According to Chinese astrology, each year is governed by a specific sign, an animal whose character is transmitted to the person who is born that year. The Chinese astrological calendar has been followed for thousands of years and it is very true. The year you were born affects your character. Of course, it is also affected by other factors, such as the date you were born. So if you start reading about the Ox and you are an Ox yourself, most of it should match your soul life.

Chinese astrology follows the cycles of the Moon. One cycle lasts 12 years, which is why there are so many different animals in Chinese astrology. Every 12 years, the cycle begins again.

Different years are also driven by their element. There are five of these elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth. The element in which you were born also affects your character.


Different elements make the Ox more special and it is very important, so society does not become monotonous. Elements and different animal zodiacs give people colour, personality and different sides.

kivist pühvel

FIRE  - February 11, 1937 - January 30, 1938

EARTH - January 29, 1949 - February 16, 1950

METAL - February 15, 1961 - February 4, 1962

WATER - February 3, 1973 - January 22, 1974

WOOD - February 20, 1985 - February 8, 1986

FIRE - February 7, 1997 - February 27, 1998

EARTH - January 26, 2009 - February 13, 2010

METAL - February 12, 2021 - January 31, 2022

WATER - January 31, 2033 - February 18, 2034

The written crystals bring luck to the Ox, who was born during this period.

Joint luck, love and protection crystal for everyone born in the Ox year is AQUAMARINE. It is a crystal that any Ox could have near or at home. In addition to the vintage crystal, it is his luck talisman.

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The Aura of a person born in the year of the Ox records precisely those characteristic features and elements which are characteristic of this astrological year and which I have written here. Some Oxen have exactly the characteristics of this astrological year, some have fewer. It is related to the way of life, numerology and under which zodiac an Ox is born. Some are a real Ox, some an Ox with more modest power.

Ox by nature needs a little more time in movement, variability and energy. It is important for him to achieve the ideal end result evenly and wisely. This, however, makes the Ox one who cannot find his way very quickly. It will take time and it will be a long way to go. Thus, many Oxen may not immediately understand in their youth what their life dreams and goals are, but there are always exceptions. I call the Oxen late awakener and looking at their energy fields, one can often see that they have rested for a long time before being reborn into today's physical body. This may also be the reason why the Ox does not find himself as quickly as any other zodiac. He's just waking up!

pühvel ja sinised ringidPerseverance, strong beliefs and great stubbornness

The Ox has a very determined mind. Once he has made a decision in his head, he must definitely work for it, work hard and achieve a successful end result. The Ox does not give up very easily, and if he has chosen a goal for himself, then that goal must be fulfilled. However, his perseverance does not come very easily. This means that the Ox must consider, consider, and reconsider before selecting a goal. 

It is natural for an Ox to walk the usual path, and if he has to make a major change in his life, it will certainly take much longer to reach it than for other zodiac signs.

Ox habits, traditions, and family beliefs are very difficult to reverse. On the one hand, it's very good - he's himself. On the other hand, it is harmful to him when he needs to improve his life and move on with his life. The decision to move in a completely different direction, to live in a new way and to be free from old habits - these steps are difficult. He needs time, even if he wants to rush ahead. He doesn’t trust life enough to jump into fire. This is also the reason why many Oxen are engaged in relationships that have not served love for a long time or are sitting in the same job, knowing that it is time for something new. The Ox waits for the right time, and if at some point a decision is made in his soul, a cardinal step is taken and life changes in an instant.

Ox's are also stubborn, very stubborn. Especially stubborn are those Oxen who are born in July and under a Capricorn or Aries zodiac signs.

It's very difficult to argue with an Ox when someone else starts it. However, if Ox himself decides to argue, it is not difficult. If someone wants to refute his beliefs, it can turn into a very ugly conversation. It is easier to accept the Ox's self-confidence and firm beliefs.

It is very difficult for an Ox to eliminate the chaos that exists in his life because of his calm and wise approach. At the same time, as a bystander, they can see other people's problems very well and find solutions to them, especially those Oxen who were born under the water element, i.e.Pisces, Cancer and Scorpios. This is also why the Ox can often feel that he can help everyone else, but he always leaves himself at the end of the list of those in need.

