Have you ever thought about why your constellation was given to you? In fact this has many different reasons. You are born in your zodiac sign because it helps to achieve what you were born to do in this life. Every twelve constellation has a separate life ambition in overall sense, which is given from birth for the whole world. And that is what I am going to tell you about.


If you are born as a Pisces, then it not only shapes your character and does not give you certain positive and negative sides. You are born as a Pisces for the whole world, every constellation has something to give us all. Constellations balance the whole humanity and that's why there are twelve different ones, and in addition twelve zodiac transitions.

Being born under a Pisces sign, despite being pure Pisces, Aquarius-Pisces or Pisces-Aries, you will carry Pisces life purpose for the world with you. If you are one of the transition period zodiacs, then in all probability you will carry with you the life purpose from your main constellation and in addition the tasks from the other side of your transition zodiac. For example, if you are Pisces-Aries, then you are obligated to fulfil tasks from both Pisces and Aries.

If you are a Pisces, then you are definitely thinking, what is your life purpose and what you have to give to the world. I will help you to understand and will explain what you have to give away and what others will benefit from you. Remember that your purpose in life is what you have to fulfil and if you do this, then you will be rewarded.

Pisces is extremely sensitive, emotional, a person who expresses this all with his body language. If you are a Pisces or know a Pisces very well, the you should know very well, that using body language in a regular conversation is completely normal and for expressing surprise, happiness or even sadness the whole body is used for. Pisces is an excellent and ultimate exponent of emotions. Character that may seem a little overly dramatic to Pisces or people close to him, but this is part of their purpose in life, but this is that something, that could create more good.

One of Pisces purpose in life is to teach other people, how important it is to express feelings and emotions in their soul. Their goal is to be an example, that when you feel something that makes you happy, angry, joyous or if something shakes you, then this needs to be demonstrated. Pisces are experts in that.

Those other zodiac signs, who have trouble expressing their feelings  will get more lessons from Pisces. For example, if you are not Pisces, you carry the power of another zodiac and you feel a Pisces and their over dramatic nature is too much for you, then this is actually a sign for you that you need a lesson from him. The lesson is that same Pisces purpose in life - to learn how to physically express emotions in your soul!


Pisces, who happily help other zodiacs in expressing their feelings, are fulfilling their purpose in life. How to do this? It´s easy! Pisces should never turn down their dramatic side, this awakens people around him or this makes others a bit nervous. Who Pisces awakens, then work with him is done, who he makes nervous, has to himself read the positivity from Pisces dramatic nature.

In addition to this, Pisces has something else to teach to every other zodiac sign. What are our Pisces like? Creative and artistic. This, of course, doesn´t mean that all Pisces are artists, creation is much more than drawing, and being artistic is so much more than being a musician These two words symbolize many different fields. There are Pisces in the entertainment, who have a very good sense of design or, perhaps, knows how to transform gardens or design wonderful houses. All these fields are creative and artistic. Every Pisces have a creative and artistic mind.

Pisces is the one who needs to teach other zodiac signs that you have to express yourself creatively. Music, art, entertainment or expression in any other physical way is extremely important and, at times, related to the first purpose in life. Pisces are the creators of something with a spiritual and also physical meaning and others need to learn from that and to practice the same thing.

Pisces is the one who needs to teach people close to him to bring out hidden talents and to direct it all into work. If a Pisces sees potential in someone, then it is his duty to push other people, so that they won´t waste their potential. This is also the reason why Pisces have the habit of saying to other people what they should do, where they should go and what they should achieve.


Pisces should not go down the wrong road, which means, Pisces should never be overly critical towards other people, that will lead Pisces away from fulfilling their purpose in life. If Pisces starts to criticise on how little emotion someone shows, or how someone wastes his potential, the Pisces stops fulfilling his purpose in life. You must not criticise, if Pisces sees all of this, then you have to help others, it is necessary.

Pisces who inspires, motivates, makes people more vibrant and who brings out other peoples potential fulfils his purpose in life connected to his zodiac sign. In doing so, feeling of satisfaction opens in Pisces, he turns into a more balanced and happier person, these things simply are in the dreams of Pisces. So, it is absolutely forth it to help other people!

Larimar is a Pisces zodiac sign crystal, that helps to fulfil their purpose in life, given to them by their sign. Larimar helps Pisces to understand what task everyone carries who has been sent to his path, let it be a person very close to him, or someone just passing by. Crystal that helps to treat other people with love and heal them unconditionally. In addition, Larimar helps to bring spiritual happiness to Pisces, making their spiritual life more balanced. Larimar helps Pisces to get along with other people and to improve their relationships.

It is of great benefit if Pisces wears Larimar jewellery, keeps this crystal in one way or another in their home or, if there is a birth crystal chest, add it among your other crystals, so that Larimar could keep its helping power in the Pisces Aura body for their whole life. You can read more about the creation and need of this chest from HERE.

Lesson for Pisces - "Inspire, motivate, make other people more vibrant, express your feelings and emotions and teach everyone else also to do this also. Find other peoples potential, help them achieve something and then ultimate peace you desire arrives in you."