Each year is related to a specific Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle and each animals character is carried on to the person who was born during that year. The Chinese astrological calendar has been followed for many thousands of years, and it is very accurate. The year you were born in is affecting your character, but of course, there are also other factors, for example your date of birth that also has influence over your character. Therefore, when you start reading about the Dog and you are born in the year of the Dog, then most of it should match with your soul.

Chinese astrology is based on the Moon Cycles and lasts for 12 years. That's why there are so many different animals in Chinese astrology. After every 12 years, the cycle starts from the beginning.

Each years is also controlled by its own element, there are 5 different elements, such as metal, water, wood, fire and earth. The element under which you were born additionally affects your character.


The various elements make the Dog more special and it is very important as then the society will not become dull. The elements and different animal zodiacs make people more unique and give them different sides to their personality.

FIRE  - 1946 2. February - 1947, 21. January

EARTH - 1958 18. February - 1959, 7. February

METAL - 1970 6. February  - 1971, 26. January

WATER - 1982 25. January - 1983, 12. February

WOOD - 1994 10. February - 1995, 30. January

FIRE - 2006 29. January - 2007, 17. February

EARTH - 2018 16. February - 2019, 4. February

METAL - 2030 2. February - 2031, 22. January

WATER - 2042 
22. January - 2043, 9. February

According to the year of birth, those crystals will bring happiness and protection to the Dog Zodiac.

The DUMORTIERITE is a Crystal of happiness, love and protection for all born in the year of the Dog. This is a crystal that should be carried around or kept at home by every Dog.


In addition to the year of the crystal, Dumortierite is also a lucky talisman for those born in the year of the Dog. The talisman helps in healing the Dog's nervousness and get clarity in themselves. In addition, Dumortierite helps to bring good ideas and motivation to carry them out.  Dumortierite improves the Dog's intuition.



"Family, family and once again family"

When you were born in the year of the dog, the cosmic powers have given you a great desire to create a perfect. Family is a very important topic in your life. Your astrological year will direct you very much to think about your own family and to be engaged with your own family. You are the one who has difficulty departing from your mother-father or brother-sister. Most of the people born in the year of the dog can not be alone or become completely independent as an adult. It is very important which kind of  family ties they have. It is very important to get along with your parents and siblings. Regardless of the fact that the family ties may be very tense, the dog wants to keep in touch. On one side its good for them to have the need to keep their family close but at one point it could be harmful to them. As a child, it is very useful that the dog wants to become a part of their family and the respect for his family creates a good family life. But as the time goes on, and the bigger the person grows, the dog zodiacs find it hard to create their own independence. When you are born in the year of the dog, as an adult you might need to have a lot of advice and support from your own family. A family that has not been created by yourself, but where you grew up. This in turn can create problems between you and your new family or in your  relationship. It is hard for you to devote yourself to the new family, and you may start to run between the two families. However, as adults, we must create our own families and carry it forward to the fullest, and gradually become free from our own birthplace to create independence. Family and strong ties are good things, but do not misunderstand me. Year of the dog simply makes a person a little more reliant on others and achieving independence is difficult. But at one point everyone must become independent.

Most importantly, if you were born in the year of the dog, you are trying to make your own decisions independently. You try to think things through for yourself before you ask for help from your parents or siblings. Certainly, nobody born in the year of the dog should forget that once you have chosen your loved one, you should not neglect them. The dog is the one who wants to get along well with all the family members, but first of all, the dog zodiacs have to ask themselves: "Who is the most important to me?" You can not be equal with everyone, this is simply not possible. If the dog devotes himself to his companion, there is happiness in his relationship and family. If the Dog will stay in his birthplace then his personal family life will not progress easily.

Everyone born in the year of the dog has a risk of not knowing how to let go of their birthplace. However, if on one fine day one can become independent, then in reality it  will bring harmony in the life of that person. This dog will be there for both the family that he created and for its parents. But this Dog understands that the family he created needs him more.


"Trustworthy and loyal"

The dog is the greatest friend of all. When you're born in the year of the dog, it's very important for you to be honored by your friends and acquaintances. You like to be present everywhere. You're willing to help others and you do not like to say „no“ to your friends. These features make you a really good friend. People born in the year of the dog can easily make and keep friends. In other astrological years, there is no such skill or that skill is weaker.

When you are born in the year of the dog, you like to be in good position in the eyes of the others. You do not tolerate if people talk wrongly about someone. You may like to talk about other people, but you do not like to do it in a negative undertone. Rather, you try to understand why one or the other person is the way they are. What you least tolerate is when people are continuously engaged in spreading rumours and you also do not like betrayal. You will not tolerate it if it is done to you. It does not, however, make you a complete angel, which does not mean that you should not be offended with such things. You still get offended and if something is done to you you get offended deeply. However, you are very snetimental and emotional. All people who have been born in the year of the dog are very emotional and vulnerable.

