Pendulums are ancient magical tools also used today. Pendulums have been in use for quite a long time. One of the first recordings found about using pendulums dates back 8000 years and was discovered from a cave in Algeria. A drawing was found from there that shows dowsing.


Pendulum is a power object that can be used for searching problematic areas in the body or detecting water lines. Through history pendulums have been used for finding crystals, it’s used for predicting and answers to different things are asked that can’t be solved on one’s own. Pendulum has a very universal effect, but you need to find a connection with it so it could start working.


Pendulums have truly been used through times for finding crystals. Pendulums are taken to mountains and to the places where crystal could be found. Over times a lot of different crystal caves have been found particularly to the help from pendulums. In addition, they have been used for discovering different treasures and, also, dead or lost people have been found with their help. Pendulums have a very long history and I recommend everyone having their own personal pendulum. For you to have a helping hand when you need to solve different problems and help to find what has been lost.


How a pendulum should look like?


A pendulum chain, a crystal hanging from it or a weight made from some other power object that makes this into a pendulum. In addition, a lot of pendulums also have a third part which forms the handle of the pendulum. A pendulum fob is the thing on the other end of the pendulum chain where you can hold on to while using it. Generally it’s another smaller crystal.


Pendulum is a magical tool that’s made of a chain, a crystal hanging on it or a shape made from another material. Generally, the crystal hanging on a pendulum chain is shaped like a dart, star or a oval. Pendulums are generally made from crystals and there is a reason for it. All the crystals carry a very unique energy within and therefore they will give a more specific direction to the pendulum. Every crystal has the ability to check on different things, predict different things and to detect certain illnesses. Therefore, every pendulum from different crystals could be useful for you. Pendulums are also made from copper, silver and, for example, from Rudrashka.


How it works?


Pendulum works through your own energy, you make it to swing and your energy directs it to give you answers. This happens when you ask answers for yourself and when you predict future with it. When you’re looking for water lines or health problems in a human body, then it’s the earth or the body that gives energy to the pendulum. When you use a pendulum for different questions, then it takes answers from your intuition.


Pendulum is held in the right hand so you’re holding on to the smaller part of the pendulum. Let it hang from you hand so that the power object would tangle downwards.


When you wish for answers to different questions, then hold your left hand under the pendulum, when you wish for information for a certain object, then keep the pendulum above that object.


This all for the pendulum to get a connection with your own energy through the energy field of your right hand or through the energy field of that specific object.


Pendulum is held on the right hand as it symbolises subconsciousness in the palmistry and left reality. Through the right hand the pendulum works more efficiently and gives you the answers that are real and blocks the answers you wish to get.


But remember, I’m giving you pointers for working with pendulums according to how I use it and how I have seen over the years it works.


Pendulum starts to work when you direct the question to the pendulum and, when the question has been formed in your thoughts, then it will start to move accordingly. Every movement has it’s own meaning.


What are the answers?


When you first start using a pendulum then you have to ask it what its answers are. For that, take the pendulum to your right hand, place your left one under it so it wouldn’t touch the pendulum. Then ask: "Which one is the YES answer?" and then "Which is the NO answer?" Your new pendulum will tell you which movement it will make while giving you answers.


When most answers are YES, then the pendulum will make circles and NO will make it move back and forth. When the pendulum doesn’t want to answer you, which could be the result of a confusing question or the fact that this question is impossible to answer, then the pendulum stands still in one place and vibrates. This is a sign about the pendulum getting confusing energy waves and can’t answer the question in your thoughts.


Second possibility is that when you start using the pendulum then you direct answers to it. You can do it when, before you start using the pendulum for a specific thing, you firstly present the pendulum the alternatives in your thoughts. That’s what I, for example, do. I use a circle for a yes-answer with any kind of pendulum and the back-and-forth movement as a NO.


How to predict with the pendulum?


When you have the desire to predict with the pendulum and to get answers about the past, present and future, then it’s quite possible. For the pendulum to be able to predict to you, foremost, you have to be really calm and relaxed. For that, I recommend to place a lot of candles, calming incenses and crystals that encourage predicting around you. These elements will help you to relax and start to predict.


For the pendulum to work, firstly you have to ask it whether its ready to answer you.


