The zodiac is an imaginary belt in the sky that extends approximately 8 degrees to both sides of the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year. Moon trajectory and planets are also on the zodiac belt, that affect our life on Earth and the formation of zodiac signs. Zodiac belt is divided into twelve constellations or, in other words, in zodiac signs known as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius ja Pisces . Through the whole year we monthly move on the zodiac belt from one zodiac sign to another, and if comes the time where one sign starts to end and starts to give his regal throne over to another constellation, this is what we call the zodiac cusp. During the zodiac cusp two different zodiac energies dominate in the sky, they affect Earth and people born here. If you are born during the zodiac cusp, then you will not become a pure Aries, Taurus or the sign you are born into, but you will become into Aries - Taurus. There are twelve different zodiac cusp signs like, there are zodiac signs. With every zodiac cusp separate zodiacs are created, where signs next to each other have blended.


If you are born during the zodiac cusp then you are going to carry the affects from the main zodiac, and, in addition, also the affects the other side of your zodiac cusp has gifted to you. Zodiac cusp signs are not the ones who fully have the qualities from two zodiacs, but they have most from their main sign and separate energies created from the cusp. For example, if you are born as Aries-Taurus and your main sign is Aries, then you won´t add Taurus main qualities into you, but in the Aries-Taurus cusp separate energy emerges and that you shall attach to your character.


The one born during the zodiac cusp often feels that there are no similarities with his main zodiac sign and from that many may start to question if his character traits from astrological affects are true and can astrology be trusted. This is completely normal and I will help you to understand, that there really is an explanation and if you find that you are born during the cusp, read the characteristics I have written about, then you can understand that astrology can be trusted.


If you have doubts, whether you are a pure zodiac or not, then see, if your birthday coincides with dates below. If so, then have a good discovery and a better understanding of yourself.




If you are born a day or two beyond these dates, I recommend reading these zodiac signs cusp articles. In different years zodiac cusps can shift from here to there and you could still be one of the cusp signs if your birthday is close to that date.


March 17 - March 23

By character you are a very big dreamer and only dreams won´t be sufficient to you, it is important that you could find a possibility to bring them into life. Fulfilling dreams is your basic need. You are overly emotional and this in the proper superlative sense and sometimes real feelings of insecurity may hit you.

Lucky crystal: Amethyst
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April 18 - April 23

By nature you are much more stable than Aries in general are or more energetic Taurus, than the one who is born as a pure sign. For you it is very important to be surrounded by comfort and to be financially secured. At the same time impulsiveness and stubbornness also follow you around.

Lucky crystal: Lava
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May 17 - May 23

You chase intelligence and at the same time you are a very practical person. Gemini has given you natural curiosity and the Taurus side in you the need to fulfil yourself physically. You are a person who really likes to communicate, to discover the world and to learn.

Lucky crystal: Moss Agate
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June 17 - June 23

You are very emotional and sometimes you find it hard to handle your own emotions. If something comes to your way, it carries you away mentally and physically. People find you interesting for your spunky nature and you appreciate intelligence.

Lucky crystal: Rock crystal
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July 19 - July 25

There is no shyness in you, you are an open person and courageous. You are a complete romantic and this is what you need in your life. You are theatrical and you like to express yourself dramatically. At the same time you are very vulnerable and you may end up in a situation, where you doubt in yourself whether you have expressed yourself properly.

Lucky crystal: Aqua Aura
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August 19 - August 25

You are a complete perfectionist in a field you have set your heart onto, and at the same time, you can be very self-critical, that is something you have to fight with a lot. You love beauty and are very creative by nature. If by zodiac sign you are a Virgo with Leo traits, then you are more jovial than pure Virgo.

Lucky crystal: Cornelian
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September 19 - September 25

You have the ability to create beatuty and charm around you, all kind of creative activities suit you very well. You can get very critical towards other people, this is in your nature. Financial security and your health are very important for you. You can constantly catch yourself with thoughts related to mending your health.

Lucky crystal: Onyx
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October 19 - October 25

You are very durable and mission-oriented, who in his own wishes does so, that this wish once becomes fulfilled. It is in your nature to say everything you feel and think out loud, for you it is excruciating if you have to leave your opinion only to yourself. You are very sensual and you have a natural magnetism in you.

Lucky crystal: Aquamarine
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November 18 - November 24

In your soul you are very profound, analytical and in search for the deeper essence in life, but at the same time you are very positive and optimistic. There are two complete opposites in you, you can be the Sun and the Moon at the same time. You are very sensitive towards people and understand what others feel.

Lucky crystal: Amber
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December 18 - December 24

Freedom is the key word for you, this is what you strive and work for. At the same time you are very responsible and you need everything to be under your control. You do not tolerate injustice and, even less, a mess. For you it is a stress relief if you can for once step out of your routine environment and that´s why travelling is what heals you.

Lucky crystal: Larimar
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January 16 - January 23                                                                                                                            

In your soul you are very strong and at times also stubborn. Things have to go the way you, have pictured in your head, this brings good results into your life, and sometimes it could turn your surroundings stressful. You are very sociable,, you like to explore and to be free. You dislike limiting freedom or restrictions.      


Lucky crystal: Hematite

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February 15 - February 21

Your zodiac cusp has made you very intuitive, you have the ability to feel, see and understand energies. You are very clear-sighted and your gut feeling is something you have to follow for your whole life. Good imagination is a part of your characteristic and by nature you are very sensitive, at times even vulnerable. Freedom is your key word.

Lucky crystal: Rhyolite
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Astrological indicators we can understand ourselves and each other better!


Find your personal zodiac cusp lucky crystal a place in your birth crystal chest. You can read more about making this chest from HERE. Keep your lucky crystal in your life for it to bring happiness into your life.