Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign in the zodiac sign system, born between January 20th and February 18th. This period is considered the zodiac of Aquarius, and if your date of birth falls in that period, then you are also one of the magical Aquarius.

This zodiac sign is controlled by an air element, which makes the character of Aquarius very changeable and gives him the need to constantly think about things. If you are an Aquarius, in addition to this article, I suggest you read one of my other articles later, where I talk about the air element and its effect on the zodiac. You can read more about the air element HERE.

Aquarius is a teacher, analytical, philosophical, changeable, and controversial.

So who is this wonderful Aquarius? He is one big and a hard nut to crack for all other zodiac signs. Aquarius is indeed very complex in nature, and above all, because they have an innate protective attitude. This same defensive attitude does not allow other people to reach his soul very quickly. The defensive attitude is expressed in the fact that he keeps his personal life secret from others. This is just in case because you never know who you can trust. This is a natural attitude, and in the case of Aquarius, secrecy cannot be disapproved. They don't do it on purpose, it's their way of touching the surface before diving into it. People and subjects are brought to life in their own pace, in every field.

Aquarius must learn that one cannot always remain a listener, and one must open oneself in the name of deep friendship or love. So if he can melt his own ice, he will be more satisfied with his own life. Ocean Jasper is the crystal that helps him express himself better, helps him be more creative and open. Ocean Jasper could certainly be in Aquarius' home, near him, or in the middle of love crystals. This is so that Ocean Jasper can promote his emotional life by bringing good communication and getting along.

Aquarius is independent, and if you try to cage one of them, he will never be there for him.

Every soul born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius longs for freedom in every possible form. He is a person who cannot work very well under the guidance of others, but life is such that he must learn to do so. If he learns it, he will not seek eternal freedom and will achieve balance and stability. Of course, there is another way, and that is to find work that can be done independently.

He must have the freedom to decide, to think independently and to express his opinion. People who start to limit him to scare him away. He escapes from those who try to make it clear to him what is right and what is wrong. He often loses friends with this behaviour, simply because others do not understand his attitude. This attitude is taken especially personally by those who are used to constantly working with other people for example Libra.

When Aquarius feels independent, he is content and joyful. Mookaite crystal helps to give this energy. Mookaite makes Aquarius happy, cheerful, optimistic and helps him feel independent even in situations where he is being led. Mookaite is also useful for him at the relationship level, helping to block escape from the relationship. This can happen to them if they feel restriction from the other side. Of course, it depends on which zodiac Aquarius lives.

Humour and entertainment heal Aquarius

On the one hand, Aquarius may seem very rude and too snappy, but that doesn't mean he is like that on every side. Aquarius loves humour and entertainment. They like to joke and laugh from the heart. They prefer a company where they can talk about nonsense and enjoy the nonsense. They like a company where you can just relax and not focus on other people's problems. Often Aquarians are also those who entertain others in the company, but they are no Leos. Leo s are destined to entertain others.

Aquarius enjoys the simplest forms of friendship, rather avoids over-involvement and wants to chat with friends on easy topics. He's a good interlocutor if he likes you, but a bad at speaking about himself. He can't speak out loud of his feelings at all right away, and when he does, he feels that he couldn't explain himself well enough. This is, of course, due to the fact that one of his leading planets is Saturn. Saturn creates a deep inner confusion and gives the Aquarius a very difficult inner life. But this quality also makes him analyse, think and generate all the time. So, as I say, every negative side has a positive side.

They are people of thought, and they are suitable for occupations where you can do a lot with their mind. When Aquarius does too much physical work, stress and mood swings are easy to come by. Therefore, a recommendation to all Aquarius - constantly find activities where you have to turn your mind to work, in which case your stress level will drop and soon it will shine in your eyes.

Aquarius enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and events. They have a great need to move and are very curious, most of them would be constantly driving and discovering if life allowed them to. They also make other zodiac signs come out of the house and see life.

Ideas, ideas and ideas again

I mentioned above that Aquarius is a generator of ideas, and so it really is - his mind doesn't stop there. He thinks, thinks more and then comes an interesting idea. They need to put their ideas into practice so they can be happy. Aquarius must always have a project ahead of it, be it creating an ideal garden, furnishing a home, arranging an office desk, a day trip full of details or a construction project planned to the utmost detail. If he has a plan or project in his head that he is working on, all is well.

Aquarius loses stability and becomes nervous if he has no plan. If you live with Aquarius, know that his nervousness may not be due to you at all, but rather because he is bored.

Amethyst works very well with Aquarius, helping to heal his nervous and restless mind. Amethyst is useful for many different zodiac signs, this is how it helps Aquarius.