Always, before beginning, the first question should be: "Will you answer my questions?" and when the answer is YES, then you can start with other questions.


When the pendulum has answered, then, in your thoughts, thank it. This way the power of the pendulum and the energy between the two of you will increase, that, in turn, makes the connection with the pendulum even more powerful.


I always take it into my hands for a moment to thank it and then place it back to its usual place. Practising this will help to remove the question energy, so it could give you the right answer the next time.


Remember, the questions are always asked very calmly, not quickly one right after another. When you do so, then the pendulum can start lying to you. Therefore, for predicting and getting answers from the pendulum firstly take time for that.


Every time you stop communicating with the pendulum, you have to thank it and place it in its place. Showing gratitude increases the connection with the pendulum and won’t allow the power object to lose its energy.


You can predict in very different ways with the pendulum and do different rituals to look into more specific things. I have written an article about getting answers to love related things with a Rose Quartz pendulum and you can find it from HERE.


When you wish to control whether the pendulum gives you the right answers, then, before getting to the question, ask it a question you already know the answer for. For example, ask whether it’s your name or the date today and see what’s the answer. You can ask these questions also in-between dowsing.


Storing it properly is very important!


You need to store your pendulum properly, for it to work with you. Maybe your not using it every day, therefore it needs to be taken care of well, so the energy in it would stay positive and it could send you the right answers.


Find a base or a box for the pendulum where you can keep them when you’re not using it. When you wish to carry it with you then find a suitable bag for the pendulum.


Pendulum firstly needs one geode crystal. Geode amplifies its energy and won’t allow its power to fade. Every crystal has its own specific power crystal and a geode the pendulum needs. I have written these crystals down to different pendulums. But the most universal crystal that goes with every pendulum is Celectite geode. Celectite has an energy that amplifies predicting and sensing energies.  In addition to the geode, the pendulum also needs an energy crystal, something all the crystals have different. Energy crystals direct the energy into pendulum they need for predicting.


When you have a pendulum from another material, then use a Celectite geode and Azurite crystal  as an energy crystal.


You always have to cleanse the pendulum before you use it with a ritual plant. For that use Sage or Palo Santo. You can also cleanse the pendulum after you use it. Why this needs to be done? To cleanse the energies stuck in the pendulum that can start giving you wrong answers when you use it the next time.


It’s best to store the pendulum in the bedroom for your energies to be constantly close to the pendulum. In that case, it can give you answers right away even after not using it for a month. You need to have a connection with your power objects for them to work.


When you keep the pendulum in a bag, then be sure to keep the pendulum crystals and the pendulum itself in different bags. When the pendulum is made from crystals, the point is fragile and by moving the pendulum bag you can brake it by accident with other crystals.


Because crystals are natural you need store and use them with care. Some crystals could be very fragile and it’s best to be careful with them.


How to choose a pendulum and code it to work for you?


Firstly I recommend choosing a pendulum through your gut feeling. That is – choose a pendulum you simply like. When you have a visual connection with the pendulum, then it’s giving you a sign that it’s ready to work with you.


Second way is to choose a pendulum based on your needs. When you want a pendulum for love related questions, then choose a love crystal, etc. Every crystal has its own power, I recommend you to recognize yourself with the energy of all the different pendulums to find the right one from there.


Often people come to one of my boutiques, try a pendulum that has caught their eyes, but discover that they are not working there. Why it’s like that? Let me tell you! I have placed certain words on my boutiques, so the crystals in there wouldn’t absorb the energy from people before they leave us. Therefore, the pendulum can’t work with you while still with us. This pendulum is under protection for as long as it finds its partner and this is the case actually with all of my crystals. Otherwise the crystals would lose their energy before they go to their new home. A pendulum can’t work with you when you’re not focusing enough and code it to work for you.


When you have found yourself a completely new pendulum, then firstly you need to code it for yourself. For that, place it under your bed and allow it to be there for a week. That case, the pendulum takes your energy every night and activates itself to work with you. You could try working with it every day, but it has to be under you bed for a week straight. Only after a week it can start giving you the right answers. And, of course, the first question should be it showing you the YES and NO answers.


It’s forbidden to use other people’s pendulums


Pendulum is a personal magical tool and therefore other people can not use yours. Everyone has their own pendulum and when you share yours with someone else, then you’ll lose the connection with yours. In that case the pendulum can’t work with you anymore and it will definitely not start work with its new owner.