Security, friendship and other people’s opinion

akvamariinOx needs and enjoys a safe life. He either creates a firm rear for himself or moves towards people with whom he feels confident. It is characteristic of him to create a security zone around himself. He doesn't let new people into his life very easily. He may be sociable, friendly and social, but it is difficult to get close to him. He has to make sure that the person brings him happiness or misfortune. Once he has made a decision, he can take the lucky ones to live and rely heavily on them. Once you've won his trust, Ox is a very good friend. He listens, is there for you, and he really likes to talk about even the most trivial things.

He is a good companion if you are looking for easy chatting. The Ox enjoys it when other people like him and he absolutely does not tolerate it when someone has a bad impression of him. These Oxen, whose life number is one, do not take the opinion of others very seriously. However, other Buffaloes are very sensitive to the opinions of others.

The Ox likes to listen to other people's opinions and learn more about their views on life. He is a very strong analyst, especially those who are born Gemini. The Ox is inspired by others but starts to move very slowly with that inspiration. However, this energy gives them the strength to listen to other people and hear about what they do. The Ox enjoys the versatility of life, but it takes time to diversify his own life. However, he is an inner romantic with strong fantasy and inner world, a continuous film, especially for those born as Aquarians.

Discipline and his own order

Discipline and self-created order are crucial to the Ox. He is the one who establishes a certain routine and the domestic order must be in his command. The Ox needs its own personal system, be it perfectionism or organized disorder. However, discipline is important, a certain plan must be followed. Especially big plan makers are Oxen who are born under  Taurus zodiac sign. The biggest creators of house rules and family systems are Virgos, the hardest workers are Aries. Other zodiac signs born in the Ox year are slightly more lenient when demanding discipline.

It is very important for the Ox that if something is agreed, it must be adhered to. He is the one for whom spoken agreements are also agreements. He wants to keep it at all costs, and if the other party does not keep his promise, it will be very exhausting. He is disturbed by people who do not keep their promises and have no sense of duty. If the Ox is treated well, he is a very good employee for the employer and a hard worker.

In itself, he enjoys a job where he knows it is long-term and has a future. The Ox likes a view of the future and a firm position rather than a vague plan for the future. He likes to do his job calmly, and he enjoys it when life allows him to work alone from time to time and occasionally do it in a large company. The Ox just sometimes needs to be alone at work and do all his chores in peace and quiet. She enjoys a diverse work environment.

The health of an Ox can be compromised if he does not take care of himself, works too much or, conversely, takes care of himself too much. By this, I mean over-training or extreme dieting. However, the health of most Oxen is lost at work and constantly worrying about their work and the material side of life.

Inner romance and the wish to find a long term relationship

Ox is a great romantic at heart, but from time to time he can't bring that energy out of himself. Especially there are Ox men who are romantic at heart but cannot express themselves physically. This can sow a lot of confusion in their partner or potential partner. It gives very confusing signals by accident. It is not easy to understand the love of an Ox, but if at some point he starts working for love to express himself better on the subject, then everything will move for the better for him. Ox loves words, caresses, romantic gestures and being constantly reminded of how important he is. An Ox born under the Taurus or Cancer zodiac sign awaits romantic attention especially.

Ox likes confidence and this is also the reason why he wants a long-term and long-lasting relationship. He needs a safe home, family and companion. The most determined creator of home and perfecter of a relationship is an Ox born under the Virgo zodiac sign.

Aquamarine is a crystal that brings luck to the Ox both in love and in work. This crystal relieves the tension of Ox and ensures its internal balance. Aquamarine could be worn by Ox as a piece of jewellery or kept in the vicinity of his bed.

Different elements give Ox additional features or enhance certain features that are characteristic of the Ox.

käed kauss ja kuuWATER OX

Ox, born in the water year, more emotional, sensitive, intuitive and introverted than other Oxen. The water Ox shares his thoughts and emotions much more than other Oxen. The most important topic for him is his family. If everything is fine within the family, then he is also a much better person. Born in the water year, Ox does not suffer from family quarrels, divorces or other negative family changes. She is very vulnerable and takes family issues very deeply into the soul as well he is very easy to traumatize. As a child, the water ox should be kept away from family quarrels. You have to be more careful with words when you’re in a relationship with a water Ox.


