Following Moon phases and knowing about their effects is very important. Moon is Earth’s satellite and affects our daily life on this planet. Moon daily changes our mood, creates certain type of luck and even misfortune. Favours the functioning and non functioning of certain things. You can benefit a lot when you know which energy wave the Moon has at the moment, and you can set yourself living in the same rhythm as the Moon, that gives you a major advantage over others to do well in life.


The First Quarter of the Moon is one of Moon phases that every spiritual person and Moon lover should follow. Like every different Moon phase gives power, creates a certain energy field and favours certain activities or energies, so can the First Quarter of the Moon do. Every Moon phase has it’s own unique energy that needs to be known and it’s positive sides to be used for a good cause in your life.


In addition to their type, Moon phases are even more special and in every month they are different thanks to the effect from other planets and stars. What will the coming Moon phase be specifically can be read from my weekly cosmic news, where I predict about the energy of every weeks. But every Moon phase has its own energy wave which anyhow is present, despite the effect other celestial bodies have to the Moon.


The creation of the First Quarter of the Moon is almost a week after the New Moon and a week before the Full Moon. The time before the First Quarter, that is the New Moon, and the period between the First Quarter is called the Waxing Crescent period. The time between the First Quarter of the Moon and Full Moon is called the Waxing Gibbous.


During the First Quarter of the Moon we can see one side of the Moon from the Earth, and when the weather is clear then you’ll see how beautiful the one side of the Moon is in the sky. With the First Quarter of the Moon we see the right side of the Moon clearly and the left side is in the darkness.


When the next First Quarter of the Moon creates itself in the sky can be found from the "MOON PHASE CALENDAR


1. Know the characteristics of the First Quarter of the Moon and practice it


The First Quarter of the Moon symbolises gathering power, getting stronger, increasing purpose, committing, determining something and setting something in place. This is the time one should not make himself weak, play the martyr and feel sorry for himself. You should definitely not lose focus and express your non-commitment. This is the Moon phase that wants you to express all of this. When you do so, you’ll become more powerful and stronger.


The thing with Moon phases is that when you express yourself the way the Moon phase is, then you implement these character traits into yourself until the same Moon phase comes again. But when you express opposite emotions then you’ll implement these weaknesses also into yourself for a month. As the cycle of the Moon phase is around 29,5 days, then you should be careful with negative thinking so that you wouldn’t make yourself weak for a long period of time.


During this Moon phase, try to show a lot of your own will-power, set your things in place and on that day do what you have promised to yourself or to others. Don’t show disrespect towards anyone, be strong without riding over other people. But also, at the same time, don’t let anyone hurt you on that day. When you are hurt, be polite and stand firmly up for yourself without losing your dignity.


When, during the First Quarter of the Moon you feel like you are weak and powerless, then try do come out of that depressed state. Imagine that you can, you are able to and you will do. Think positively and instil motivation and will power on yourself. When you yourself bring yourself out from the depressed state during the First Quarter of the Moon, then through the energy field of that Moon phase you’ll become stronger and implement your own strength until the new First Quarter of the moon. When that Moon phase comes again, practice it again and one moment you could completely naturally be strong.


Certainly don’t leave things you started during the First Quarter of the Moon unfinished, because you simply can’t or won’t. When you have to stop doing something, then leave it there with a good feeling knowing that you’ll soon return.


2. Do something courageous and excel yourself!


The First Quarter of the Moon expects from everyone to be brave, and when we are, then this implements into us until the next First Quarter of the Moon. Do something really brave on that day, for example, conquer your fears and do something you normally would be afraid to do. Naturally don’t do something that would be wrong, harmful or bad for you or someone else. Do something that would help you in the long run, that is, do something that would give you more opportunities in life.


For example, when you are afraid to communicate with strangers then during the First Quarter of the Moon talk a lot to other people. When you work in a place where people unfamiliar to you come and buy a service, then talk to them particularly boldly, be a better worker than you were the day before. Or wherever you go on that day, start a conversation with a complete stranger. The First Quarter of the Moon gives you the possibility to become braver, and when there is a fear for something or someone in you, then now is the time to get over it.


