Obviously, if you've been following and reading my articles, you already know how much I like zodiacs and astrology. The stars have always been mysterious for me, for which I have a great need to explain and analyze these factors. Today I share thoughts, inspiration and advice on how to keep Leos love. This is to keep the Leo from walking out of your life, and also for you to have a good relationship with your Leo companion.


First and foremost, I have written this article to Leos companions and to those who want to find out how to keep that zodiacs love. Of course, for Leo themselves, so that they can figure out what they really want.


Personally, I really like Leos, and I have always said that there must be at least one Leo in your life. This, of course, is because the Leos are sowing energy, vitality and positivity. But that is when you get along with them and you are in high position in their eyes. If you also want to have a high position in Leos heart, then here's my advice...


Love the extravagance of the Leo, their lively self-expression, this has been given to them by a fire element. Most Leos are very theatrical and very dramatic in their own way. Some who speak louder, others have a bigger smile, but in their expression, they are always eye-catching, regardless of what is their Numerology, the Moon Sign and many other astrological indicators. The Leo is still one loud specimen.


If you want to keep Leos love, then you simply need to agree that they will express their feelings on both the positive and negative topics. Leos just need to express their opinion, and if they cannot do it, then the next day, their emotions simply go over the edge. Then a situation may arise where a problem may come out of the blue.


Therefore love your Leos' dramatic side and the need to express themselves and understand, that the way they show their feelings is not under their control. But tell your opinion, when they turn sarcastic. Other emotional bursts - just let them be.


If you want to keep a lovely romantic relationship with your beloved Leo, then you have to understand that there is never enough praise for this zodiac. Praise, caress and raise your Leo from time to time to a higher position. Leos like it when others are happy with them, and even more so when they hear it from their beloved. Any kind of praise and good compliments to Leo are more powerful than you think. However, most zodiacs find it difficult to say beautiful compliments, such skill is best in Scorpios. If you are not a Scorpio, then try and give an effort on sharing compliments. You'll see how all the problems between you can melt away, and in such a simple way.


Keeping a good love and romantic relationship with Leo is based on a lot of golden rules that the Leo`s companion must know. For example, one of the rules you should certainly know about your Leo is not to be jealous. Jealousy scares your Leo away from you. Why do I tell you all this? There is a very simple reason. The Leos are very electric and energetic in nature, they glow with a wow factor, and many people just like the Leos. They need to shine and feel that they are liked by others. Even if they do not want to admit it, but it just is so. May the Leo argue as much as they wish, but one thing I will say – they need attention. Therefore, when Leo likes attention, they also will try to capture it. If you are a Leos partner, then you certainly should not be angry with the fact that they joke around with somebody else, and especially with the opposite sex. Leo likes to feel attractive to anyone, no matter at what level. It's related to their ego. In order for Leo to be healthy, they must know how they are liked by others.


If you start to restrict Leo's "flirting" that is accompanying with their social characteristic, then you will quickly scare the Leo away. If for others it seems that Leo is flirting, in reality, they almost never do. This kind of behavior simply comes out of a Leo as an innocent act. Of course, that is if they love their companion. Leo is loyal to the partner whom they keep in their heart. If the Leo's companion does not scare their fans away, then these fans will also not find a way to Leos heart.


By nature, Leo is straightforward, and most of the time their straightforwardness can bring a lot of trouble to Leos romantic relationship. But the Leo itself can not understand that they do something wrong. One of the biggest problems with Leo may be that they are so genuinely straightforward. If they do not like something, they will immediately say it out loud. For other zodiacs who are in a romantic relationship with Leo, I suggest that you just grow a thick skin – do not take everything too personally. But I find it difficult to make it clear to Libra, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces who are in a relationship with the Leo. These five zodiacs take the Leos words directly to their hearts, while other zodiacs have the skill to deal with the Leos` straightforwardness.


If you are in a relationship with a Leo, I definitely recommend that you keep a piece of Amazonite crystal. in your home. Amazonite helps getting along well with your Leo. Amazonite soothes the Leos straightforwardness and makes them more tolerant. Amazonite crystal is useful for keeping in different rooms or keeping several crystals in the most commonly used room, for example, make a special crystal base for improvement of the relationship. Other communication friendly crystals also belong in that set.


Talking about good communication skills and improving your relationship, you should also consider the fact that you need to shower your Leo with romance. Addition to the Amazonite crystal, you can also add Pink Quartz, Pink Moss Agate and other romance crystals. But in addition to this, it is helpful to pamper and caress your Leo. Leos like romantic and unexpected gestures. Leos love if the romance arrives unexpectedly. So, it is always good at the end of a serious work day or at the end of an issue to make one beautiful gesture towards your Leo.


The power of zodiac, which the Leo carries with them, has given them the need to hunt. The Leo always wants to feel that it is not easy when it comes to their companion. Even if the Leo feels that they would like a simpler and easily readable person next to themself, they do not really want that. It can be seen from the Leos souls that, in the event of boredom, they walk to new hunting grounds. To keep your Leo always under being in love effect, the Leo's partner must keep themselves interesting. How to do it? Leo likes a partner who is little unavailable. However, the Leo respects loyalty and expects faithfulness from their companion. I say this because I do not mean here that a Leo's partner should be connected to someone else, a third person, but this unavailable effect keeps up the good tension in Leo, when they see their companion being independent. Suitable partner to Leo is someone who is not at their full service, but who have their own character and personality. When Leo feels that their companion makes independent choices and decisions and directs their life for themself, then it will create an unavailable effect for a Leo. This creates a good tension in Leo that makes them fight for their companion. The Leo does not fit with partners who live by the Leos words. The more independent is their companion, the more Leo will chase after them. This is the hunting that is needed to be done by every Leo. This all makes the companion in Leos eyes much more interesting, but it is also difficult.


If you want to cheer up your Leos, then surprise them with something luxurious. Leos love luxury, and for the Leo men and women it takes a lot of money to give them a fair gift. Its not that they like the number on the invoice, but they just have such a luxurious taste that they can only choose precious and costly things.


By nature Leo has a high self-esteem, ego and self-confidence. At best, it does not hurt anyone else, but during the stressful period, Leos ego is destructive. But I share with you one very good trick about how to keep a positive ego and confidence in your Leo so that it is not hurtful. From time to time, its better to turn a blind eye and not to notice the Leos self-centeredness. Leo is a fire element which means that sometimes they need to be above everyone else or the most important. When Leos companion lets it happen from time to time, lets the Leo shine and feel that they are the most wild and cool, then everything is alright. Leo is the king of the jungle, and sometimes they just have to sit on the kings throne.


In situations where your Leo can make you upset with their self-centeredness, remember that they actually have a lot of good qualities in them and they can afford to allow themselves such self boosting moments. Think about the fact that if you promise them to be the most important and above everyone, then they will also be able to handle with your difficult character traits. However, Leo is someone that is very sharing towards their beloved, but only when their loved one also cares for them. Each zodiac has its own special and not so spectacular traits, which the other zodiac simply has to accept at times.


Leo often needs to feel that they are beneficial and that they are capable of everything. If you let Leo to protect you, it will make their love even greater for you. Leo likes an independent and strong companion, but they like to be even stronger. Let your Leo partner protect you and, if necessary, stand up for you. It makes their feelings even stronger because they need someone to take care of.


In this article I wrote about a Leo from a perspective on how to behave with them so that their love would become stronger. If you give them all this, then they will continue to keep pace with your ups and downs!