Born in the fire year, Ox is the most militant, quarrelsome and active. An Ox that is a little different from other Ox's and who always has to do something. There is no such thing as discarded time, something has to happen somewhere. Fire year Ox is very independent and can actually do very well in life without the support of other people. He has been given the most material and commercial instincts.


The Metal Ox is the hardest worker next to other Oxen. Working and fulfilling his own ambitions is very important for him. If this Ox has work to do, and it has a vision for the future, then he lives. The emotional side of a metal Ox depends on work. When there is work, he also has positivity. If there are problems with work, he also has problems in all other aspects of life. Metal Ox women and men live their emotions inward. However, this means that it is very difficult for others to understand them.


Ox born under the wood element is many times more confident than other Oxen and has better verbal skills. The wood Ox has a more open throat chakra, so he is definitely more talkative. He is twice as talkative as metal Ox. It is characteristic of a wood Ox to accidentally find himself in the middle of various intrigues, often without a reason. He is the one who has to help solve someone else's problem or heal someone's relationship. It is very important for a wood Ox to be able to spend as much time in nature as possible. If he cannot do this, his inner balance will be lost.


The earth Ox has a very strong ability to be stable and the ability to be as far away from impulsive energies as possible. The Ox is the one who thinks the most before saying anything. He is the most balanced among other Oxen. It is crucial for him to be able to trust his chosen loved ones, and breaking that trust is a great sin for him. He respects a sincere mind and honest words, he does not like dishonest people, and he has a very hard time dealing with those who do not respect others. The Ox gets wounded very easily and lives his emotions inward.


Little Ox is a special character, more reminiscent of an adult, equal to his parents. The Ox doesn't understand why he must be below anyone. I am me and you are you, we are equal, we are not above each other.

As a child, Ox is very independent and an enterprising. They wish and want to try everything themselves and test it on their own skin. An ox child does not immediately like to be banned and dictated. He does not like unfair situations, committing injustice and becoming part of injustice himself.

pühvel tähepilvesIf the Ox family is very balanced, this child will not be a concern for his family. The Ox has a very strong respect for his family, he respects his mother, father and siblings. When the Ox grows up in a family that is constantly fighting and the family is on the verge of separation, it turns the little Ox into a rebel. He defies being good. He just doesn't want to be good and doesn't want to give love to people who don't share the love with him. He gets hurt very deeply if the family does not hold together. So, if you are the mother or father of a little Ox, know that he needs a strong and loving family the most.

Little Ox wants new knowledge, and if his mother or father is constantly interacting with him, teaching him to see and exist in the world, then little Ox will grow into a child who is very obedient to his parents. All the Ox needs is family love and lots and lots of communication. If you don't communicate with him, he will rebel internally. He doesn't even understand why he's rebelling, just rebelling and everything. In fact, through his rebellion, his true feelings are reflected - the need for intimacy. An Ox is the one who strikes with a hoof when he shouts for help.

Little Ox is uncomfortable talking about his feelings. If the mother or father of this Ox wants to be close to the child, he must be taught to talk about feelings, it does not come from him of course. It is especially necessary to encourage the Ox boy to talk about feelings.

The Ox can be an earthly guardian angel for his sisters and brothers. He is the one who values his family members and is willing to come to the rescue at any time, the one who keeps his family both in good and bad. 

When raising a small Ox, it is crucial that the family pays attention to it. You have to communicate a lot with him and philosophize on different topics. The Ox needs a calm environment and instruction on how to talk about his feelings. If he does not have such a childhood, he loses himself and locks his soul-deep, he can become a very closed personality. 

Aquamarine is a crystal for Ox and it could be next to it from an early age. This crystal could be in the immediate vicinity of his bed so that it could heal him through sleep and bring him good luck. As we sleep, our Aura Field opens to crystal therapy.

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