Pisces is the twelfth zodiac of the zodiac sign system, ruled by the power of Neptune. Neptune gives Pisces emotionality, empathy, sensitivity and strong intuition. This zodiac sign starts on February 19th ends at March 20th.

Pisces is a zodiac sign with the deepest inner world and living in two worlds at once. One is the world that includes all the other and ordinary living systems, and the other world where each Pisces is the world of its inner "I". No one else may ever understand this, or even know that such a world exists in the depths of their souls. The very name of the character, Pisces, alludes to two personalities.

Representatives of this zodiac have a very deep soul. At first glance, you may feel that they are modest, distant, and need to get used to new situations, or that when you get to know him, you will see that he is by no means a modest or shy personality. The statement "shallow waters run deep" applies to Pisces. Once the representative of this zodiac sign has embraced you, he will reveal his true self to you. They do not consciously open themselves to strangers, this is their defensive attitude.


Pisces are very careful about sharing their personal lives, they can tell you a lot, but at the same time, you don't seem to know them. They say the right things at the right time, hold back when needed, and watch your every reaction to what they say. Pisces are "observers", meaning that they analyse other people's actions step by step and gradually. They do not do it consciously or because it is planned, this analysis comes in some way by itself./p>

They are careful with new people to understand whether it is right to bring that person into their lives or not. Why do they do that? They do not want to get hurt and unnecessarily share energy with people who do not deserve it. However, once you have won his trust, Pisces are those who serve you as a queen or a king. They like to serve their friends, loved ones and family. They especially like to help when it is difficult to be close. Pisces like to please others.


Pisces like to take care of people in their heart and they need someone to work on. They need a mission so they can heal, teach, or direct someone. If they have someone to help, they are happy. However, if there is no needy and there are too strong personalities around him, then Pisces will start to dominate over others. Often a person born under the sign of Pisces takes his or her companion as the object to dominate. It looks like he needs a 100% overview of every step, act, words and wishes of a companion. He just needs to know everything, so just in case this information is needed, he has it. Such an instinct emerges in Pisces because they are naturally helpers and healers. If there is no one to be healed, there is a need for control. If you are this controlling Pisces or your companion has become one, it will help to reduce this characteristic with the help of Blue Lace Agate. It is a crystal that helps to reduce the dominance of Pisces and gives it the ability to cope even in periods when no one needs his help. The Blue Lace Agate is also a stress-relieving crystal for Pisces, which at the same time helps him to make contact with the Angels.

The need to control and dominate is only because they are healers of all other zodiac signs. They are coded in the depths of their souls to help other people. Many Pisces also need to be in constant contact with animals and nature.

Pisces is the strangest sign in the zodiac system. They have an insane need to be alone, they have a zone with a very large radius that must belong only to them. Pisces often don't like it when people come to their homes. Home is their fortress, their universe. Pisces need to be alone to roam the inner world. They need to be able to decide for themselves when they want to communicate with you and when the time is not right. If someone enters the world of Pisces at the wrong time, for example, if they dream of plans for the future or travel to another galaxy, there will be an immediate decline in mood and a negative reaction. That's because you dared to enter without asking permission.


At the same time, they desperately need the support and closeness of other people. Pisces is generally a very independent character and it is crucial for them to be able to do everything themselves, they do not want to be submissive. In order to achieve independence and be happy and viable, a support person is needed next to them. Every Pisces needs a person next to him to help him overcome the fluctuations in his mood and get him back on his feet in the event of a loss of motivation. Pisces' intuition, spirituality and ability to read energies and people are accompanied by constant mood swings. If another character is in a bad mood, he will go away, be alone and live within it. Pisces are different. At such a moment, they need their own companion, a good friend or a close person from whom they expect a motivational speech. Pisces are moody, all because they have strong skills, and if you are very strong in some areas, your weaknesses can also be powerful. Pisces need the support of loved ones, it will help them.  Pyrite helps prevent the mood swings, loss of motivation and loss of self-confidence. This crystal helps Pisces to always be confident and motivates them to constantly act and trust themselves. 

Pisces is affected by the water element, which gives them the ability to be a very good listener, compassionate, the ability to put themselves in another person's position, to feel other people's pain as if it were their pain, and the ability to adapt to everything very quickly. Pisces are the best adapters of all the other characters and they can switch to a new topic in an instant.

The water element, which affects the nature of Pisces, also gives them the ability to be insanely happy, motivated, and intellectually satisfied with everything when something is right. At the same time, the water element makes them insanely, even depressingly sad when something goes wrong. There is no golden mean for Pisces. There is a weak period and there is a strong period.

Pisces luck, positivity, well-being and happiness crystal is Mariam Jasper. This crystal brings happiness to the Pisces and makes them more positive. Mariam Jasper does not let them be unhappy, but rather makes them more confident.

Black Tourmaline helps prevent stress, over-emotionality, depression and emotional decline.  This crystal keeps the stress away from Pisces, for whatever purpose they carry this crystal. It is one crystal that every Pisces could carry with it in its life path so as not to fall into a period of life that causes harm.

