All people are born with certain numerical indicators. Our own birthday has different numbers that carry on to our soul and Aura with certain strength. Behind these numbers is a great deal of knowledge about your own soul. Your birthday shows you what you are and what special energy you carry with you.


The first number of your birth day, the day you were born, carries certain energy that affects your nature. It is no coincidence when a child is born to this world. The same way it is no coincidence on what day in a month you were born. Your birth date indicates what energy is in your Aura body.


Birth date affects a persons zodiac. This generally enhances certain peculiarities of the zodiac or enhances some of the specific energies that are in excess. This is also the reason why sometimes a representative of a zodiac sign doesn´t feel like other members of the same sign. Numerology affects astrology and vice versa. While reading your own indicators, you have to summarize all off these and understand that one affects the other.



If you were born on the 3rd day, its numerological power will send you throughout your life. It gives you more character traits and adds value to your other numerological and astrological indicators.

I see people born on the 3rd day as people born with a very strong number and who have been given with the first number of their birth date a lot of spiritual, but also lot of ordeals. I call the 3rd day a karmic date, who are born on this date, will definitely have to solve at least one, if not more karmic debts that have been left unsolved from one of the previous lives. If you are born on the 3rd, then you are in this life for redeeming a sin. Read the whole article and you will understand what I am talking about.

Your day of birth has given you big ambitions and altogether an ambitious character. 3rd day is your guide and this day carries ambition, the need to make your dreams true and the need to improve their standard of living with it. This is a very good quality, that has been with you always. There are people born on the 3rd who will successfully reach the results they have seen in their dreams and those, who merely dream. Think about it and ask yourself, which number 3 you are? If you are the one who step-by-step moves higher in his life, then you have used the good qualities for you. If you feel like your life is standing still, dreams exists, but there are no results, then I give you advice - start moving, you have the potential, it should not be wasted. A simple step could do wonders and open doors, you never even knew existed. Thanks to the power from your birth day you are given the natural ability to move forward and you need it for solving your own karma, this is needed for your overall progress.

3rd date makes very ambitious people whose other astrological and numerological indicators are also very ambitious by nature.

Childhood is very important for the 3rd day and actually a family is the one in the childhood, who can change that person into a strong and ambitious person. How a person born on the 3rd is raised and, specifically, how they are supported is very important. If a person born on the 3rd has felt support in his childhood, mother-father or someone close to him has taught him that it is important to follow your own wishes, to work towards them and to finish things, then he will become a very successful person. If a childhood has been everything else but that, then it may happen that a person born on the 3rd may not have the abilities to move towards improving his life. It may be that this number three becomes a soul, who succumbs to life lessons and won´t follow his own dreams. A lot from the road of fate of the person born on the third is determined by his own childhood home.

If there is a child in your family who has his birthday on the 3rd, then teach him how to self-discipline, how to forge ahead in life, how to defy ordeals and support him on an emotional level. Then, later on, the powers bringing happiness of the 3rd day will open in him. If you feel like you have been left without encouragement and support in your childhood, then you have to constantly motivate yourself, to open happiness channels characteristic to the 3rd day.

According to your birth day your lucky crystal is Amethyst. Amethyst helps people born on the 3rd to live their life better, to get to know happiness, to learn how to move towards his goals and it is a very good crystal for achieving personal success. A person born on the 3rd could wear Amethyst crystal as jewellery, if he wishes to capture Amethysts powers quickly, or use this crystal in his birth crystal set, where it can work with his fate in your whole life.

If you are born on the 3rd then, according to your numerological indicators, you are suited with two professions. One is management, namely a leading position, other is artistic - a creative field. 
Your birth day has shaped your character in a way that you like to be in management. If your job does not enable you to use this quality, then you can actually see from the side, how you manage your household, life at home or a personal plan. If you can keep things under your control, then you feel everything running smoothly. You are not really a person who likes to work for someone. Even if you work for someone, then you would like to do things your way, you desire to do things by a free time-table, and if a job offers you a lot of independence, then it is perfect for you.

There is a certain need for independence in your character, you don´t like to be bossed around, led or directed, after becoming an adult. Therefore it would be good, if you would find yourself a job where you would depend on others as little as possible and fulfil your dreams in a way where others aren´t limiting you.

You have a very strong creative side in you, you have really good fantasy and, of course, this comes with over emotionality, that is your character trait. You are artistic and creative field offers you emotional satisfaction. To be an artist or a leader, this is the secret to your professional happiness.

