Leo (Latin Leo) is a constellation in the northern sky and one of the 88 modern constellations today. This constellations brightest star is Regulus. Leo is one of the first constellations that was discovered. There are 15 marked stars in the Leo constellation, that also form this zodiac sign. Leo is located between Cancer and Virgo and is the fifth zodiac among the zodiac system that affect us the most, that is among our 12 zodiac signs. The Sun is in the Leo every year approximately between July 23 August 22, people born during this period bear the effects of this zodiac. If the zodiac sign is Leo then this gives the person certain characteristics that affect and lead him during his whole life. A persons character is affected mainly by 12 different zodiacs and most important is which effect you are born with, that is which zodiac was ruling at the moment of your birth. Right before the beginning of the Leo zodiac and right after its end the zodiac cusp periods begin, and people born during these periods carry the effect from the cusp periods. Leo from Cancer, you can read about it from HERE and about Leo to Virgo you can read about HERE.


Leo sign is symbolized by the ♌sign, which refers to the Leo and foremost, to its long tail. This sign refers to the Leo zodiac sign and if your birthday coincides with that sign, then let this be your astrological sign.


The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun ☀️, which represents the zodiacs energy and therefore the character of people born as Leo. The Sun is fiery and intense as is the person who is born as a Leo. Leo zodiac element is Fire, which in turn shapes his character and power. There are three fire-elements I have previously written about, and if you wish to read more about your Leo zodiac sign, then you can find this article from HERE.


Leo is a fixed zodiac, which means that a Leo person is looking for stability and goal in their life, and by nature has very specific characteristic traits. Fixed zodiac may at times be stubborn, inflexible and frank. Fixed zodiac finds it a bit difficult to bring or create significant changes into life, compared to people who are not born as a fixed sign. That is why Leo find it sometime difficult to deal with himself. Leo has a concrete character attached to him, and positive or negative qualities won´t go away that easily. To change a Leo he needs to work hard on himself.


Leo zodiac sign is linked to male energy, these men and women who are born as Leo, will carry more male energy than female energy with them. Male energy will not turn Leo women more masculine, male energy is more related to the character than to the looks. Male energy represented in Leo gives independence, intensity, activity, enthusiasm, loud voice and frankness to its sign. All 12 signs carry male or female energies.


Leo is a positive zodiac, related to humour, optimism, fun and laughter. Being born as a Leo will implement an energy like this into a persons Aura field. By nature Leo is fun or Leo finds it simple to keep the fun alive in himself.


Lion, lion in the mirror, let me tell you, what´s inside you...


Leo zodiac gives certain characteristics into the Aura field, which he carries with him for the rest of his life. Leo, like the name suggests, is the king of the animal kingdom and Leo shows this regalness with every move he makes. Leo likes attention, likes to have all eyes on himself. There are two types of attention needing Leos. The ones who sit on their throne like to perform and to become the sight for a very large audience. Other Leos prefer a smaller company to shine to. Not all Leos like public appearances, to make a speech and to perform, but all real Leos like attention where they are not directly obliged to perform. If you tell a Leo to perform, then most of them will lock down. But if you let Leo to freely demonstrate himself, to express himself and to bring out his brilliant ideas, then he will do this with great pleasure. But Leo still like attention, and when a Leo comes and tells me: "No, no, I don´t like this!", then this Leo is not sincere with me. Lets say it like this, the power of the Zodiac is stronger than a persons ability to change himself. There are certain energies what we live with and what we should accept in ourselves, as they are given to us for a greater good.


In appearance, attitude and diction Leo is very distinguished, this is where his regal characters will come out again. Leos reflection is someone very confident, strong, brave and who knows what he wants in life. This is what others see in Leo. But things may not always be what they look like. Leo is excellent in pulling the veil, who very keenly hides his inner weaknesses. Hides because weaknesses he plays out as strengths, are on his list of unfulfilled tasks. These are the characteristics in him, he constantly works on, to make real in the inside. Well done, Leo!