Pisces is the character who has been given the most intuition and was born here with an immediate strong instinct and ability to see correctly. They trust their intuition and inner feeling the most compared to all other zodiac signs. This is because they have not been given material greed. Pisces desire for materiality is different, they are freer about money and materiality. They believe that money can also be loved by treating it with respect.


The intuition of this zodiac sign is strong, and they often trust it simply because they see in their way of life that they must not miss it. They can analyse the signs, what is happening in life and understand very well that if they do not listen to themselves, they will get hurt. Thus, most of them learn to listen to their inner voice throughout their lives, and they realize that the inner voice is stronger than any other fact that is thrown at them. If the inner voice says one thing and this fact the other, then the representative of Pisces knows very well that the inner feeling is what tells the truth.


 Lazurite is the crystal for strengthening and developing intuition and making it more powerful. It has the ability to make the intuition of Pisces even more powerful and helps them to develop on spiritual issues. Lazurite also gives you the courage to believe in yourself and trust yourself. The crystal is very suitable for those Pisces that are taking steps towards full confidence. Blue Chalcedony and also Aquamarine help Pisces with strengthening the inner voice and communicating with Angels. Blue Chalcedony has an extremely calming and stress relieving effect for Pisces. This crystal helps Pisces to be satisfied with themselves, teaching them to enjoy life and make the most of the moment. For Pisces, this crystal is important if the sensitive and emotional representative of Pisces wants to be truly happy. Aquamarine helps Pisces contact with its Angels. It has the ability to convey the messages of Pisces to the Angels and help them interpret the signs sent by the Angels. Blue Calcite helps to bring out its intuitive, spiritual and mystical qualities in Pisces. If the representative of Pisces wants to become more intuitive, it is good to use this crystal. Blue Calcite helps to improve world awareness by helping to perceive and see things more clearly. In addition, it is a great balancer and luck crystal, helping to improve Pisces' mental balance and bringing emotional satisfaction.

They are some of the best communicators and friends because Pisces are the ones who really listen to you. They communicate in a way that they take everything from your stories to understand you. Pisces need details, they need emotions and they can live your emotions with you.

People born under this sign are given the life task of learning to use their inner world, intuition, and the ability to perceive things for a positive purpose. The lesson for Pisces is to learn to use your intuition to develop further, to have the courage to make decisions.


Those born under the sign of Pisces are actually given everything in life to be happy and to invite great happiness to themselves. They have the ability to attract both material and emotional happiness to their way of life. Pisces can make their prosperity channels work in an instant, and all that is needed is for them to be happy. They have so much intuition and the ability to perceive what brings good happiness and what brings misfortune. This is also why they have been given the opportunity to be very fortunate - they can just bring it to life. Pyrite and Bloodstone bring Pisces good luck and material prosperity. Bloodstone is also the health crystal of Pisces. It can bring prosperity, material success, luck to their lives and at the same time protect health from disease. Apatite helps Pisces think logically by improving his analytical mind. A good crystal for material luck, helping the representative of Pisces to find good solutions for himself. Increases intuition professionally, commercially and economically. Apatite brings monetary luck and prosperity to the life of Pisces.

Representatives of the Pisces zodiac sign must be active at all times. Their minds are constantly generating something and they can think of things. If they do not find an activity, a hobby, a difficult and responsible job, there may be negative sides. Each zodiac sign has its positive and negative characteristics. If the representative of the Pisces sign is not active enough, he becomes lazy and very comfortable. It is very difficult for him to get out of this laziness and comfort. Pisces men are particularly at risk of laziness and comfort. I recommend wearing a Chrysocolla for them. This crystal helps Pisces get rid of laziness and bring it out of the comfort zone it has created. Chrysocolla is also a crystal for Pisces to strengthen their intuition, helping them to make predictions.

Pisces love with the soul, their love is very deep, and when you are with them, you must approach him with beautiful and beautiful words. Pisces loves romantic gestures and can appreciate such ways of expressing feelings the most. If you want Pisces to love you, you must constantly remind him with words and deeds. They do not love one who offers material security, but one who offers them emotional security. He needs someone to tale care of him and carries on hands. At the same time, Pisces are the same, they like to give it back. He pulls in when you say ugly words to him. Bitter words are the ones that quickly break the love of Pisces. If you want your relationship with them to be perfect, check your words and say simple things like, "You look great today!" That sentence is enough and all is well!
Representatives of this zodiac are very selective about their partner. There can be a lot of love in the life of Pisces because they are representatives of the water element. Scorpios and Cancers, which carry the water element, are also great lovers. The representative of the Pisces zodiac sign looks for the "ideal person" next to him, and when he finds that person, he makes him even more ideal at his own discretion. For them, a love affair is like a mission, and they often don't let their partner be who they really are. Pisces has the skill and need to improve people, and it actually makes its partner an even better companion.

