Certain preconditions for happiness and certain abilities have been included in every zodiac sign from birth, that just need to be opened, noticed and put to use. I will share words of wisdom to every Cancer on how to notice their strength, how to put it in use, and lessons for personal success.


Cancer is the one full of creativeness. Cancer is born with an open Sacral Chakra, which means that Cancer has the ability to use and employ their own Sacral Chakra, but this does not always mean that he can utilize this his own strong ability. Cancers learn and evolve through their life. Opened Sacral Chakra makes Cancers creative by nature, he has it within him, it just has to be found and put to use in everyday life. Cancers are definitely the ones who inspire other zodiac signs to open their creative sides, to use it and they show others how important it is to express themselves creatively. Pisces have similar characteristic, since they both are representatives of the Water-element that affect the coming out of creativeness. One of the strongest characteristics in Cancer is the ability to create a masterpiece with limited resources.


My lesson for a Cancer is to find something in your life where you can realize your creativity, making your personal power grow and so your Sacral Chakra will open completely. Sacral Chakra is related to creativeness.


By nature Cancer is a big dreamer and the one who wishes to accomplish something in a very personal way. If you are born as a Cancer, then you should know that you need to create balance between your dreams and abilities. Being a Cancer you know that you can dream big, but you tend to be so ambitious that you can lose the boundaries between reality and imaginary. Dream big, but executing your flashes of wit is not always possible. Try to find real possibilities for your ideas and dreams for them to come to life. It is characteristic to a Cancer to lean towards materialism in their dreams, that except materialistic outcomes that are too high or excessively utopic, that simply cannot be brought to life today Cancer must learn that in the ideas and wishes that appear on a road of life you have to connect them with practicality, usefulness with possibility.


Cancer is trusting by nature and this is something he wishes to see, to experience and feel in other people. In an ideal world every person close to Cancer is trustworthy, but life often shows that heartache is fast to come because someone dear to him as shown unreliability Third lesson and key thought for personal success is that Cancer must learn that every person in this world is here for their own lessons and not everyone has learned the value of trust. By understanding this, it is easier for Cancer to get along with himself and to be freed from the pain caused by losing trust. Cancer may look like he trusts a person who has let him down, but there is always a pain in his soul that simply distresses him. To leave all of this behind, I recommend Cancers to have a proper psychological session with himself, by talking, repeating and making it clear that every person is full of flaws and these flaws are unlearned tasks. If someone misuses his trust, then Cancer should not hurt himself by it, Cancer could move on with his life, take this as a sign, that this person does not know the value of trust and to find someone to be besides them, who can offer what his soul desires - a trustworthy partner.


Cancer is a very big lover by nature, love is so important for him, and one of the very good characteristics in Cancer is that he knows how to express love. But there is a reason why I am mentioning this in this 6 lessons and keys for personal success. Cancer could also be called Love, but love could easily can shut in him, thanks to that trust issue. If Cancer has felt betrayal in his life, his partner has yelled at him, acted not in a very good way or Cancer has felt it in some other way in another relationship, then it is difficult for a Cancer to express his love for his partner. Cancer can fill the whole world with love, cherish his friends, family, colleagues, but switch himself off in his personal relationship. Switch off so well, that it is hard to turn around even when the mind says: “Love, just hug, just show it!". My fourth lesson for Cancer is that despite a blockage in a soul, that from time to time reigns over you, open yourself and never ever let yourself be short of love. Only Cancers can understand my thoughts in here. Cancer knows precisely the feeling that there is the ability to share love with people who are not in a relationship with you, and share it downright limitlessly. At the same time there is an ability to keep yourself locked away in a romantic relationship so that it is downright torture to be inside reservations set up by yourself. To get rid of these chains Cancer needs to accentuate his own love, to understand the importance of feeling love and to let others love him, this is soul cure.


Fifth lesson is what a Cancer must in fact learn to make this clear for others. Cancer must let people close to him know, that if they wish to be in his life, then they have to accept his heightened emotions. Who cannot accept this, simply cannot be in Cancers life. Cancer represents Water-element, and this makes him very emotional, dramatic and from time to time a very good example about what emotions people can altogether have. In any kind of relationship, be it romantic, friendly or other kind, Cancer is the one who has to make it clear for others that heightened emotions is a character trait, and this needs to be accepted. Cancer can be super happy, intensely consistent, angrily ambitious, melancholically happy, actively creative and to be real, every Cancers activity is followed with heightened emotions. Let it be heightened happiness or sadness, balance does not exist. It is inevitable and for others to deal with Cancer, they just have to accept this and try to not change it. These same heightened emotions are related to creativeness, creations cannot be made without intensity. This is the “why” answer for Cancers emotions. Here you go, every master need something crazy for their masterpieces.


Cancer is crowned with a strong intuition, this is his strength, but this could also be a nightmare for him. Cancer has everything for making decisions in his life, to understand what happens around him, to his future and the ability to read people connected to him. It is all beautiful, good and necessary, but Cancers intuition has a diabolic side and about that I will give my last lesson. Intuition that can easily turn into fears, doubts and seeing negativity. Cancers only have a very thin line between “seeing right” and “seeing wrong”. Cancers can quickly see dread where it does not exist, problems where there aren´t any and insidiousness in people who have none. Cancers have to learn how to deal with fears, doubts and negative thoughts. If they do come up, they need to quickly turn their attention to something else. To take a mind quickly away from things, to do something off the record, then fears will disappear and that correct voice of intuition will come forward again. Cancer who lets intense thoughts of fear to drag them even deeper may even envision a problem that does not exist, and this may in turn create new problems, turn away good people and create a possibility to bury himself under that. My sixth lesson for Cancers personal success is that if fears do come, then lead yourself away from them quickly, so that the proper inner voice could speak up. Cancers know exactly what I think with that - there is an ability to feel, see and understand and suddenly an intensive gale may show up that turns everything around in a heartbeat.


SMOKY QUARTZ is very useful for Cancers, helping them to connect with their intuition in a way that unnecessary fears and wrong visions won´t have effect on it. Smoky Quartz helps Cancer to see more clearly, it is a crystal that helps Cancer to evolve personally, make the right decisions in life and find solutions for inner problems and cut down negativity. Smoky Quartz helps to clear confused thoughts and turn Cancers life more beautiful and successful. Smoky Quartz helps Cancer to deal with their emotions, understand how to stay himself in his body and to feel better in life.


Cancer could wear Smoky Quartz with them as jewelry in confusing times or when Cancer wishes to make their intuition stronger. Smoky Quartz should be represented in Cancers birth crystal sets, you can read about this set from HERE. It is useful for Cancer to keep Smoky Quart in their birth crystal set, because that way it helps to support his journey for his whole life, working indirectly, but still efficiently.




Cancer is fourth among zodiac signs, led by the Moon and carrying Water-element power in itself. By nature Cancer is mysterious, mystical, romantic and loving, this power comes from its leading planet Moon.  The beginning of Cancer zodiac sign is June 21 and its end July 21. Cancer transition periods are around both dates. Gemini-Cancers are born around June 21 and Cancer-Leos born around July 21. Those born during the transition time may often find that some Cancer character traits are not like them at all and some may be exactly like them. Pure Cancer is the one who has to recognize himself from my character reference and use my lessons in real life.


As I have said before - it is not important how much you know, it is important how much of this knowledge you use and how much you put it in use in real life. Cancers, be good and put these lessons into practice now!