Seeing swimming in a dream can have a lot of different meanings and to understand what it came to tell you, you definitely need to interpret that dream to yourself in great detail. Generally in a dream it is swimming happens in water and if this is the case, then I have already written a dream interpreter about water. You can find it from HERE. I recommend you to find the interpretations related to the water in your dreams. For example you can find the meaning to muddy or clear water. Water you swam in already tells a lot about your dream and therefore it is also important to interpret the symbol of water. But, coming back to swimming, then in general it means your emotions and feelings about something or someone. When you dream about swimming and water, then it has to affect you very deeply, something that creates emotions in you.


Swimming without problems - swimming smoothly. A dream where you are feeling yourself very well while you swim and where you completely control the situation is a very good omen, when there are no negative signs in the dream. This means that in coming days, months or quite soon a very favourable time awaits you. This time will make you very happy and creates a lot of good emotions in you.


Problematic swimming full of obstacles refers to an accident, problem, hardship or obstacle coming your way. Generally it predicts the coming days or months when something that causes discomfort comes to your life. This time will make you sad and creates negative emotions inside you.


When you can’t swim for one or another reason, then this is a bigger warning. Your subconsciousness or, for example, guardian Angel warns your from a time period that is going to be very bad for you. A time is coming where you are in the middle of problems and it’s hard for you to overcome them. A negative and stress causing period is coming. When you dream about this thing, then be sure start to wearing Black Obsidian or Onyx or both crystals after that, they will help you to come out of problems like this and to keep you healthy emotionally.


Swimming on your back tells you that you are sugar coating something in your life. Maybe you are giving something a more sugar coated form knowingly or subconsciously than it really has, to spare yourself from sadness or problems. Swimming on your back symbolizes ignoring the reality. What is it that you are ignoring, sugar coating?


The second option is that you are doing something that makes the situations even worse for you, that is, you are fighting against the right path. This may be a hint that you have stepped down from the right path of fate for you and chosen the wrong road.



Swimming underwater refers to that you wish to solve something, for example, to find an explanation for your own emotions or give healing to your emotional problems. Swimming under water could mean that you are looking something inyourself , maybe you wish to understand yourself better, for example to understand your own path of fate or to see something in yourself that you haven’t noticed before. Anyhow it is related to searching, whether is its looking for something new or finding an answer to an already existing thing.


When you are looking how others are swimming but you are not swimming, then this is a prediction about the fact that a lot of obligations and moves are awaiting for you. Dream warns you that it could be exhausting, time consuming and wearisome. You are warned not to be under too much stress so that you could handle it all. It is like a fatality in a given situation that simply needs to be dealt with.


When you are swimming towards someone, then this may have many meanings. For example, one of the meanings could be that you wish to open your feelings or opinions to the person or to fix something between the two of you. When the person is a stranger, then it could mean that there is something else you want to fix or change.


Swimming and drowning is a sign that you are not handling what you are doing at the moment or what you need to finish. This shows you hardships that are very complicated and what you can´t overcome.


Swimming in a river upstream means that you are not ready to make a change in your life or making the change is not easy, fate is not favouring it or other hardships are waiting for you during that process. Swimming upstream in a river without problems is a recommendation for you that it is the right time to make the changes in your life or you are already successfully doing so.


In addition you can find a meaning for a pool and swimming in it. You can read about a pool from HERE.


To understand your dreams better and more clearly keep crystals in your bedroom that activates your mind into seeing dreams. Dream crystal could, for example, be Alabaster.