Aquarius is determined


Aquarius is very determined and stubborn. This feature is very good on the one hand, but can also go very wrong. He often understands where he is making mistakes, but it is difficult for him to learn from his mistakes.

By his determination, I mean that when Aquarius has taken something upon himself, he will go and do it. This is a very good feature if the idea and direction benefit him, but Aquarius can also take steps with a firm and straight back that will harm him. Even if he realizes at some point that he has chosen the wrong direction, his ego will not be able to admit the mistake and take a step back.

I recommend Rhyolite to every Aquarius, which is one of his luck crystals. This crystal is associated with a sense of karma and destiny. When Aquarius carries or keeps alive Rhyolite, it always helps him to make choices that are favourable to his destiny, to move resolutely toward those choices, and to always be satisfied. Rhyolite only helps to make the same property positive.

Emotional or not?

Aquarius is guided by the air element that makes them think more in their emotional lives and feel realistic approached to things, rather than deeply loving and understanding the depths of their souls. However, this does not mean that he does not love and does not want love. On the contrary, they want it, but it is very difficult for them to understand what real love is and what they really feel about someone. The mind and heart are constantly at odds, one speaks one and the other speaks the other, and then the other way around. Thus, Aquarius is often faced with the question, "What do I really feel then?" No other zodiac sign understands this in him, and he does not always understand himself. If he wants to understand himself, then discovering himself is one of the most important issues for him.

Aquarians love crystal is Garnet. It helps to increase and amplify Aquarius feelings, making his emotions more powerful, passionate and loving. Garnet constantly helps him to maintain the flame of love, blocks emotional contemplation, and helps him love with the heart, not the mind. This crystal helps to constantly stimulate his feelings.

Because Aquarius is made to create, develop, implement ideas, move, and learn, his mind works very powerfully in this direction. However, this is the direction that prevents the Heart Chakra from working deeply. Garnet also helps to open the Heart Chakra so that there is no lack of true love in the life of Aquarius. Garnet also helps him show loving feelings to his partner.

If he is in a relationship with someone who gives him time, then a relationship with Aquarius is possible. When you do that, he becomes a good companion because he likes to build a home and he does it so that the family has a safe place. His home is one of the most important things for Aquarius, and he also wants to give his children a safe place to hide from the difficulties of life.

You can read more about the love of Aquarius HERE.

Innovations, challenges and interesting elements

As a representative of the air element, Aquarius needs constant innovations. He hates boredom or routine the most in this world. Okay, there may be a routine in his home life, but not in his soul. This means that he always needs to do something that he can discover, where he can extract the facts of his soul and improve himself. Aquarius are lifelong learners and discoverers. They like new things and everything that is new is a good challenge for him.

If necessary, he manipulates

Aquarius can handle any person, they just know how to communicate and how to achieve their desired result. He can turn that trump to his advantage. If he needs to get something, he disguises himself as a bit manipulative. He does it so well that the other side doesn't realize that he is being targeted in any way. They can easily change the direction of other people.

When interacting with him, topics can range from politics, science, astrology, witchcraft, and technology to cooking. Representatives of this zodiac are multifunctional storytellers, which makes friendships with them very versatile. He can offer you any kind of conversation - he goes along with everything. This is a side that many other characters value in him.

If Aquarius wants a sense of social cohesion, he must first and foremost learn to trust other people. They are vulnerable and therefore very sceptical of other people. When Aquarius has taken you into his family, he is completely unrecognisable. He is open and emotional and trusting. It just takes a very long time to reach this stage. Fear of getting hurt makes him sceptical, his subconscious always asking the question: “Can I still trust him? Ruby-Zoisite is a crystal that helps Aquarius move faster into a relationship and open up there.

Problem solvers


Aquarius has one very strong characteristic - the ability to see different aspects of problems, especially other people's problems, because, as always, he cannot see his own. This makes him a very good negotiator, interlocutor, guardian, fighter and helper. They can assess both sides very adequately, everyone should learn from him. He will not condemn you at first, he will make sure before that it is necessary. 

A soul that longs for pampering and beautiful words

Representatives of this zodiac sign will shine and move through the approval. If there are zodiac signs that are driven by anger, criticism, and negativity, then Aquarius is certainly not one of them. He enjoys the beautiful thoughts, words, and praise that are directed at him. Not only does he enjoy it, but he also needs it. This is one of the elements that make him move forward and strive higher. Even when dealing with Aquarius, he must be constantly cherished so that he can work for a relationship and open up his more positive aspects. Aquarius works with positive energy. Anyone who lives with him or is his friends could remember it.