Another good example would be that when you are afraid to talk about your feeling to someone, no matter what kind of feelings they are, then this is the time to open up. Open yourself up, get over your fear and the First Quarter of the Moon will give you the opportunity to talk about your feelings easily. After that you’ll feel good and you’ll be braver and more open for the next month when you wish to express your sincere feelings to someone.


Chrysocolla, for example, is a crystal that helps you when you’re afraid to express your feelings to someone or express your opinion when you really should or could do it. Carry or use Chrysocolla for until you feel you are brave enough to stand up for yourself or completely express your feelings. Chrysocolla helps you to react inside that moment, helping you to use the right words while you communicate and not to leave a wrongful impression about yourself to others.


3. New projects, plans and goals


The First Quarter of the Moon is related to setting goals and as this phase favours good luck for new things, then it would be good time to set something bigger in place for your future. Discuss everything that could be done better, hold a meeting and create a new action plan at work. When you’re an entrepreneur then it would be useful to set a new purpose for you company.


Building a home or other projects are highly welcome during that Moon phase. Focusing on things like this bring good luck to everything you wish to create in the future. Think about it in your head, analyse, make notes and create a plan. When you do so, then you’ll call good luck into these plans.


Create yourself a personal purpose you wish to fulfil in the future. For example, when you wish to eat better, exercise more, focus more on the crystal world, to start using a pendulum or rather get into a better connection with the nature. No matter what the wish or dream or ideal thought is about yourself, in the first day of the First Quarter of the Moon set yourself a goal. When you do so, you’ll get a very good luck for fulfilling the goal.


It’s very good to wear Carnelian crystal during the First Quarter of the Moon. Carnelian symbolises will-power, motivation, inspiration, fulfilling your own ideas and goals. This is a crystal that helps you to create a better future for yourself and this is definitely one of the crystals that creates a better future for who wears it or who has this crystal in his life. Keep Carnelian close to you during the First Quarter of the Moon so that it could fulfil your wishes and ideas in the future. It’s very useful to do water-elixir, from the Carnelian crystal on the First Quarter of the Moon and drink it throughout the day so that the power of this crystal could transfer into your Aura field and work with you.


In addition to using Carnelian, burn near you or, for example, in the office where you are having a meeting for creating new projects, cinnamon incense during the First Quarter of the Moon. Burning Cinnamon incense helps to bring along very good ideas related to improving your life materially. Cinnamon incense smoke brings inspiration and helps to see the places where you can strengthen your financial state. It creates a very good financial thinking that is not greedy, but rather productive. Try to burn it when you wish to get brilliant and very useful ideas.


When you, for example, wish to have healthier eating habits, then do a spring cleaning in your fridge during the First Quarter of the Moon. Take out all the foods that are not body friendly, that are full of different preservatives, clean the fridge with lemon water and replace the contents with everything organic and body friendly. For health reasons it would be beneficial to start wearing Apatite crystal during the First Quarter of the Moon. Apatite is one of the strongest diet and healthy lifestyle crystal. Apatite increases hunger for healthy foods and blocks appetite for foods that are harmful to the body. This is a crystal that helps you to make conscious choices.


No matter which new plan, idea or goal you reach during the First Quarter of the Moon, do something that favours bringing it into life exactly on that day.


4. Different rituals and magic


As time goes on, the more I write about different rituals and magic so that you could practice them and bring something very beautiful into your life through that or block something. But, the First Quarter of the Moon is one of those phases during which you can do a lot of different rituals and magic. When the First Quarter of the Moon starts to near, then I recommend you to look which spiritual processes are useful. When you find something you really need in your life today and which theme is present, then be sure to make a ritual or magic for that.


Different rituals and magic I have written can be found from,  The right time to do every ritual and magic is written in the article.


5. What you sent on it’s way during the New Moon is what you’ll start to sense during the First Quarter of the Moon.


When you have found the right rhythm in your life for following the Moon phases, then practice during the four most effective Moon Phases (Full Moon, the Last Quarter of the Moon, New Moon, the Last Quarter of the Moon) different rituals, magic, spiritual procedures, correct thinking, use crystals-plants properly, then you should know that the first day of the First Quarter of the Moon expresses whether you did what you planned during the New Moon.


