a message for this person to leave you alone.

Also, LABRADORITE is the crystal of communication and intuition for a Sagittarius. Labradorite is a crystal that helps Sagittarius to understand who is who, who could be part of this life, which are the agendas. Labradorite is a really good crystal to increase business instincts and understanding himself.

AMETHYST is the number one crystal for amplifying his intuition and spiritual energy. This is even one of the most universal crystals for him, helping to attract positive energy. Amethyst heals the soul so that something beautiful and valuable could reach your soul. Amethyst does the groundwork for everything positive you wish to have in your life. It is always useful to wear and use Amethyst so that your own Aura would be ready to accept happiness.

Amethyst has the ability to make people more intuitive, which means that it leads the person to look for answers on different topics, helping them to understand what is right and what is wrong. Helps also to eliminate wrong gut instincts, that could very easily appear, giving the direction on how to trust yourself and your decisions. Amethyst will expand your mind by directing your eyes and thoughts to the topics that need your attention the most. If for a longer period, you constantly wear Amethyst with you, then this heals your Aura body. Amethyst injects spiritual healing into your Aura, that changes the colour of your Aura into a more purple tone. The more violet light in your Aura, the more intuitive and spiritual you are. Amplifying spirituality means that energy is lifted in the Aura, through what a person can heal, can quicker reach through to other alternative healings, strengthens intuition and lets to heal spiritually.

Another powerful crystal I recommend to Sagittarius is AZURITE. This is for those who wish to sense the spiritual world even more deeply. Also, LAZURITE is a necessary intuition crystal for Sagittarius as it helps to see the difference between right and wrong gut feeling. Lazurite is also good for seeing visions. When you wear or use Lazurite then it helps to bring about visions that would help to solve a problem, to fix it or what would be useful for you. You can ask specific visions from Lazurite, you need to keep the crystal in your hand for that, close your eyes and ask your question. After that, the vision will come or you’re given an answer to this question through signs. It’s still a very spiritual crystal and this means that also it’s powers are related to mysticism and the spiritual side of life. Lazurite, for example, is a crystal that helps to experience astral projection, to enter it knowingly and get different out-of-body experiences through that.

Love. CHAROITE is the crystal that helps him to understand who he loves and why he loves her. Charoite is a crystal of unconditional love, which is used to let your love be free for your beloved. Charoite is a love crystal for both women and men. Charoite brings love and helps to find love. It can also be used to create a better relationship with your loved one. It is especially useful for those who are constantly away from each other cause of work. Charoite helps to maintain the connection between the couple. Charoite is a crystal that helps you to get rid of emotions that prevent you from moving forward with your life. Charoite helps you to understand why you hold onto something, why you feel bad emotions and where they come from. It is the healer of the soul, which teaches you to keep up your head despite the situation, teaching you to value your life and preventing you from giving up. I recommend Chaorite for attracting good opportunities linked to relationships. Wear Chaorite for healing relationships or attract new love.

IOLITE is the crystal I recommend Sagittarians to wear with different love crystals, it helps love to come to his life and love crystals to work properly.

GARNET is a crystal that helps to bring love to them and be passionate.  One of my favourite Garnet quality is increasing life energy, creating a passion for life, amplifying romantic energy and bringing love. It could be said that I consider Garnet as one of the strongest love crystals and I definitely recommend it to everyone who feels like they would like to feel even more love in their life. Garnet increases the feeling of love, makes people more passionate and attracts love also to those people who are single and also for those who are in a relationship. In a relationship, it simply helps to restore the “spark”. Garnet is useful for both men and women to attract love, increase libido and also to increase the desire of physical connection. Garnet supports healthy love and good behaviour towards the person your heart belongs to.


I have written down the first and last dates according to belief. Some believe that Sagittarius begins on November 22, some that on November 23 etc.

The things I have written for each crystal are one of the challenges or a great wish Sagittarius born on these dates has, that’s why he needs that crystal.

November 23 – 24 Hawk’s Eye - helps to strengthen intuition and is also a protection crystal.

November 25 – 27 White Howlite - helps to relieve over thinking and excessive stress. These Sagittarians have the ability to get stuck on things and not let go of them.v
November 28 – 30 Blue Quartz - helps to relieve sleeping disorders and makes sleep quality better. Sleep, nervousness or overthinking is a problem for them.

December 1 - 3 Mahogany-Obsidian - brings success in business. They have visions and Mahogany-Obsidian helps to fulfil these.

December 4 - 6 Diopside - strong intuition crystal that helps to see the difference between good and bad gut feeling. These Sagittarians need to learn to sense their intuition so they wouldn’t give wrong answers to themselves.

December 7 – 8 Lazurite - crystal to strengthen intuition for every Sagittarians, but these ones have the most spiritual energy in them.

December 9 – 11 Prenite -  good for self-development and bringing work success. Helps the prosperity channel to open up and good financial opportunities to come.

December 12 – 14 Sugilite - a crystal to find love. The main thing for these Sagittarians is finding love, keeping it, the ability to manage it.

December 15 – 17 Blue Chalcedony - helps to say opinions out just the way he wants to. They are the timidest Sagittarians who put up with a lot, although they are not usually like this. Helps to cope with stress.

December 18 – 20 Blue Lace Agate - helps them to express themselves so others could understand them. Is a good crystal to evolve their intuition.

December 21 Amethyst - the last date for this sign ends with Amethyst, that helps to balance his energies so they wouldn’t be as affected by Capricorns.

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.

I have written many articles about Sagittarians, you can find them HERE. Have a nice time reading!