Pisces love crystals are Larimar, Watermelon Tourmaline and Aquamarine. Larimar opens Pisces to love, teaches to share and receive love. This crystal brings the luck of love to those Pisces that are already in a relationship. Watermelon Tourmaline increases the passion of Pisces and helps to find love when the right person is waiting for you in your life. Aquamarine opens Pisces to share feelings and be more loving to your partner.
Pink Chalcedony is suitable for both mend and women Pisces. It is a crystal that brings Pisces love luck in every field and creates contact with the loved one and family. A Pisces home’s west corner could have at least as many Pink Chalcedony crystals as there are family members in its home. It is a crystal that helps Pisces to have a good relationship with their loved ones. I recommend Pisces women to wear Pink Chalcedony if they want to get more attention from their partner.

Pisces need attention and they become sad when dear people have neglected them. They have a great need to be visible to the loved one, and when the companion is busy with other things, the representative of the Pisces zodiac sign will seek attention.
The Pisces man is the greatest romantic in the entire zodiac sign system. If you want a man by your side who is sensitive and romantic, then the Pisces man is just for you. Their love crystal is Pietersite. It helps Pisces men find a companion next to them and at the same time strengthens masculine intuition and energy. Pisces man needs a woman to guide him gently, smartly and through the "flowers". It is very important for them that the woman is confident and able to lead her in such a way that this approach has a seductive undertone. If you are with a Pisces man, it would be best to constantly praise and worship him. This approach creates a man who carries you in his arms.
Pisces woman is for a man who has nothing to hide from his wife. She can examine his husband like an X-ray. Pisces woman is gentle, loving and caring and is suitable for men who want a caregiver next to them. She wants to depend on her husband even if she can actually handle it herself. These women are seduced when a man is stronger and more confident than she is. Pisces woman cannot be with a man with low self-esteem and cannot accept a man's weaknesses. Thus, the women of Pisces are fascinated by strong personalities and there is a reason for that - they need a strong example, then they can shine themselves.

Representatives of this zodiac sign have been given the ability to be creative or they really like everything related to creativity. Pisces need a little art, music, drawing, singing, powerfully made films, theatre ... They like the game of thoughts and they like themes with deep meaning.

Pisces are very temperamental in nature. Chevron Amethyst helps Pisces to be balanced and is a very important crystal for their temperament. Chevron Amethyst helps them understand why they feel something, why emotion is too high at the moment, and what to do with it. It would be most useful if a representative of Pisces filled his home with Chevron Amethyst. This crystal could be inside the pillow, next to the bed and in his bedroom. Chevron Amethyst has the ability to improve the sleep quality of Pisces, and if Pisces has a sleep disorder, this crystal helps to get out of it.
Amethyst is also very useful for Pisces. It helps to strengthen their intuition, relieve stress and is one of the most universal crystals that this zodiac representative could wear. If Pisces has not yet gone deep into the world of crystals, then Amethyst is the right crystal for him. There could also be a lot of Amethyst in their home, it helps them to have a better personality. Amethyst brings out all the good in Pisces, helps them to shine and be very positive in nature.
Fluorite helps Pisces to evolve spiritually. They are lifelong learners, they like to evolve, learn new things and be successful. It is very important for Pisces to be powerful in their chosen subject and profession. Different types of Fluorite, like Rainbow Fluorite, Blue Fluorite or others, are very useful for Pisces. If a Pisces representative goes to study, he could take it with him during his studies. If he wants to be more successful at work, this crystal could be on his desk or he could carry it with him to work.

The weakest health aspect of this zodiac sign is the feet and the blood supply to the feet. Most Pisces have cold feet or joint problems. They need a constant foot massage, they should go swimming, eat parsley, green onions, drink ginger and massage feet with Shungite or Bloodstone massage spheres/wands. These are techniques that help Pisces's feet stay healthy.

Pisces can sense and prevent danger. The combination of Labradorite and Lava makes his sense of danger even stronger. He may also wear these crystals separately. Labradorite makes the minds of Pisces brighter and Lava makes his personality stronger. Lava is especially useful for Pisces men.
I have written the first and last dates according to my beliefs. According to certain beliefs, Pisces start in the 18, others believe on February 19th, etc.

February 18.- 20 SILVER TOPAZ
February 20 - 21 PSILOMELANE
February 21 - 23 OCEAN JASPER
February 23 - 24 GREEN KYANITE
February 24 - 25 SARDONYX
February 25 - 26 STROMATOLITE
February 26 - 27 KYANITE
February 27 - 28 SCOLECITE
February 28 - 29 SHIVA LINGAM
March 1 - 3 FLUORITE
March 3 - 5 ARAGONITE
March 5 - 6 AQUAMARINE
March 6 - 8 APATITE
March 9 - 10 BERYL
March 12 - 13 BLUE CALCITE
March 14 - 15 BLUE LACE AGATE
March 15 - 16 CHIASTOLITE
March 16 - 18 CARNELIAN
March 20 - 21 MOONSTONE

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can quickly reach certain constellation Auras.

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