As I previously mentioned, Leo carries positive energy in himself and its ruling planet is the Sun. These have created a Leo who brings joy to other people lives. Leo is the one who can make other people laugh, to entertain, and to keep up everyone's mood with his good, talented and somewhat sarcastic but very straight humour. In conclusion, Leo is the entertainer among 12 zodiac signs. Leo entertains, performs, and others enjoy. Leo´s warmth, they can share to other people, is the reason he has won so many people over. The knowledge of being important is extremely important for Leo, and the more he feels it, the more crazier, in a good sense, he will get. The case with Leo is that laugh at his jokes and he will never stop.


Leo likes when he can achieve that a person communicating with him feels good, is happy and fun. If Leo can achieve then his day is immediately done. It is sufficient if someone smiles for him, and his life is immediately more beautiful.


Leo likes company and people. Leo would like to have a big circle of people, subconsciously they always have the need to communicate, to be in contact with people and to, at least, see acquaintances to feel alive. This need is implemented to his Aura field because his zodiac stars. Leo in general have a lot of acquaintances and meeting with new people is simple and evident.


Leo´s natural magnetism attracts a lot of people, the good but also those who are harmful. As the magnetism inside Leo does not choose, who to like and who not to like, then Leo could be attractive for those who he does not wish to be so. Leo himself has to have the ability to filtrate people from his life, to sense who he wishes to see in his life, and who not. Remember, Leo, not all people belong to your life, otherwise an overpopulation happens. Leo is like the Sun who attracts all the celestial bodies.



Leo likes to be praised and showered with beautiful compliments, both male and female Leo do. Because of Leo´s magnetism and charisma these compliments and flattery won´t come hard. As Leo himself is so open, he simply attracts compliments.


Despite Leo´s massive social need, he will need some “me-time”, where he can ground himself from all of this noise, loudness, emotions and new information, and to gather his energies. The need for a grounding moment like this comes when an unexplainable nervousness appears into his soul. If even then he cannot find a time for being alone, then he can easily explode and lose himself. That´s why Leo needs to check the level of nervousness in his soul, and to shut himself down for a moment according to that, and to return to the stage already well-rested. Foremost, Leo needs to understand his own zodiac effects, to learn how to handle himself.


For a real Leo life could only be a beautiful festival and a complete pleasure in itself. Leo often cannot understand why others around him are not thinking the same, concentrate on the negativity so much and excessively ruin their mood with small details. It is like this – everyone is different and all different zodiacs balance each other. So, Leo, life is not only a party, But you also have to do much more, as some zodiac signs cannot have fun, therefore there is you, to bring colours into his life. Therefore everything is in balance.


Leo zodiac has given theatricality, drama and creativity into the persons Aura field. Everything Leo does, has something creative in it, generally Leo himself won´t create things consciously, but it simply happens and is a part of the natural activities, as natural as breathing.


Independence is Leo´s middle name, it is a goal in itself and no one should ever doubt that Leo cannot do it. Leo can do it, this is also a goal.


Common in a Leo is loving luxury. Leo is not necessarily money grabbing and materialistic, loving luxury is something else. Leo likes when he is surrounded with beautiful and quality things. Leo likes new things and this all calms and balances him. The more luxurious, beautiful or elegant is his environment where Leo lives, clothes on him are or car in his personal use is, there more content a Leo is. Leo prefers a position where he could earn a big salary or at least the possibility to move up on the career ladder. Leo in the inside wishes to work in a position where he could be his own boss, to plan his own time and not to depend on anyone else. Not always are these possibilities open, but this is Leo´s pipe dream. Leo himself is a very good leader and is suitable for a leading position. Leo does not like to be led, so he himself would like to be a leader.