If he does not receive pampering and lovable approaches from his loved ones, he will retreat to his own cocoon, from which it is very difficult for him to wrestle out. Fuchsite is a crystal that gives the Aquarius joy of life and helps him to be positive even if he does not receive such support from others. I recommend Fuchsite to those who expect and crave just such emotional approaches. It is also a crystal that brings good friends and positive discovery into the life of Aquarius.

Time to be alone

It is very important for the Aquarius to be able to be alone from time to time and to do his work in peace and quiet. This is necessary for him to be able to restore his energy supplies. His own time is important to him. If, after a long working week, he cannot find peace at home, one must be kept away from him, because then he will not be pleasant to anyone.

He needs his time, even to clean his home alone or go for a run, other family members have to let him.

Angelite brings peace of mind to Aquarius and helps him be emotionally healthy. It is also one of the strongest Angel crystals which helps him to be in contact with his guardian angel. An Aquarius could keep Angelite crystal under his own bed or carry it with him, especially when there is a very turbulent period in his life.

Uranus turns Aquarius into a visualizer

Uranus is one of the planets that affect the character of Aquarius, giving it a very bellicose nature and, on the other hand, a very good fantasy world and visualization skills. The representatives of this zodiac are deep-minded and very good analysts.

They know how to plan for their future and they need to do it. They need to create a sense of security, and in order for life to only move uphill, it is definitely necessary to make a hundred plans. Making plans, dreaming and motivating oneself is the way to survive in one's life. This is one of the strengths of Aquarius, others could learn from it.

One crystal of visualization for Aquarius is Aqua Aura. It helps him create an even more powerful fantasy world, strengthen his intuition and make him more sensitive to energies.

Attracting prosperity

Aquarius must enjoy his work. What gives him pleasure? Independent work, which can even lead to working alone, and an independent schedule. If this is not the case, the job position must require as much analysis as possible and include tasks related to thinking. If Aquarius enjoys his work, his channel of prosperity will also open.

Moss Agate has a prosperous effect on him, at the same time it brings good health. There could be a lot of Moss Agate in the prosperity corner of Aquarius. The more this crystal there is in his home, the greater the positive work of his prosperity channel.

Moss Agate motivates to even do the work that’s boring. I also recommend wearing this crystal to Aquarius who have problems with various health problems.

Aquarius has many good qualities, and if he can make good use of his more negative sides, happiness will come into his life.


Aquarius born in January is driven by the energy of the beginning of this zodiac sign. Aquarius born at that time are very stubborn, do what they want and are very sure of their principles. They have more perseverance and determination than other Aquarius.


During this period, the Sun is high in the sign of Aquarius and gives him a very deep inner world. They need this "their time" the most, they need a lot of peace and quiet. Those born at that time are most involved in analysing and discovering the world. For them, understanding their own destiny is very high. 


During this period, the Sun is gradually coming out of Aquarius, and this makes these Aquarius curious. It is very important for them to discover, develop themselves, learn and find and pursue a real hobby. These Aquarius need this "their" subject, which is their own.

A relationship with a father creates a certain future or uncertain outlook on life

His father is very important to Aquarius, this topic is very high in the subconscious. The kind of support Aquarius has received from his father in his childhood reflects his future. Those who have received a great deal of support and approval from their fathers will be more successful in the future. For those who have problems with their father or who have not gotten along with him when he was a child, life is more difficult. The happiness of Aquarius depends very much on what his relationship with his father is or has been.

For those who have bad or sad memories of their father, I recommend forgiving their father. For those who have lacked paternal love and support, I recommend wearing Blue Lace Agate that helps the subconscious to release this particular problem.



(I have written the first and last dates according to my beliefs. Based on certain beliefs, Aquarius begins on January 19, on others on January 20, and so on

January 19 - 20 BLUE ARAGONITE
January 20 - 21 ARAGONITE
January 21 - 22 BLOODSTONE
January 22 - 23 APATITE
January 24 - 25 SILVER TOPAZ
January 27 - 28 BLUE TOPAZ
January 28 - 29 MOOKAITE
January 29 - 30 PIETERSITE
January 31 - February 1 EMERALD
February 2 - 3 RED JASPER
February 4 - 5 AZURITE
February 6 - 7 AMBER
February 7 - 9 ORANGE CALCITE
February 9 - 10 DUMORTIERITE
February 10 - 11 CARNELIAN
February 12 - 13 OCEAN JASPER
February 13 - 14 KYANITE
February 14 - 16 SAPPHIRE
February 17 - 18 BLUE QUARTZ
February 18 - 19 LABRADORITE

All crystals affect all people, but some specific crystals can reach the Aura of certain zodiac signs faster.
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