All different zodiac signs carry different character traits within, with many good and negative qualities. I am going to give you a clear picture about what are the best, staggeringly good and remarkably necessary character traits in a Virgo that would make other zodiac signs only happy. Virgo is the fifth zodiac, born between August 23 and September 22. Right before and after these dates are the zodiac cusp signs Leo-Virgo and Virgo-Libra.


I am going to tell you about the six best Virgo character traits and about why a Virgo should be in your life...


"Virgo is the one who could give you the world!"


Virgo is the kindest person who ever enters your path of life, when you have won his trust and gotten into his heart. Virgo shares his world with a person he feels a connection with. Virgo is the one who could come to help with his helping hand exactly when there is a need for it, without demanding anything for himself. That´s why it would be good for everyone to have an a Virgo in their life, with who they are in a good and close relationship. Virgo is the one who notices your need and won´t be stopped by anything when he sees that you need his helping hand.


"Wonderful adviser, even a professional psychologist."


Virgo is the one who could analyse other people´s problems, see many sides in that problem, understand why one or another thins has happened in life and what is the cure for it all. Virgo is a great psychologist and adviser and often without even knowing it. There is a massive wish to share his advice and to explore-study until a solution has been found. When you are in a good relationship with Virgo, then he is the one who would help to solve other half´s problems.


"Virgo won´t look for a fight easily."


Virgo is the one whose deepest wish is to get along well with people close to him, to avoid drama and to cut it down when it exists. For avoiding any kind of problems, things have to be clear for Virgo, when there is something dubious somewhere, then Virgo will start to investigate it to solve the problem. If a person close to you is a Virgo and he questions you like a detective, then don´t lose yourself right away, he is clearly doing preparatory work for what obsesses him to make it clear for himself. Virgo´s are not fighters by nature, sometimes they are simply misunderstood for their big curiosity. Virgo´s third best character trait is his wish to get along with people close to him.


"He always cares about you and knows what you feel."


Virgo is the filter and magnet of emotions who takes up the feelings of people close to him, takes them personally and tries to constantly work for healing the negative emotions of other people. Virgo is the one who senses when people close to him are sad, something is wrong or there is stress somewhere. Virgo is the one who could come to you and could start cross-examining, counsel, heal and this completely consistently until a victorious end. Virgos are completely unstoppable when we are talking about healing the negative emotions in people close to him.


"When you have a problem, then this will be his problem also."


Virgo is a complete problem solver for people close to him. When a person close to Virgo happens to be completely indifferent about the problem, then he is the one who takes it so personally that he will start to solve it himself. Virgo takes charge, puts his mind to it, this is a mission on its own, and the outcome could not be anything else than victory. Virgo could even solve a problem in a such a manner the other person will not learn anything from it. Okay, the last one is not maybe the best thing, as we all need to learn through hardships in life, and Virgo could get completely addicted to that.


"When you wish to know the truth then he is the one who tells you it."


A real Virgo, who is born into this world to represent a Virgo in all his glory, is a very straight-forward person. Virgos frankness should definitely not be taken as his negative trait, it is a very good thing when you wish to get a second opinion about yourself. When you need to see what you cannot see, setting yourself illusions or wrong visions, then Virgo can tell you right away, what he thinks about the thing through his point of view. Not always, of course, could one or another person´s opinion be right, but he is the one who expresses his opinion without being afraid to choose his words for it. So let´s put it like this - when you wish to have a person with an honest point of view and frank opinion, then Virgo is exactly the one you are looking for. To rather see and understand the truth than create yourself an illusion about something.


Serpentine Jade is a crystal that is good to be gifted to a Virgo to express friendship. Serpentine Jade helps Virgo to get along with people close to him, repairing and making relationships stronger. Serpentine Jade helps to bring out the best character traits in a Virgo.