Amethyst is a crystal that helps you to discover in yourself what is your strength, your gift, helping you to understand what is your potential. Amethyst is also the crystal that helps you to be emotionally balanced, helping you to heal your negative emotions and to free yourself from the burden of the past.

You are very emotional in your soul, with moods from wall-to-wall, one moment you are in an extremely good mood and on the other moment you can be on the verge of despair. All sort of emotional games are with you for your whole life, you can feel euphoria and desperation within seconds from each other. If your emotional traits are very emotional, then number three´s emotions will break out from you. Amethyst is your soother and balancer, that you need to keep in your life. You need Amethyst also for helping to ground over reacting. It is quite common in number 3 that they over react in different situations, but this also creates a lot of excessive stress in him.

Mood swings could take you to irascibility, you can flame up very easily and it is your duty to learn how to cope with these emotions. You cannot burn your surroundings, when intensive energy has emerged inside you. You have to turn that same intensity into productive energy, you need to be intense in creating something, changing it, catching ambitions, but you cannot create this energy into a relationship that could burn bridges. There is no good without bad, meaning your burning emotions do not belong into a relationship, they belong into self-development. If you can start to control yourself like this, then you can also reach success. If you don´t have the ability to control your emotions, then your lucky crystal Amethyst helps you to do this and to use them properly. You are not malicious, aggressive, but you can leave the wrong impression on others with the same irascibility. In reality, you do not wish to hurt someone on purpose with your temperament.

Equality has to exist in a relationship. Are you born as a woman or as a man, your are born to carry gender equality. There has to be complete equality in a relationship for you, both have to contribute, share, care, love and work for the relationship, take care of the home, invest into a family - both have to this all. It is very important to you, that your other side contributes to the relationship as much as you do. This is a very positive ability that helps women end men to free, for example, gender discrimination. If you are a woman, then, for you it is important to not do serve under a man, and if you are a man, then it is important that a woman is as independent as you are. One of the tasks of people born on the 3rd day is to free gender discrimination in the world.

You are positive by nature and this is what other people see in you. You like having fun, entertainment, fun, laughter, good humour and even humour that goes over borders. You have a very good ability to go with fun and laughter and you enjoy a company, where you can let yourself go with crazy fun spirits. You like, when others see your positive traits and you have a great ability to hide your stress from others. This is an ability, that gives you the mastery to deal with your own sorrows in a way that you don´t have to involve others into solving lessons on your own journey. If someone suits that he is helped, then, for you, it is very important, that no one knows about your personal matters. You are very private and feel bad if you have opened yourself up maybe a bit too open heartedly. This all makes Amethyst your crystal, which teaches a person to face his own problems and to, in a manner of speaking, digest for himself.

If you are born on the 3rd, then you need to solve something in this life, that has been left unresolved. You can feel rises and falls in your life quite intensively. A difficult ordeal or experiences may fall into your road of life. As every persons road is different, then I cannot say very precisely, what is your redemption of karma in this life. You can understand this, when this already exists in your life or what has already gone through your life. Think about a situation that has created a lot of pain in your life or someone, who has done this. If you find this in your life, then this is where liberation and a task are hiding together. This came to teach you something, this pain may be what you caused to someone in a previous life and this has a lesson, that helps you to change something in yourself. If you are born on the 3rd, then you should not cry about past or let past come and haunt you. You have to learn how to free pain, learn from it and move ahead. That is why ambitious character was given for you - so that you could exit from a difficult situation. If you don´t know how to understand the essence of your ordeal or ordeals, then wearing Amethyst crystal and keeping it in the birth crystal set helps you to get to that. Amethyst helps you to decode what you came to redeem. Generally speaking, if people born on the 3rd won´t learn form their own lessons, then it comes back in a different form in a later life, by another person, but the theme is the same. The reason I write about this all, is that I wish to help those, who are born into this life with a task like this, so that it would be easily understood why some things in this life happen.

Finally I will say to people born on the 3rd day, that for your own ambitions and dreams you have to bravely risk, to strive towards them, to accept ordeals and pain into your path of life, to solve them and to keep a lot of humour, fun and laughter in your life - all of this is the key to your happiness.

You day of birth tells you a story about yourself and this from a small part of you. For understanding who you really are, you need to fit every piece of the puzzle together. Add every astrological and numerological indicators and this will give you a whole - yourself!