Angels surround us and especially those people who wish to spiritually open up and develop. Angels are living beings existing on the energy level who move around us, guide and protect us. Everyone has their own guardian angel, but, in addition to them, other Angels surround us too. Some of them need to live in specific places, like in houses, nature, and some have decided to guide us. Angels contact us through signs, symbols and numbers. Angels point to important things and when needed, will give hints regarding dangers. One way to contact people  is through the time on the clock or through other numbers in our environment, like house numbers, licence plates or, rather, through the numbers on a sales receipt. Who has captured Angel messages, noticed them and recognized, knows exactly what I’m talking about. When Angels guide you and you sense their presence, see the signs and wish to know more about the messages they constantly send you, then create yourself your own personal Angel diary.


Angel diary is a notebook where you can write down all the signs, symbols and number combination Angels send to your path. This will become your guide and thanks to the Angel diary you will be able to put together the big puzzle they have created for you. It’s beneficial to have an Angel diary for many reasons. Firstly, its a way of spiritual practice that will help you to become even more spiritual. To create yourself spiritual growth you need to do something for this, and having an Angel diary is a good and nice way to favour your own development. It also helps you to understand better what the Angels are trying to tell you. You’ll start to write down the interesting recognitions Angels send you and, in long term, it will help you to understand what they are referencing or to what direction they are directing you.


You can make your own Angel diary when you know how to make one, or buy exactly the notebook you feel connected to. You can decorate it yourself. You can only use it for that one thing – write signs sent to your path and try to write besides them down your own thoughts on why you think the message was sent to you. When you see number combination then write them down by date. Try to interpret the message by using my Angel message interpretations for help. Write down your thoughts and opinions on what in your life could relate to that number.


Find a special pencil for the Angel diary which you’ll start to use for writing down signs. Keep this pencil with Dumortierite crystal. Dumortierite will help to interpret signs and to understand them. When this crystal in constantly together with Dumortierite crystal then the moments of clarity for interpreting these signs will come really quickly. You’ll simply catch the right message when it will appear into your thoughts. You can hang Dumortierite, for example, to a pencil or tie it to the notebook. Be creative and make yourself something truly unique.


You could glue a photograph of yourself to the diary or place it simply between the sheets of paper. Adding your photo gives the Angel diary extra value. This way you’ll always keep your own energy in the diary and when you write something down then you actually accelerate the understanding and analysing of messages as it’s like a ritual that helps to understand the messages better. You’ll write down your thoughts, your picture will be in the notebook and with that you’ll direct yourself into a constant analysing. When we knowingly place our photo to somewhere then it will start to work for us. In the Angel Diary it will help the messages and signs to get to you quicker and  their meanings will become clearer for you day by day.


When you start to write down everything that mystically comes to your way, then it will help you to understand these Angels better, who bring you these mystical experiences. They’ll tell you the real story, guide you to somewhere and when you write down the glues they brought to you, then it will help you to see the big picture.


Carry Angel diary with you when you are in a period where you constantly see signs and numbers are even stalking you. Then you can right away write down these mystical experiences and your thoughts that come from that. But when you get less messages, then keep that diary at home and write things down when you have experienced something.


One day, when you will catch what and why was sent to you, that is when the result has come, then conclude this in the Angel diary. Try to analyse when your Angels started to bring you hints about this and you’ll see how clearly this whole road has really helped you. Angel diary will really become a useful helper and a good source of hints to browse from time to time and to analyse the glues in it constantly.


Keeping the Angel diary with Angel crystals will give it strength and good energy . Angels will come mostly to where the energy for channelling is favourable. When it’s a special altar or crystal set that helps to call for Angels, then keep the diary among these crystals. When you don’t have it yet then it’s recommended to create a shrine like this into your home that would help Angels to come into your life, that is to channel.


For summoning Angels you’ll need Celectite geode, Kyanite, Selenite, Rock Crystal, Opalite, Dumortierite, Angel Aura and other crystals that will help to get a contact with the Angel world. Keep different object on the Angel altar that will help to favour your contact with Angels. It’s also useful for having in different forms Selenite like candle holders, obelisks, spheres, towers, pyramids, lamps etc. Selenite helps to call Angels and when they surround you, then you can understand the glues more clearly and they will start to communicate with you more actively.


All the Angel messages I have written for you, you can find from HERE. Use my explanations for interpreting your own Angel messages!