All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your birthday shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.


The first date of birthday, that is, the day you were born, it carries energy that affects your nature. It is no coincidence when a child is born to this world. The same way it is not by chance the day you were born in a month. Your birth date indicates what energy is in your Aura body.


Birth date affects a persons zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific energies that are in excess. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a zodiac sign doesn’t feel like other members of the same sign. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. While reading your own indicators, you have to summarize all off these and understand that one affects the other.




If you are born on the 19th day then you are carrying its energy field with you and this is a power given to you with your birth.


The person born on the 19th day, above all, has a need for idealization, is independent, purposeful, with brilliant characteristic, strong personality, ambitious, mobile, vibrant.


These people, born on the 19th day, carry with their souls the power inherent for that number. Number 19 gives you an avid perseverance and a desperate need to always achieve your will. However, the carrier of this number may himself not notice that. Other people see him as very determined and fulfilling of their desires. Of course, his zodiac and characteristic element to his zodiac adds spice. The elements of the fire are particularly powerful with perseverance.


For those born on the 19th day it is very important what other people think about him or how his achievements stand out to other people. For him, his reputation is very important and he is constantly making efforts to improve his image. He likes when other look at him with a positive eye. This is a person who can not accept that he would not be liked by someone. He must shine and others must see his powerful brightness. However, most of the time he seems to be very shiny and brilliant for other people. He emits energy and there is no one who does not notice him. If others want to get along with him or melt his distant mind, it always helps to bring up something good about him. It is sufficient to say it out and life can go on in the positive key again. It's easy to change his mood better if you can press the right button.


A person born on the 19th day does not want to receive much advice and assistance from other people. They like to make, create, decide and feel for themselves. This excessive independence makes it hard for people loving him to help. But at the same time, independence gives the ability to cope alone in this world. The number 19 souls are very difficult to change, and nobody should waste time on it, and if you want to direct him to a better level, it can only be done with beautiful, mild, and loving words. Number 19 does not tolerate criticism said out loud. He is very sensitive to criticism, and if criticism comes, he can show off his anger. Even if this critique should be analysed and used to improve itself. There is no point in criticizing him.


The number 19 makes the person radiate strength outward but on the inside, he is very sensitive. In this person there are two personalities. One that shows out to everyone and the other who always gets wounded. He has very deep emotions and he is hurt very easily. At the same time, he is so strong that he will surely never show his weaknesses to anyone else. He does not tolerate anyone having to feel for him and see him weak. Better, he suffers alone than showing others his weaknesses.


In the soul of this person, there is such a desperate need to be independent,, that all his life he strives in every field of his life to be independent. At the same time, he can forget what is real independence and what is his perception of independence. He can quickly get angry with himself because he does not understand what exactly he is expecting from every situation. Already from childhood, you can see, that those born on the 19th day, they want to be like adults, take decisions and take responsibility for themselves. I have a recommendation for all those born on this date – try to see your strengths, your achievements, to see your independence. Do not just look for it, but also notice it when you have achieved it.


The soul born on the 19th day is a hard worker if he is able to rise even higher in his position. He loves a position and he is very ambitious in his soul. Ambition may be his second name. A special ambition will benefit him when he has found his dream job. The 19th day is with number 1 effect (1 effect is also for the 10th and 28th dates). Number 1 requires to be the best of everything.


This is a person who can travel around the world and have a constant change in his lifestyle. 19 does not like a routine and, at the same time, he can, without a problem, live in one country today, and tomorrow in another. He has a deep connection and the need to be loved, but travelling is not a problem for him. Even if his place of work and his place of residence are stable, he must constantly be actively away from home.


I share one very necessary recommendation for all those born on the 19th. 19 creates the need to constantly protect their own convictions and make decisions on their own. It can lead to a quarrel with very dear people to him and constantly raise the question of others: "What are you doing, why are you doing this?" When 19 is able to start talking about his ideas and intentions with his loved ones, he will be able to get along with his loved ones. Otherwise, it happens that he is not understood and he constantly feels that he is being hurt. People born on this day must understand that the discussion does not constitute an attack, and the curiosity of relatives or the conversion of plans does not always mean anything bad.


Sunstone is the talisman of happiness for the 19th day, regardless of what kind of zodiac it is. Sunstone helps to amplify the positive features of the 19th day and at the same time block those properties that have bad influence numerologically. For example, the Sunstone always helps to be happy, keep track of your achievements, and maintain very good relationships with others. Sunstone should be in the life of this person. It should be in his home as a crystal, in a difficult time as a companion or as a jewellery talisman for bringing happiness.


The person who carries with him the power of the 19th day can be talented and successful at any speciality. Therefore, there is no specific occupation suitable for this date. Sunstone is a crystal that helps to find a true calling. However, 19th day is very much affected by their mother and father. Hence, mother and father can turn them easily to a specific topic.


The 19th day adds nervousness to the person's soul, to which you must learn to manage. Persons born on the 19th day may be more nervous, active, and even more aggressive than usual. Sunstone helps to balance this energy and direct the pursuit of such an over-active mind to fulfilling ambition.


A person who can step out for other people, can do everything and express their deep feelings. However, be very self-centred, cynical and selfish. Two extremes that can scare people away from him. People born on this date must understand that he himself has to put down his egoistic side and only let his very good qualities shine. In this person, there is the ability to express love in a way that everyone around him will feel what true love means. The ability to reach the point where number 19 would be able to reduce its negative aspects is a life long lesson for that person. Number 19 must ask himself who he wants to his life and who he does not want. The person he wants to have in his life, he must work hard while communicating with that person to prevent from getting hurt.


One of the most extraordinary energies of this date is that it adds vitality and brightness to human Aura. The vitality that exists with that date is remarkably high.


Numerology – we all have the power to read ourselves. Numerological indicators are the ones that share a lot of important things about our very soul. Our numbers reflect us.