Leo by nature is a strong protector and protects what he loves, and exactly in the way, it is in his power. If you give Leo your love and offer him loyalty, then he will give you the same. Protects you when you need standing up to. I have previously written about Leo´s love, you should definitely read it. You can find the article from HERE. Leo is the one who protects, who cannot stand up for himself and that´s why Leo could even burst into fire, if he witnesses injustice towards someone. If a friendship is earned, then Leo will be a very good friend very supportive and trustworthy,


Leo likes to tell people "YES" if his help is asked. Sometimes there are too many of these words, that his own activities and commitments will fall not into the background but appear as extra tasks, often done on the expense of sleep. Leo is kind to people who have won his heart Leo himself has to sometimes say no for his own good. This needs to be learned!


Not all shines as gold inside this little Leo. Every zodiac sign has his own darker side, released through stress, negativity, tiredness or through some even worse situations. Leo´s darker side comes out of him when something has disturbed his balance. Above, what I have brought out, is the general picture of Leo´s character, and now I am bringing out small extra qualities that should not be left unmentioned. Leo is one of the worst and difficult persons in his negative glory. Only extremes, supreme or the most positive, or its complete opposite.


Leo´s negative sides will come out from the superiority of the male energy, that joins the fixed character and intensive Sun. Leo can be so frank, that his words are as sharp as a freshly sharpened knife. Leo can do a lot of harm with words, if he is not in the mood. In addition, criticism towards others can come out, not for himself but towards others. Excessive frankness when someone close to him wishes to teach Leo, and an overly inflexible character if compromises are wanted to. Stress turns Leo cynical, even jealous, dominant, egoistic, and less spiritual Leo´s even physically aggressive. With these character traits, people close to him will come into contact often because  Leo has a very strong wish not to show to the outside world his negative sides and that's because with stress mostly people close to him will experience it. Leo´s lucky crystal is the SUNSTONE, with the ability to keep stress and negativity away from him. Sunstone protects Leo from the characteristic negative traits from the zodiac energies, helping him to shine in his own light and vitality without anything ruining it. Sunstone helps Leo be good to others and this teaches him to take care of himself.


He is seemingly the strongest Leo from a Lion pride, but internally completely vulnerable. Leo cannot very well handle his insecurities, which  he has a lot, and if someone happens to comment or pick on him exactly from where his weakness is, then be aware! Leo won´t leave anything left of that person, will make it clear, that you do not need to put your nose everywhere and will particularly strongly protect himself when someone has touched a weak spot. Sunstone and Tiger´s Eye, that are Leo´s lucky crystals, are the ones that manage to heal his weaknesses and to turn them into his strengths.


The more Leo has weaknesses and insecurities, the more there are negative traits in Leo, that I have pointed out, the less of those I told a lot about. Therefore Leo needs to work on himself a lot, so that he could shine in the light his zodiac has given him for a positive cause. All of Leo´s lucky crystals help to create that balance in himself and that is why i have written into every crystal article about which crystal affects which zodiac and why one or another needs exactly that crystal.


TIGER'S EYE is Leo´s main lucky crystal that has a multifunctional effect on this zodiac. Tiger´s Eye gives Leo the energy of happiness, giving him the possibility to live his life happily. Tiger´s Eye makes Leo´s characters even more positive, stronger and helps to solve his personal problems. This is a happiness crystal, that is also Leo´s richness and wealth crystal. It is good to wear Tiger´s Eye as jewellery or to add it to your birth crystal chest about what you can read more from HERE .

ROCK CRYSTAL is a universal crystal for fulfilling wishes and dreams. Rock Crystal is a crystal that helps Leo to change, to change his life and to fulfil his purpose in life. Crystal that cleans the Aura fields and releases negative emotions. You can read more about Leo´s life purpose from HERE.

There are many crystals that can bring goof luck to Leo, every crystal works with him in a different level, in addition to what this crystal generally does. You can find these crystals from HERE.


A complete overview about your own character from birth you will get  if you bring together all the different astrological and numerological indicators, also date of birth, number of path in life, affects from the astrological year and all the other indicators. Every one of these will tell a little story about your character.