What to do with a broken pendulum, can it still be used?


When your pendulum breaks and the crystal end of it breaks, then the pendulum no longer has the ability to help you. Its energy has been lost with the break. The crystal end of the pendulum should not be broken. This is the element that brings you answers. In case the chain breaks, then you can change it and keep using it.


You need to remove the broken pendulum from your home. Any kind of magical tool that breaks brings only bad luck. With a crystal pendulum, remove the chain and take the crystal to the river water and throw the chain simply away. There are no energies stuck in the chain.


When you’re using a pendulum with a broken end or point, then it can’t give answers to your questions and it can’t detect illnesses and other energies from objects.


Firstly start with simply identifiable predictions


When you buy yourself a pendulum for looking into the future, then I’m giving you a little hint on how to start predicting. Firstly, never ask answers about a future that could happen in many many years from now. When you wish to predict the future, then start with tomorrow. Ask questions about something you can get an answer to already the next day. Firstly, check yourself, whether your questions about the future and the answers the pendulum gave you are right. When you can predict what happens in the following day, then start moving to a further future. I recommend this so you wouldn't feel disappointed. Firstly you need to get proof about you being ready for the foretelling.


When you wish to predict the future, then the pendulum will need different energy crystals that would direct the pendulum towards the future. This pendulum box could have a Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Lazurite and other crystals for the future. These crystals give extra power to the pendulum so it could bring you answers for things that are that far away.


Make a wish for your Guardian Angel or spirits surrounding you to help get the answers to you


When you work with a pendulum, then you can make a request for your Angels, so they could help you get connected to the pendulum and direct the right answers to the pendulum.


This is what I practise – I call for a guardian angel to help me. In my thoughts I ask it to come and help me find the right answers.


Questions always have to be very specific and the answers need to be YES/NO


Pendulums need to have very specific, short, clearly understood and YES/NO answer questions. For the pendulum to give you answers. When the question is confusing and you can’t present it very clearly, then pendulum is not lying to you, it doesn’t know how to answer you. Asking questions is one of the hardest moments in working with pendulums. You have to know how to do it. I’m giving you some examples about the questions.


"Should I forgive him?", "Is it good to stay silent?", "Will I be satisfies with this work?", "Is it safe to travel there?", "Should I trust him?", "Is he being honest with me?","Am I with my soulmate?", "Are my car keys in this room?", "Is there a dead spirit around me?", "Am I pregnant?" etc.


The question needs to be very simple and when you make the question then you need to focus on it, visualize it and wish an answer for it from your heart. You need to share emotion to the question so the pendulum could give you the answer.


Wait for the pendulum to give answers to your questions


When you except answers, then, firstly, you need to wait for it to start working. You can’t be impatient and you need to give time for the pendulum to vibrate.


When you haven’t used the pendulum before, then the answers could come to you very slowly and you need to wait for them for a long time. An experienced person could get answers in seconds. All depends on how long have you been using them and how high is your spiritual energy. The more spiritual and intuitive you are, the faster the pendulum will work. But we are all different people and therefore pendulums work very differently with us. Therefore, be patient and when today the pendulum works with you slowly, then it will not mean it will stay like this.


Can pendulums be worn around the neck?


Pendulum can not be worn as a jewellery as it blocks its work. In that case your own wishes, thoughts and emotions will go into the pendulum and it will start to give you the answers you wanted. Therefore, while using the pendulum, you’ll get exactly the answers you wanted to hear in your heart. Therefore I don’t recommend wearing the pendulum or making a pendulum for yourself from a piece of jewellery.


Can there be more than one pendulum?


There could be more than one pendulum. Every pendulum could be for a specific theme. One could be personally for you, other for health, third for looking things, fourth for finding the bad energy at home, etc.




Pendulums can be used for very different ways to predict, finding things and discovering illnesses. This specific article was written for you to understand the essence of pendulums, how to use them, store them, code them, clean them and how to understand how they work.


I’m going to write more about the many different ways to use a pendulum, but firstly I recommend you to start predicting to yourself and solving your own past, present and future. Later on, when you have a good connection with the pendulum, you can use them for different spiritual seances.