What you did during the New Moon, that is a week before the First Quarter of the Moon for your own well-being, will reflect on that day. Read signs and sense whether things have started to move towards the direction you have set, or not. When signs appear, then this is information for you, whether you did everything right during the New Moon.


Next time when the New Moon is in the sky and you enjoy it’s power, then a week later look for signs during the First Quarter of the Moon!


For following all the rituals and magical process I recommend you to have a Moon phase notebook where you can write down all your activities. This helps you to analyse whether your big work is done right, whether it brings results and this also will help you to follow the success or failure of the New Moon actions.


6. Clean and charge your crystals, so that their energies would become more stronger andintense!


You can clean and charge your crystals, crystal jewellery and power objects every day. Different Moon phases favour certain cleaning and charging rituals. It’s useful to refresh the energy of crystals during the First Quarter of the Moon and charge them so that their energies would become more intense during cleaning rituals like this.


It would be beneficial to burn Palo Santo tree with Lavender essential oil, Lavender incense and candle in every room during the First Quarter of the Moon.


When you burn them all in the same room at the same time, then all the crystals in the room, let them be jewellery, pendulums or pyramids, all of them will get cleansed. This gives you an easy and quick way to clean crystals as you don’t have to remove them from their places. Light Palo Santo tree and Lavender power object and set them to smoke where you can keep them in your room and do so with every room where you have crystals in crystal boxes or where you charge your crystal jewellery. Palo Santo will make the crystal energy really intense when you bring it together with Lavender.


Keep jewellery on different geodes so that they could be charged when you to the crystal cleaning ritual. When you use Lavender candle, then you can take that same candle into other rooms, just like Palo Santo tree as you can’t really burn them to the end.


7. You can change yourself during the First Quarter of the Moon


The First Quarter of the Moon is related to strength and creating a better future. This is the time you and everyone else can make a change in yourself.


On that day think about what you would like to change in yourself, what the future should be like and which character traits you want to change. Visualize and imagine what traits you would like to see in yourself.


During the First Quarter of the Moon practice these character traits you wish to have one day. When you want to become more independent then, during the First Quarter of the Moon try do be as independent as possible, don’t ask for help, try to do your own thing and try to change something for the better in your own life. This was only one of the examples, but still practice exactly what you really want to have. Be sure to make yourself a note on the calender on the First Day of the Moon, that this is the day when you try to be a better person than you were yesterday, this is one day for yourself to do go.


The First Quarter of the Moon helps to implement these character traits you practice on that day until the creation of the next quarter of the Moon into you. But, at the same time, you need to be really careful to not act like you really don’t want to act, as these will also become part of you. Therefore. be careful!


8. The First Quarter of the Moon will bring an ordeal where you have to change yourself


Every time there is the First Quarter of the Moon a sudden ordeal may come your way, and if not, then a lot of people all over the world will have it for sure. When the First Quarter of the Moon that has brought the ordeal or a problem on that day, a negative situation, a very heavy emotional burden or something else that somewhat ruins your day, then it has happened for a reason. Ordeal that wishes to come see you on the First Quarter of the Moon, is with you for you to change yourself. Which feeling of powerless this ordeal stirs in you, is what you should strengthen in yourself. Remember, like I have mentioned, the First Quarter of the Moon is strongly related to increasing the personal strength and power. The First Quarter of the Moon will bring you problems so that you would become stronger by solving them exactly where you still are weak.


Next time when the First Quarter of the Moon gifts you with another ordeal, ask yourself: "What it came to teach me?", instead of painting yourself as a martyr or start feeling sorry for yourself. This is exactly what I told you in the beginning. When you can answer to your own question, then react accordingly and try to get the situation under control, become stronger!


9. Meditating


It’s good to meditate with Carnelian, Mookaite or Sunstone crystal during the First Quarter of the Moon. For example, you could take these crystals in both hands during meditation. During the meditation of the First Quarter of the Moon focus on everything I wrote. Wish for courage, strength, fulfilling your own plans and ideas. Carnelian, Mookaite and Sunstone will help you with that.


Be sure to read about how the First Quarter of the Moon affects you according to your zodiac sign from HERE. Read my weekly cosmic news to get more information about the coming Moon phases.