You do not like being betrayed if you try to be as far away as possible about certain topic. Even if at one point in your life you slip and betray someone, then you will carry great guilt inside. Thats the kind of guilt that is almost impossible to get rid of. You will communicate with yourself on this subject, you will punish yourself and be angry at yourself. You very well understand how snide it is to betray someone and if you do it yourself, then you will bring that karma to yourself. Karma, although you will pay for it properly, but only inside.

But when a dog finds someone whom he is very fond of and loves, then that „someone“ is the one to whom he could give away his life.

When you were born in the year of the dog, you've already got this cosmic power in your Aura, which makes you relatively calm person. Perhaps you are one of those who would rather live calmly and safely continue their lives. You do not like foreign areas nor very big changes in life. Sense of security is very important to you and you're less inclined to get involved in on issues of crime. If you look and compare the Dog with other zodiac animals, then the Dog is the one who is least likely to be involved in the eyes of the law.

"Difficulty expressing feelings"

When you are born in the year of the dog then one of your weakest aspects is expressing your feelings. You are born with weaker throat chakra, but if your zodiac is strong or your numerological indicators strengthen your self-expression skill, then you are better in it than the other Dogs. It is always important to connect all the different astrological and numerological indicators so that you can get a better understanding. However, the Dog is poor in expressing feelings. When you are born in the year of the dog, you can often get into a situation where your thoughts are not understood. This happens when you start to talk about what you feel. You can often feel that your companion does not understand you and really he simply does not understand. This is not because he might be poor in understanding but because you do not have the ability to put your feelings into words. Therefore, if your partner, friend or family member does not understand the expression of your feelings, do not blame them for it. Try to view this topic from a different angle and ask yourself at that moment: "What else can I do to make myself understood?" If you were born in the year of the dog, you can also send out very confusing signals. This is especially true for women born in this year. These women may be those who say „no“ but actually mean "yes". Dumortierite is also a good crystal for Dogs, as it helps to express themselves better and speak about their feelings just as they are. 


"To be pampered"

Dog is the one who needs to be given constant attention. If the Dog gets enough attention, praise, love, and pampering, then this Dog is a good Dog. If the dog should miss out of it all, then he becomes super emotional, sarcastic and will trample his feet against the ground. This feature of the Dog should be known to everyone close to him. Both his parents and his companion. If you want to get along well with the dog, you need to be able to press the right button.


"To be easily ticked off"

Give the dog only a handful of negativity, pessimism, criticism and suspicion and doubts, and he feels ticked off. It's very easy to tick off the dog. It is very easy to make him question his own decisions. It is enough if someone else comes and says their opinion in a negative tone. It is very difficult for the dog to push through his opinions and to believe in themselves without interruption from beginning to end. The dog must learn to make decisions independently and know that others may not always be right. All the negative is not what we should accept. When you are born in the year of the dog, you have to decide for yourself what kind of critique is useful and which can be destructive to you. That's why Dumortierite is also a lucky talisman for the dog's because the Dumortierite Crystal has the ability to guide you on the right track. Teaching you to analyze things very clearly and help you to get an idea of what's right and what's wrong.

"Suitable for active movement"

When you have been born in the year of the dog, your soul continually goes through a constant cry: "Come on, let's go, let's go!" This means that there is always something to do and a need to move around. You need to be active. Many of those born in the year of the dog are involved in sports or very often visit various entertainment events. They enjoy being active outside their home. Home is where the dog does not bother to do anything but rest.

"Let power and ambition remain for someone else"

The year of the dog affects the human aura so that in their soul it reduces the need for ambition, power or having a position. Therefore, cosmic energies reduce the need within the dog to take a high position and business success. But from the other perspective, it takes away a lot of stress from the Dog which usually is in people who have been encoded with ambition. Of course, the dogs born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th or who are born in the constellation of the Leo, they are slightly more ambitious and they love money more. However, in general, the dog is the one who prefers to do work, where he has less personal responsibility for his income, and work where he should not be liable for other people, perhaps, business is not for the Dogs. But there are always exceptions. The year of the dog simply complicates the business instinct and motivating oneself in terms of doing  the work.

The dog is best suited to work where he is subordinate to someone else, where he should have as little as possible worry about material issues, where he could focus on doing his job and enjoying it as much as possible. Helping others and being useful to others is also best suited work for the Dog. This is the work that enriches the Dogs soul.

Different elements give the dog extra qualities or boost certain attributes that are characteristic of the dog.


Water Dog is the most emotional and vulnerable than the other Dogs and does not take criticism that is directed at them very well. In addition, the Dog born under the water element is also a great communicator and more active player. A dog born in the year of the water is the one who is most likely to be inclined towards egoism. Unfortunately, he can forget that egoism should never become negative. We can have a  positive ego that does not hurt others too much. But the Dog born in the year of the water may occasionally tend to be too self-conscious and have too much pride. If the dog knows that he has such a feature, then he should remind himself from time to time that he should come down from the clouds. However, the Water Dog can very well be a personal accountant for himself and his family. The one who holds eye on the financial situation and limits unnecessary spending even for other family members.


The Fire dog is the one who needs to constantly acquire new knowledge. The Fire Dog can forever be a student in their life, by arranging constantly new things to study. Facts, facts and again facts. It is very important to be smart and to know well about various topics. The Fire Dog is also the one that can easily lose their temper. But at the same time, he is a dog that holds the highest degree of ambition. That is something which other Dogs practically do not have. The Fire Dog is more emotional, more passionate and more romantic.


A dog born in the year of metal is the most curious one, but who does not show his curiosity to anyone else. At the same time, the metal Dog is the most skeptical and is always trying to analyze things from all sides. This is because he does not have a natural confidence in people or in things that are new to him. A dog born in the year of the metal needs confirmation that the matter is safe and the person is reliable. Thus, meeting someone at first, he might do a great detective work inside himself, before allows another person into his family. At the same time, the metal Dog is very helpful and the most kind in comparison with other dogs.


The wood Dog is the one who is the most reliable and loyal. Those who deliberately do not betray anyone and when he does it, it must have happened in a way that he did not understand it happened. Wood Dog is the one one who likes a sense of security and for whom it is very important to own a home. Wood Dog is a home builder and keeper. These are the people for whom breaking of a family gives the greatest pain. This is also a topic on which the wood Dog himself wants to put a lot of work and effort. Putting work into it is to ensure that once a relationship has been established it would remain the same. Next to the other dogs wood Dog are the most patient to get what they want. In the sense that they do not give up their set goals easily. If the wood Dog wants something, then he at least tries and gives the maximum to achieve it. In general, wood Dog's dreams are less related to material things, and more with emotional aspects of life.


Earth Dog is the most serious and stand alone type. If generally Dogs enjoy company, friends and talking, then the earth Dog is the quietest dog. The earth Dog does not really like a new company, rather prefers well known ways and old friends. Earth Dog needs a lot of privacy and time alone. If he can choose for himself with who he wants to communicate and when he wants to do it, then everything is fine. When the earth's Dog is going to be directed, he will resist and block the issue for himself. With the earth Dog, one needs to be very careful and gradually learn where their boundaries are. Earth Dog likes to analyze and ponder over things. However, compared to other Dogs the earth Dog is the most hard-working and conscientious. Dogs have the ability to make compromises, but at the same time they are  very poor in expressing their own feelings.



The small Dog is a good child to his parents, who at all cost wants to do good to their parents and be a very good child in their eyes. This makes it very easy for mother and father to raise a small dog. This is because the small dog wants to behave according to mothers and fathers liking. Parents of the small Dog need to understand that their little child is their copy machine. The small Dog learns to live through his own mother and father's actions and behavior patterns. The small Dog does not have an independent personality who thinks and creates life stories for himself. The small Dog copies the loved ones and takes their views on life. Therefore, the mother and father of the little dog need to understand that whatever they do, sooner or later their child will do the same. Thus, one way, it is easy to raise a small dog because he is obedient and a good child. At the same time, parents need to discipline themselves and realize that all of their actions also have consequences. Very many small dogs are copies of their mother or father.

The small Dog is one who might worry a lot about other family members. As a parent of a small dog, it's important to make it clear that everything is fine and that he does not have to take responsibility for the family. From early on the dog is coded with the need to protect others.

The small Dog does not like unjust decisions that are being about him. He can very easily be deeply offended and hide it. Therefore, as a parent, one should read their emotions and understand when they have been hurt. The small Dog does not forget the injustice that has been done to him. At the same time,he gets along well with other siblings and he has no problems with new additions to the family. He is ready to share her mother and father.

The small Dog does not like when he is considered as a child. He likes recognition and he has a need to do things that adults do. He needs to feel that he is beneficial to his family. He wants to help and participate in homework.

The parents of the small Dog should not forget that they have to discuss a lot and explain various topics. The dogs needs to clearly understand why one or the other thing exists in this life and why something is good or bad. If the dog does not get a lot of explanation, then as an adults he will become obstinate at same topics and refuse to be flexible on certain matters.

It is very important that the small Dog understands that he is being expected and included in the family. If the small dog does not get a lot of attention, then he begins to rebel and express his feelings in the opposite way. Rebelling and at the same time shouting for help and demanding love. Therefore, the Dog must be pampered!